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Sunday, February 27

Well.. hmmm.. wat to blog.

Gg to be my bday soon.. But i did celebrate it in advance with my PSA ex colleagues... We went KTV... They surprise us with the delicous cake.. Us = Edelyn, Yao and me.. hehehhehe..

Ytd went to expo to shop.... Cos quite a few sales... Went to burberry sales.. Bought one wristlet for myself.. then went to borders sales.. bought quite a few books.. But at the expo so cold.. caught a cold at there.. -_-"

After that went to in law hse to have quick shower.. then went to Yishun to have our dinner.. Cos is MIL bday... Food really nice... hei hei.. so abit of eat non stop.. hahahhaha..

Da sao bought cake for MIL.. Sweet but nice cake...

Today hb bring me to have lunchie at Jack's place... Had lobster for lunchie.. yummy... but think we ate too full.. As we went to home straight, very fast we fall aslp.. hahahhahaha... Slpt til nearly 7pm then we woke up..

Ate simple dinner.. Due to been eating so sinful for the past few meals.. haiz... ruin my dieting plan..

Cant wait for sat to come.. Gg to watch JJ concert.. wohooo....

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