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Monday, July 30

Friday nite: Initially recieve sms from yen yen asking me if want to dinner together.. But but.. Dar say coming down to my place for dinner.. so cannot join them. Well ok la. wait for him to come then went to ta pao at Redhill Mrkt. Then a bit rot at home before we go NTUC buy my things.

Sat Morning: had my law class today.. Wah the class SIBEI Sian. starting of the class i keep nodding my head sia. -___-"" well cannot blame me. Cos quite a few ppl oso do the same as me. So the problem lies on the lecturer voice rite. Wahahah. Then at one of the break time, i went to buy coffee. and i rush back to class. Well as some of you know. I super damn blur one. So wat i did is that i FORGET TO PUT SUGAR IN MY COFFEE!!!!.. Omg. Faint. Damn super duper BITTER coffee. (-_-)v then crystal (whom is my only fren made in class) LAUGH at me. She told me to drink one slip of coffee and eat one of my mentos to get the sweetness. dotx lo.

Sat Afternoon: Meet dar at PS after my class. then we went walking ard to see kitchen ware. Cos got sales wat. so see lo. Wahaha. saw some of things i like which we will be buying after we got our house. Cos real soon we gg to get our house key le. But we haven decide on our interior design yet. Omg. Lunch we ate Ramen. Yummy. As usual, those that i don like will be in Dar bowl of Ramen. Keke. Esp CARROTS!!! thats the yucky thing that i hated most. EEkk.. After our meal we went back to my house. Cos my bag is very heavy. Law textbook is so thick sia. haiz. Dar broke one of our fan. so gotta go buy it in the evening time.

Sat Nite: Well, we went to buy one stand fan and ta pao our dinner at Bukit merah central. Well at the elecitrical shop, we ask one of the 37" LCD tv how much. It cost only $2200. If those that noe the pricing, this is real cheap lo. but we wont be buying it la. Cos we want to go challenger to buy our tv. One part is that i got member card, so can earn the points. Next is that ppl recommend us to go get there. Oh leave topic le. Ya back to my nite. hmm.. Then late at nite we went to bowling with the usual gang. Except this time got more frens gg. We bowl til abt 2++am then we took a cab to Dar hse. i slping over at his hse. kekeke. But i cannot slp. All the way to 5am and i am still wide awake. Gosh~~~ finally dar pat me to slp. Lol. i am like a kid lo. wahhaha.

Sun afternoon: me slp til abt 12 noon then wake up. Ate and play computer game while waiting for dar to wake up. Then abt 4++ we set off to go Orchard meet Barui and the rest. Cos we gg to watch The Simpsons. We ate our dinner together, got Barui, michelle, von, yuchen, Dar and me. Ate jap for dinner. Then went to play some games before gg to the cinema. Well the show really damn stupid cum funny la. As wat dar told me. Watch this show must not bring our brain go in. Arbo cannot enjoy the show le. After the show we all split our way home. Wah i haven even step into my hse, i vomited outside the door step. -__-" Motion sickness. cos i took bus home. haiz. Dar next weekend gg to bring me go see doc. Cos my jaw is very pain. I cannot chew my food well on e rite side. haiz.

Hmmm.. ok la.. gg to deliver things to wendy hse le.. tata..

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reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, July 24

tiring wahhah
Si bei sian ah.. Today went for hair rebond.. but i think it don worth it.. NOT A GOOD ONE. just now i took a clear look on my hair.. OMG..

FUCKING HELL.. my fringe there still CURL.. Fuck sia.. i go do hair rebond becos my curl.. NOW I STILL SEE IT.. wat the fuck.. WASTE $$ ah.. Though darling is paying for it.. but but.. STILL HEART PAIN AH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

haiz.. so sad.

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reflections of you and me;

Sunday, July 22

Pi Pi pain pain
Argh.. I hurt my little pi pi.. sob sob.. (Y.Y)

Friday nite went bowling... well quite fun to go out with the group of frens.. so funny.. esp mao mao.. wahhahahha.. play til abt 2++am then reach home... oops..

