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Saturday, November 29

Yoz yoz.. I am back..

My last post was on 18th.. Now 29th liao wor.. Missing so long..

Got reason de la...

1stly: Hubby jus back from USA ma.. So busy doing our stuffs for US trip.. (warning to those wives gg with their hubby to US de - Pls either bring one bun or what so ever.. Cos the medic check waiting time real LONG!!!)

2ndly: Busy shopping for my winter wear.. Spent 300++ but still got alot more to buy. Long john really ex sia.. -_-"

3rdly: Exam coming then need to study hard for my 2 papers ah..

4thly: sad news.. Hubby's granny just passed away this week.. sad..

Ok.. my above reason enuff to support ma??

During the first weekend after hubby came back home from States, we went to our Fg house to stay over.. Went shopping at Orchard.. went to burberry and gucci shops to look for bag.. Hahhaha.. *xin fu* hubby gg to get one bag for me.. But but.. haiz.. i din manage to see one that caught my eyes ley.. Got one burberry bag hubby say nice.. But i don like the strip.. So too bad.. Out. Maybe gg to get one when i in States lo.. Hei hei.. lucky..

Went to Suntec Winter Times to get winter wear.. Alot of ppl buying oso.. -_-" cos now good season to travel to those "snow" countries.. Managed to get one thick winter coat.. 2 set of long john (hate it alot.. cos picky feeling) and 2 i dunno what is that called.. Hahhaa.. But all add up to $300++, heng got allowance for buying that.. Still need to get sweaters and snow boots.. (anyone got idea where to get snow boots??)

Monday and Tuesday rushing for medicial review and dental check up for our overseas trip.. haiz.. should have brought some breads along.. cos long waiting time sia.. -_-"

Tuesday i got serious food poisoning too.. Got injection at my "pi pi". . . . . ARGH~~~~~~~~~
Keep vomiting and having loose bowel.. -_-" I can become buddy with the toilet bowl liao.. Wednesday ate the medicine but by then i abt 24 hrs no food or drinks in my stomach.. Cos everytime i eat or drink, i rush to vomit straight.. even plain water faces the same fate.. Thats why need injection to stop..

Last nite went to funeral wake.. Chatted with hubby cousins and play with them too. Today morning sent granny for the last time.... Sad to see her gone but know no more suffering fo her.. Hubby is strong and know how to take care of MIL throughout the process.. Great job hubby..

Me and FSIL went home 1st to catch slp... then just now i went to buy dinner for all.. cos all KO liao.. even now i dunno if they are awake to eat the dinner i bought for them ma.. humpz...
Must take care oh...

Later need to go K finish my P1.. Sian.. Just finish reading the 1st round wor.. need to go K finish one more round sia. if not.. dunno can make it ma..

Ok la.. go surf abit of net.. then i go rest le.. Tata...

~ { 11:30 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, November 18

lazy jas
HUBBY BACK LE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesh yesh yesh.. *happy jas running round the room*

Of cos i am very happy la.. Waited 2 mths and 2 weeks for hubby to come back..

So pardon me.. this MIGHT be long post.. HAHAHHAHA...

Sunday after my last P1 revision class, i went to PIL house to wait for timing to fetch hubby home..

Ate dinner with MIL at Rivervale mall.. Tease my MIL as usual.. HAHAHAH.. i am a naughty DIL which she now keep saying abt me.. ^^ Ok la.. like this better than have those in laws war rite.. hei hei.. Discover that the Kimchi Ramen at the Jap/Korean stall quite nice wor.. Sour and spicy.. Abit like Tom Yam.. But this ramen soup spicy i still can take it not like Tom Yam one i cannot tahan.. (^.^)v

As monday hubby and i need to go for drawing of our blood for our USA trip.. SO by 8pm no food or sweet drinks for me.. Need to fast sia.. -_-" So my Cute MIL even count the timing for me.. Say 7pm bring me eat dinner.. Then 7.30 eat dessert.. Then 8pm start fasting.. HAHAHHAHA.. Win liao lo.. like this oso can.. And most of all she really follow that schedule.. Cute sia..