Sat.. nothing much to do.. then see von online so jio her for mj.. we went to garrick hse to play.. two round.. well.. did win money.. But after the mj.. abt 12am.. went for round two bowling match.. hmm. this time round did manage to get my personal highest score. 99 pins. so happy sia.. Then the next match manage to get 95 pins. But we play til abt 3am then reach home..

For the two nite bowling, my pi pi get abit hurt le. then ytd sudden rain, so abit rush home.. Then dunno who the F that place one paper bag on the lift floor.. make me slip.. heng darling hold me tight. But i still get hurt.. Now my little pi pi very very pain.. haiz..

really don like this type of litterbug. make me fall.. Kns.. then today i saw that PAPER BAG AGAIn.. KNS. Is branded one wor. Hurt by one branded paper bag. (-_____-)"""
Should i be happy or sad for tis??


Ok la.. me gg to watch my show le.. tata all..

PS: Pi pi still hurting..

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reflections of you and me;

Thursday, July 19

Argh. Now i having headache. Been having headache for the past few afternoon le. Omg, is there something wrong with my body?? tsk tsk.

Well today been lazing ard at home. Tot of doing house work. But raining day make me super lazy. Muhahahha.. Excuses i know.

Been asking ard to see if anyone wanna go taipei. Currently got need one more person. anyone interested?? Can leave me a msg ok..

Ok la.. go rest liao.. Head super pain.. sian..

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reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, July 18

Raining day
Aiyo yo.. Why rain so heavy.. So sian.. Today is my 1st day of audit lesson. Yet today raining so heavily. Pray hard later will stop raining, at least til i reach my classroom. hahahaha.

Well now i am trying my best to use less dot dot. Dunno from where i got this habit of putting alot of dot dot in my sentence. Gotta amend this bad habit.

Just to show with you what i read other ppl blog recently. Hmm. Of cos i went to xiaxue blog to read. Her english is powerful and she is very good in using words to describe her feeling. Thats why her blog is so popular. Just now went to read her blog la. Then saw sort of war between blogger and blogger. If you all interested can go read her blog.

But one thing she write is very true. Blog is a place for us to feel free to place our tots. So if we keep minding what ppl said abt us. wont it be too tiring? Haiz.

Anyway heng my blog very few ppl read. hahhaha. so still consider ok la. Not much ppl will care wat i write anyway. So why bother. Lol.

In thirty min time i will need to go bath le. sian ah. dunno if can know ppl that is as friendly as crystal. Hmm. later see how ba. Tata all. i go surf net le.


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reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, July 17

Great new
Today got boring law class.. which as usual need myself to read up the textbook rather than listening to wat the lecturer say.. haiz..

Anyway while i deep into the boredness of my class.. One Sms Brighten up my day.. Baby Katie is born.. Yeah yeah yeah.. So glad that she finally willing to let ppl see her.. She decided to foresake Dancing in Mummy Wendy Womb le.. She is the most lovely gal that i ever heard.. Wendy said that she like to listen to Jay Chou song wor.. and will dance to the song.. Omg.. so cute lo.. but i think it is a sweet suffering to wendy la.. hahahha.. Nvm la.. now BB out le.. so will gotta wait for Aug then go hug her.. i must HUG HER.. hahahhaha.. .

Cant wait for 19 Aug to come.. kekekkeke... Faster come come oh.. then i can carry BB Katie le.. yeah...

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reflections of you and me;

Monday, July 16

Movie and sian
Hmmm.. After ytd rotting, finally today got happiness.. hahahha.. no la.. nothing much..

Today darling off cos ytd he on guard duty.. so he come find me.. (^.^)v

He came abt 2pm.. which i am in progress of studying my tax.. but wen he arrived.. i got totally no mood for study sia.. aiya.. cos he on ppstream wat.. muhahhaha..

Well abt 3+ we went out to photocopy his notes and went to TBP to catch 4pm Harry Potter show.. Well.. I hate two stupid idoit.. if you all got see the movie i guess you know who i referring to..

After the show.. which end at abt 6.20pm.. we went to walk walk abit.. hahahha.. as usual we will go challenger to walk walk see ard wat is the range of tv we will be looking for.. haiz. cos now gotta think of our hse design liao.. hmmm.. anyway darling very good.. will help me think of my cosy corner.. wat we should get for my corner.. hmmm.. will have to think out of wat i want for my private corner.. hahhaha..

Then we went to popular to get some novels.. and we did went to comic connection.. but din see any of my comics serials having new books.. so well.. nothing much interested me.. except that darling looking at the DS lit price.. We saw abt $256 but need to add either $50 or $60 or more for add on.. Sat we went to AMK HUB did ask one shop.. he say abt $260++ but got games included.. But all is just asking la.. cos if i wanna go taipei in dec.. i will have to forsake tat la.. cos darling ask me to choose either one of them.. soo now need to see wat del del ans liao lo..

Sian tml have full day class.. and my audit class is starting on wed liao.. more sian.. but maybe i having less module in this sem.. so i still can understand and catch up with wat the lecturer is teaching abt for my tax and law.. so pray hard i can manage my audit class too.. and hope to know someone tat is as friendly as crystal in my tax and law class.. hahahha..

Ok la.. gotta go pack my bag liao.. and darling this week nite shift.. so can accompany me eat my lunchie tml.. yeah.. tata..

Nitey to all...

~ { 9:53 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, July 15

Friday at home do finish my house work.. then meet darling at tampines mall in the evening. darling bought tako ball and my favourite jap dessert for me to eat.. yummy.. we ta pao to darling home eat.. cos he is too tired and need to take a nap.. so while he is slping.. i busy eating my dinner and watching my show..

After which Mingsen call to ask us to go for bowling at nite.. so ok la.. join them since we got nothing to do.. Mao mao come fetch us then we went to marina square to meet the rest.. After reaching, i saw that got some new members in our outing grp.. Marx's gf , Ivy.. Cute gal.. Marx's friend, David.. the rest i saw and know.. hahaha.. total there is 11 of us.. as Marina square no bowling alley slot for us. so we decided to change to other bowling alley. we all split into three cars to go out.. mao mao drove us to Safrai but there is more ppl sia.. so we change to another place.. Kim Seng Bowling Alley.. Well oso got quite a lot of ppl.. But we too lazy to find another location.. Cum is already abt 11++ to nearly midnite liao..

Finally manage to get two alley.. and we split into two team. Mao mao and Mingsen they all have a bet.. who lose must buy drinks.. -___-""

I quite paisay sia.. hahhaha.. cos my 1st ball rolling, i FALL.. KNS.. so paisay.. +_+ But but.. that fall is worth it.. cos i got Strike.. hahahha.. yeah yeah.. the rest of ppl all laugh and shock sia.. unbelievable sia.. muahhahaha.. but really very long no play bowling liao.. so lost touch of it.. Overall i enjoyed myself that nite..

After two game, we all went separate ways home.. as i staying overnite at darling hse.. so i follow mao mao car.. the three of us initially wanting to go home straight.. but in the middle of CTE, my stomach melody sing.. hahhaha.. so we went to Jalan Kayu to eat prata.. Finally reached darling home abt 3++am liao.. After quick wash up. Both of us drop dead tired...

Sat woke up at ard 11++ am.. and watch tv again.. muhahhaha.. darling woke up later.. we went to AMKhub to walk walk.. bought some food back darling home eat.. at 1st we should be gg out for dinner with MIL.. but due to heavy traffic jam.. so we went to IKEA eat... After dinner, darling sent me back home.. where we discuss some of our home interior design.. then he went home rest le.. cos Sunday he got guard duty.. haiz..

Thats why i sooo heng now writing my blog la.. muhahhahah.. so sian sia.. today sunday yet no fren to jio out.. so rot at home lo..

Ok la.. i gg to play my psp liao.. tooo bored with pc liao.. tata...

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reflections of you and me;

Friday, July 13

ehhh.. today should i be mopping the floor or reading my notes or rotting at home?? so hard to make decision.. hahah.. okok. .wait i kana k by ppl.. hmmmm..