After dinner is Game time.. Cos BIL and FSIL not in so no MJ for us. They went Orchard to buy things.. But seriously i am quite dead beat le.. However we still trying to know which terminal we need to go to fetch darling.. After a long search, finally we know his flight arrival timing and terminal... HAHHAHA... His flight initially stated as 1.25am.. But changed to 1.08am.. Hei hei.. few mins different...

At abt 12 mid night we all on the road to air port terminal 3.. My 1st visit there.. Walked ard the area and we finally settled down at coffee beans.. MIL, BIL and FSIL all drinking their coffee and tea except me~~~~ only plain water for me.. sad case.. (Y.Y) See ppl happily drinking their drinks.. (i oso wan!!!)

Anyway finally FINALLY managed to wait til darling flight to land... But received call from my hubby.. stating that he want to go shop abit.. KNS!! tui. In the end we only managed to reach home at ard 2am.. Kaoz..

Once reach home, i chiong to open his bags... For my pressie la.. HAHAHAHHA.. but got unpack his dirty clothes too la..

Happy to get my presents~~~ thank you darling... He got me an Ipod touch, 2 coach bag, 2 Ralph Lauren Polo T-shirt and Japanese goodies (which i refuse to share with him.. Hands off.. Thats mine)... Thank you thank you.. Muack muack.. *happy jas*

But we need to KO by 3am due to 7.15am i need to wake up le.. By 9am we need to be at the medical centre.. (T.T) not enuff slp... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the medical centre, saw quite a few of his colleagues.. All gg for the blood test thingy... Haiz.. Heng i not that afraid of drawing my blood.. (ah von scare of this.. hahahaha) But hor.. i got the history of whoever try to draw my blood.. unable to find my Veins.. Dotx.. cos my veins too shy to see ppl la.. (-_-) siao. They are too thin la.. So the guy who did it, 1st try cannot draw any blood.. Hubby see liao oso heart pain.. cos i kana "poke" but no blood.. Need to "poke" one more time.. Hubby requested for a more senior person to draw the blood for me.. Bingo.. That senior one time got all the amount of blood they need.. Skilled sia.. But both my hand got the "poked" mark.. Hahhahaha..

Went for hearing test and xray... Then chiong to Compasspoint.. walked ard and bought 8 novels and 2 bedsheets.. After that we ta pao lunch for myself and Mao mao.. cos need to meet him to take my long lost passport.. Visa take quite long time lo.. (0-0)v

Straight to bed after lunch at PIL house.. then at nite finally drag hubby off the bed to send me home... Mummy is happy to receive the present from hubby.. Hei hei.. But daddy slping le.. and i din manage to see him totally for today.. I came back home he slp liao.. -_-"

Now gg to be very busy.. This thursday my last day of working, then need to fully concentrate on my exams le.. MUST PASS!!! Friday gg to braces and go find Wendy and BB Kate.. yesh yesh.. Maybe afternoon can meet hubby go out walk walk..

Oh ya.. Hubby gg to bring me shopping this weekend.. YEAH!!!!! gg to shop ard for our winter clothing... *we wish you a merry xmas, we wish you a merry xmas...* (ah jas really gg crazy le)

Ok la.. need to go zzz le.. 12.25 am le.. Nitey to all.. I will be back..

PS: Mummy Wendy.. mUst faster recover oh... (^.^)v and i update my blog le.. HAHAHHAHA

~ { 11:09 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, November 13

I want to eat cakes~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yesh you no see wrongly.. I want to eat cake.. I want to eat chocolate banana cake~~~~ sob sob..

I miss eating cakes~~~~~

Cake cake cake flying all ard~~~~ Wait for me.. I will sure catch you de..

~ { 11:02 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, November 11

MC~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I siao liao.. *oops*

Last nite felt my throat quite terrible.. Super dry and painful.. Been drinking alots of water.. But the dryness still there.. Running to toilets countless times.. -_-"

At nite cough quite badly so cannot slp well too.. Dotx..

Today morning really cannot tahan, head felt quite heavy too.. So sms my accountant and yao yao to say i taking mc..

Now quite common to have cold sia.. My office area ppl quite alot having sore throat la, coughing la, etc~~~ Guess i oso kana the germs attacked.. My body lost the battle and here i am feeling sick!!!