Today is friday the thirteen.. from dunno when start, ppl believe that this date is an unlucky day.. so in western country, they will hang a horse shoes in their house to have good lucky.. But just one qns. why of so many things but they choose horse shoes?? whats the theory behind this?? hmmmm...

Just now have some chatting with danice and Mummy Wendy.. well its through msn la. Danice topic is surrounding with some matter regarding her bf and oso her new flat.. well she got a unit just abt next blk of mine.. so we gg to be neighbours liao.. ha ha ha.. But, her flat will be abt two years later than mine.. cos her flat is only built up to 4th storey now.. so will be or should be by 2010 or earliest 2009 ba..

For Mummy Wendy topics, we tok abt Baby Katie whom up to now still staying very comfy in Mummy Wendy womb.. Kinda don wanna get to see the world so soon.. But her due date is coming soon.. So hopefully Baby Katie will be good gal by then.. Mummy Wendy oso plan the celebration le.. i am invited too.. hahaha.. will go down there la.. Can play with Baby Katie le. kekke.. we oso chat abt Yuki.. my favourite dog.. She is sooo cute.. but she very old le.. reach granny age le.. (For a dog la) but she got alot of funny photo pose.. so cute..

Actually i been having the tots of having a dog.. but i scare of dog sniffing my leg.. how ah.. been eyeing the toy poodle (if i din spell wrong) the one that S.H.E had it.. But i think it is very expensive.. haiz.. so wont be able to afford it.. maybe wen i working or wen i old.. i will get one dog ba... wat to do.. tooo poor to have one now.. If any of you wanna give me oso can.. hahahha.. just kidding..

Ok la.. my mother wanna blast her Cd player le.. i better go find something to watch to escape from the blasting..

Tata.. Update my blog soon..

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reflections of you and me;

Thursday, July 12

so sian today.. having migraine now.. haiz. wat to do.. stupid me.. in the past no take good care of my body.. now having those side effect.. tot that my migraine been cured liao.. but who know.. it come back again.. haiz..

Anyway just pop one pandol down le.. so ok la.. hoping can cure it.. hmmmm..

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reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, July 11

Ehh.. nothing much happen recently.. just that ytd having my lesson.. then find that my law teacher abit hmmmm.. dunno how to use the word.. not that good in teaching ba.. haiz..

Then my tax teacher.. although slow in teaching.. however she really make sure that all of us understand what she is talking abt.. good sia.. at least i got the interest in learning.. (^.^)v

Oh ya.. i know my exam date le.. 3 Dec to 5 Dec is my exam date.. haiz.. so sad.. (Y.Y)

anyway been discussing with my darling on how we gg to renovate our house.. cos next year gg to take our key le.. so gotta plan liao.. anyone know which website can i go to see for home design?? leave me a msg can..

today darling having class at tiong bahru area.. i went to tbp meet him for lunch.. then i went home rot.. hahahha.. (^.^)v

After his class, he come to my hse to eat dinner.. muhahhaha.. anyway we ate our dinner and watch cartoon.. hhahaha.. both of us like watching cartoon.. hahhahaha..

Hmmm.. now darling on his way home.. so i here updating my blog.. and watching cartoon. hahahha.. ok la.. me go enjoy my cartoon le.. tata..


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Sunday, July 8

Grown up
Ytd went to attend one of my childhood fren ROM.. Imagine both of us know each other from Pri 1 til now.. We attended same Primary sch, Secondary sch and even Poly.. Now times really flies lo.. Cos both of us had ROM just few months apart.. So kinda like really feel old liao.. hahaha..

But really very glad to see her happily get married le.. heard that she might be wanting to find SK flat.. so hope she get nearby me.. so i can have someone to tok with.. hahahha..

hmmm.. wondering who is next?? hahhaha..

~ { 12:56 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, July 5

Sometime cannot understand ppl sia.. Why are they like this.. Impatient sia.. Not happy don queue for the food la.. why tok so much.. high rank so wat.. Buay Tahan..

What happen is this:
Today i went to Queenstown library to do some studying la.. then abt 4++ feel hungry and cold.. so decided to go home.. then i tot of packet dinner for my parent la.. so i went to Maragret drive there packet.. if any of you know.. there is one famous Fried Kuay Tiao Store laa.. Always got alot of ppl queuing up for the food.. (i tried queuing for 45 mins before ok).. then i tot that i am lucky la.. cos abt 6 ppl in the queue.. so of cos i join in rite.. then i wait and wait for my turn.. cos good food worth waiting rite.. hahahha..

So as i waited.. i can hear watever ppl toking in front of me.. i don mean to listen to others.. but he tok so loud.. unless i deaf rite.. -___-"" let me use A to be the guy in front of me.. Then B is his fren or wat so ever, then C is the lady in front of A.. As this store is very popular.. and ppl will packet quite a few or order a few plates to eat la.. so tend to be longer waiting hour rite..

So this Mr A standing and smsing.. so ok la.. Mdm C ordered 4 packets.. wait wait wait and wait. then Mr B come join Mr A.. He walk ard and checking the seller cooking.. then he sort of made one comment that kinda piss me la.. Mr B told Mr A:" wah queuing for platoon ah.. buy so much" ... wah i cannot imagine he said that.. and of cos in english la.. so dunno Mdm C know how to listen ma.. And GUESS WAT.. when reach their turn.. THEIR ORDER DAMN ALOT LO... and need SPECIAL ORDER.. wat the Fuck..

What give you the rite to comment others when you and your fren are oso doing that.. then if so can i oso made this comment at a tone whereby you all can hear.. not good rite.. then why in the 1st place would you make such a comments.. High rank so wat.. Can give you the rite to say ppl??? If so.. Then i think you EQ damn low.. L.O.W.. Ok fine.. maybe wat you think is that it is just a harmless remark.. But to me is that you are doing something that will offend ppl.. What will others think abt you.. Don wanna wait. then don bother to queue for it la.. Who ask you wanna eat..

Haizz... Really cannot tahan this type of ppl.. wanna eat yet don wanna wait.. the store open for you only?? dotz rite.. Think you are king or queen mey.. tsk tsk..

Anyway just wanna share my tots out.. cannot stand this type of ppl la... so next time when you are in queue.. pls don make such comments ok.. cos everyone is oso queuing for their turn.. Good food worth queuing ok..

~ { 6:16 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, July 2

Back from taipei
Hello all.. i am back.. hahahha.. been having fun trip from taipei sia..

Hmm.. let see ah..
1st day:
Reach Changi airport at 10.45am cos check in time is 11am... but heng. We able to check in fast.. so went to waiting area.. me and darling roaming ard til abt 12++ start the boarding plane.. well as you all know.. jetstar is budget airline.. so cannot compare to those comfy seat of SQ la.. but hor.. their serivce is oso not bad la.. Not much ppl on the plane.. so guess should be due to sch start le.. tats why so few ppl..

On the plane.. hmmm.. bought their chicken rice ($10) to eat.. (kinda sucks but wat to do) and oso soft drink which cost darling $3 buck.. anyway after eating.. i fall aslp straight.. hahahha.. cos few hrs ride ok..
Wen we abt to reach tao yuan airport. we just in time to see sun set.. cool view.. but the most sucky thing is the weather over there.. on our journey to TS hotel.. RAIN.. and very very super heavily lo.. some more got thunder.. gosh.. thats wat i afraid of.. -___-""
Rain causes the road to have traffic jam sia.. so by the time we reach hotel.. abt nearly 8pm le.. and wat we were told that the coach should actually stop in front of the hotel.. but no lo.. the driver jus stop near the xi men mrt and drop us there.. initally tot that maybe change of rules.. so gotta find our way there... reach the hotel.. then the counter ppl then told us that they SHOULD STOP IN FRONT OF HOTEL.. KNS.. Causes me and darling get wet.. dotz...