Told doc abt my concern abt my phelgm.. Cos my phelgm like my lung alot sia. Kaoz.. They often grow nearby the air way to my lung.. Then i need to be on Asthma spray and medicine to clear it.. But seem like this time round my phelgm is quite good la.. No go near my lung.. HAHAHHAHA.. But doc say better be careful since i got the history of this sickness...

Oh well now on abt 6 medicine... Haiz.. my body like medicine bottle sia.. So many medicine to take.. HAI~~~~ Ming Ku Ah~~~

Took medicine le and fall aslp for awhile.. Now still feeling weak.. Maybe my body is battling with the bad germs ba.. Jia you.. must win oh... *siao jas*

Die sia.. haven really touch on my revision.. ARGH~~~ this thursday starting my reivision class sia.. SHIT!!


HUmpz... I think i better stop my siao~ness le.. Go rest rest liao.. Tata.. Blog again..

YESH Sunday hubby better... Yeah~~~~

~ { 3:01 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, November 9


Brain in real serious blank mode.. I am super tired~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok la i know i keep complaining tired.. But now is real tired..


Cos i din have a good slp..

Sat nite ard 1am i went to bed.. (at MIL house slp) After which keep tossing and turning ard in bed.. In the end i buey tahan and sit up.. Discover it is 4+am le.. zzzzz...

Then sms darling.. Wah heng sia.. he at hotel room.. so skype him to chat.. Until abt 7am+ then stop.. cos darling need to go eat his dinner..

Went to bed and try to slp.. think finally got catch abit of slp ba.. cos by the time i look at the clock is 12.05pm le..

Initially wanna go FG house for clean up.. But hor.. i really really really very tired.. In the end MIL now at FG house helping us to clean up.. *Bad DIL*
I got feel guilty la.. but i did try to ask my MIL not to go clean up ok.. She volunter herself de.. I am really fortunated to have such a good MIL.. Treat me like her own... hehehe..

Shit sia.. now body system like complaining le.. Wanna slp more but cannot manage to fall aslp.. haiz.. give up sia.. think tonite gg to slp early le..

Oh ya.. Thank you darling.. Buy so many things for me.. (^-^)v cant wait to have my hands on the presents..

8 more days to go.. I can see my darling le... Yesh yesh... 16 16 16 faster come come.. Somemore tat day is our 4th year anniversary.... Hehehehe... Happy happy...

Ok la.. gg to watch tv le.. tata..

~ { 2:12 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, November 6


Now i in process of arranging something.. Hopefully it will come successful.... *pray pray*

Tml friday le.. But haiz.. My working partner on leave.. Today he made alot of calls to the students.. So which mean tml will be a hell for me.. Gosh.. Need to be mentally prepared~~~~~~~~

Tonite must slp earlier.. been slping real late recently.. haiz..

Ok la.. better go chiong game le.. then go slp soon.. tata..

~ { 7:19 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, November 4

I am tired cum bored..

Full time work + part time study = TIRED!!!!!!!!

But cannot complain la.. cos thats the path i choose.. what to do.. haiz..

Hopefully my pig brain can absorb all the info and throw out correctly on the exam papers..

Today jus did my appraiser.. Oh well.. Not bad i guess.. Never been to an appraiser that is fun.. Hahahahaha.. Most impt is i am entitled to bonus liao.. HHAHAHAHHAHA..

*happy sha la la la.. it so nice to be happy.. sha la la .. everybody should be happy..*

Just now in class my eyes keep feeling closing.. gosh. heng tonite is last lesson liao..


13 Nov start i gg to attend straight 2 weeks revision class... ~>.<~

MUST JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!

oh one more thing.. Yeah hubby coming back soon.. 2 weeks more only.. HAHAHHA.. yuppie..

Ok la.. go play game while waiting for my hair to dry.. Tata..

~ { 10:40 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, November 2

Angry angry angry..

Pui tui pui tui..


Must swipe more~~~~~~~~~ Swipe swipe swipe.. Make you broke..

~ { 6:48 PM }
reflections of you and me;