Anyway after wash up.. we went straight to Shilin Ye shi.. well.. kinda dunno the way.. so went to wrong Ye Shi.. hahhaha.. but have some fun and found one shop to settle our dinner.. and guess wat.. next to that resturant.. is the Toilet resturant.. Yes the one that some of us have received the email on the food serve using toilet bowl.. at 1st wanna try that.. but darling say we must have a proper meal at there.. so too bad.. But we had quite a good meal la.. then went to buy those Ye Shi food to ta pao back to hotel eat.. And very qiao.. we saw one of my kor fren.. with his gf.. so qiao sia.. hahhahaha...
Well went to hotel room to watch their tv.. got abt 100 channel wor.. and really every channel got program gg on.. so wont be bored sia..

Day 2:

Went to eat the hotel provided breakfast.. then is outing time.. hahahha... Two of us just took the map and anyhow walk.. think we went to the 101 building and New york new york.. and many of their shopping centre... muhahaha.. so is shopping centre timing.. kekekke.. took quite a few fotos too..
Then went to wu fen pu there to buy clothes.. Buy buy buy... Bought quite a lot of clothing and other stuffs... After that we went back to hotel.. cos RAIN AGAIn.. argh...
Go hotel watch tv and rest.. Hmmm.. then i think we go Xi Men Ting walk walk.. then go Shi Lin Ye Shi again to eat and Shop again.. hahhahah

Welcome to Xi Men Ting

Day 3:

We went to Sun Yat-Sun Memorial hall.. Then Taipei 101 and new york new york.. wah the things all very de ex sia.. Then we went to Xin Guang San Yue.. In fact got quite a few building call Xin Guang San Yue wor.. hmmm.. but we went to two of them la...

Then go where i don remember le.. dot my memory really cannot make it..

Day 4:

We went to try find novel which von ask me to help her find.. so we went to the two big book shop.. but din manage to find the books.. so we went to eat good food.. Food that we saw in Magizine.. There is this pork cultlet shop.. Quite good.. I been wanting to try Pork Cultlet stuff with cheese.. Yeah i found it.. Quite yummy..

Then duno why we ask the waitress whether got any location that sell novels.. She pointed out one shop which is at a back alley wor.. wah cool.. I really went there and managed to find 2 out of 3 novel that von want.. and i oso buy two set of comics.. and the comics cost me less than SGD$3 per comics wor.. In sg one comics might cost up to $6 wor.. yeah yeah.. hahhahaha..

After resting in hotel.. we decided to try another food intro by that mag... at Xi Men ting area.. so ok la.. quite near to hotel.. It is a BBQ Shop cum steamboat.. the food not bad.. And the Service is really best sia.. will come auto to change our grill and add soup to the steamboat.. i think in sg no such good service ba.. -___-""

Day 5:

We went to Dan Shuan.. Wah the view is totally tooo cool liao... we went abt late afternoon.. cos darling fall sick.. so let him rest in hotel 1st.. Totally need to recommend you all.. Wen you all go taipei.. Spare out one sunset timing.. go Dan Shuan.. then take one bus to the harbour.. wah.. totally u will fall in love with the scenery.. cool and beautiful... we went board a ship and ship towards the sun.. WAH~~~~~~~~~

After that tot of gg to Shi Lin.. cos on the way wat.. hahahha.. but tooo crowded with ppl.. so we jus ate a few then went back hotel..

Think tat nite we went to one Ye Shi.. which is selling SNAKES SOUP~~~.. -____-"" quite scary ok.. seeing the snakes all over.. argh.. but we did went to buy some normal food to eat la..

Day 6:

Wake up quite late.. so miss the hotel breakfast timing.. and we book our freego bus pick up at 2.50pm... So abt 12 noon we check out and place our lagguages at the lobby then go xi men ting do last min shopping.. wha this time i really buy buy and buy sia.. hahahhaha

ate our last meal at there and off we went to hotel wait for bus...

Oh ya.. on the way journey to airport.. guess who i saw.. Wang Li Hong wor.. hahahhaha. at least managed to see one idol la.. although not mine idol wu zun.. (sad sad)

Then reach SG at 11pm.. reach home abt 12++ am liao.. so went to do some wash up and washing of my clothing... hahhhaa.. so here i typing my journey trip..

yeah.. finally finish my typing.. gosh it took me abt 5 days to complete this blog.. Pengz sia...

Ok la.. Tata..

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