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Tuesday, July 29

Today been quite hectic with work, morning crowd still ok, manageable. After lunch tot that can steady do my closing as planned.. WHO KNOWS!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly dunno why after 3pm nearly to 4pm, large crowd of ppl coming in to make payment.. Wah kaoz.. I busy all the way hoping that my partner can come out of the office to help.. I don even have time to call him to come out help.. Can guess how busy i am liao..

Heng he got come out to check hw is my closing doing liao.. Quite stunned to see so many ppl waiting to make payment.. Finally got my chance to have fresh air liao. He busy doing the payment, while i do my closing stuffs... Abit blurred after doing the closing.. Hahhaha...

In fact duno why hor.. Though this job is tiring, but seriously i quite enjoy it.. (except for some hippcups) Maybe i like dealing with ppl more than facing the pc alone ba.. Humpz.. Should i still continue my way of accounts?? Gotta see the end result of my braces.. hehehe..

Yao yao been quite sick these few days.. Worry for her.. Hope she can get well soon and we two can eat our lunch and kapo together soon.. *worry worry*


Just some tots in my tired brain:

How long does it take to forget a person??
How long does it take for a person to move on??

How fast does a person take to fall in love?
How fast does a person take to break up?

Why some people can find their love so fast?
Why some people cannot find their true love?

People always don't treasure what they have, only regret it when they lost it.
Why cant a person start doing something to prevent the regrets?

Is it hard for a person to say i am sorry?
Is it hard for a person to say i forgive you?

Looking around you,
what have you lost during the fast pace of your life?
what have you gain during the fast pace of your life?

Memories does not exist anymore in this world.
Only nightmare exist.

Is there love in this world?
Or left only hatred?

~ { 8:58 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, July 27

Blogging again.. Think my reader counts getting lower again.. maybe all not so interest again..

Oh well this is my blog so i just want to write what i like.. Hei hei. (^.^)v

Ytd after my sat class, i chiong straight to my redhill home to put all my stuffs then chiong out of the house to go compasspoint meet hubby. Initially hb wanna buy extension for our sofa set de.. But the sales gal told us the model no more in production liao. Sad case.. Maybe we will go tiong bahru plaza ask.

Treat hb dinner as i gotten my pay.. though not much but better than nothing la.. ask MIL to join us but she eaten her dinner and jus accompany us, see us eat.. Hb treat us eat ice-cream.. Yummy.. Too full after that.. Went back to hb parent home to slp.. Watch tv then chat abit with hb before gg to meet zhou gong..

Today woke up and play abit of NDS.. Now i carry my NDS ard cum the charger too..
(-_-)v scare no batt wat.. hehehe.. ard 1pm we went back to fg home cos today got invite von and yc up to our home for mj.. Their 1st visit to our home..

The curtain uncle oso came to our house today. consider cheap compare to others considering the amount of items we want..

Play mj til 8+pm which we all decided on pizza for our dinner.. After which is home sweet home for all of us.. Next time don need to go plan open a hotel room for our gals gathering liao.. Can come my house for slp over and can chit chat all the way.. hehehhe..

Oh well.. tml got class too so gotta go slp le.. Below are the progress works for fernvale courts pplz.. Enjoy and nitey..

~ { 10:38 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, July 26

Humpz.. i am back.. Hahahha.. Back to normal i guess..

Tiring day for me sia.. Everyday got nagging to listen. Then trying my best to get immune to that.. But still on trying mode.. Don ask me who nagging, definitely not my mum and hubby.

Woke up 7+am then went to work quite early.. Left work 5.30pm and walked all the way to school.. Took me 30 mins to walk and i carrying a damn heavy bag lo.. Keep wondering why am i so short.. Maybe thats the reason..

Bought some sushi and salad for my dinner, then started my stoning process at class.. Very tired one lo.. Heng lecturer did crack some jokes which is effective to lighten up our mood.. Tml still got class again.. This time round is afternoon session... By right i should be having the class on sunday, but by left i requested to attend on saturday class.. The management allow me to do that.. YEah.. can go same class as Crystal le.. Hehehe.. (^-^)v

Tml after class will be gg to FG home to slp.. Then hopefully sunday can smoothly progress our mj session with von and her bf..

Hey seem like my weekend quite short hor.. KNS.. pui.. Now i type then i realise it..


Must make full use of my weekend.. Gotta go surf abit of webbie then play my NDS liao.. Now keep addicited to the pokemon dungeon game.. Fun fun fun.. I completed the whole esp and now just playing the normal game.. But much more fun then completing the story lo.. cos much more tougher lvl to play..

Type too much liao.. Bye bye.. Nitey all..

~ { 12:03 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, July 22

Ok i guess you all can ignore what i write today.. Cos i feeling sucky and writing stuffs that i dunno.. maybe due to my rose aunt came.. So pretty much it control my negative tots and my pair of hands to type out the below stuffs. Don ask me hw i am cos below some is true and some is not.. Don bother to ask me ok..

Damn feeling sucky.. Don ask me why.. Just leave me alone.. I can still joke with ppl.. But that is just a mask i am wearing now.. Every now and then i will need to please ppl.. Why am i undergoing such a sad life.. I don like quarrels, i don like wars, i don like back stabber, i don like ppl to poke finger at me whereby they never see themselves in the mirror.. I don like taken for granted, i don like ppl lying to me.. I don like fake ppl while i am i am one of them.. thats why i don like myself.. I don like who i am and what i am doing.. But do i given a choice? Nope.. All my power of choosing have been gone since the day you left us.. I don have much chose but i am trying hard to look at brighter side...


~ { 11:04 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, July 21

pei fu
OMG i really damn pei fu those part time study pplz.. How can they manage to be so alert when after whole day work already so damn tired sia????

Today went to work 30mins earlier cos i leaving for class 30 mins earlier off work.. Reach sch manage to eat my dinner.. Then off to lesson.. Gosh i super trying hard to stay awake lo. Bt my eyes really wanna close shop.. Dotx..

Think my lecturer know i doozing off.. Fei hua i sitting quite in front.. so he can see me nodding my head.. Hahahaha.. Oopps..

But after some nodding head action, dunno why i become awake again.. Hhahaa.. esp when he flash those figures that makes the whole class laugh.. *winkz* He comment that when he flash those figs, all of us will become so awake.. Arbo den.. See others high flyer salary of cos alert la..

Anyway just now on the way home i saw Juztin.. of cos wont be spared from those suaning.. But i kinda miss it.. Not i pervert ok.. Bt its been real long since i saw him.. My best buddy aka god brother since sec sch.. his concern to me never been in good words.. Bt read between the lines and some how i am immune to his suanning too la.. When i settle down on my house thingy, will ask you guys come out la kopi..

Ok la.. nOw i gg to @.@ ming zhong show le.. Tata..

~ { 10:58 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, July 20

Some tot
Looking back to my previous blog.. Discover that i been writing mostly about my fg home and posting abt it..

Today staying at redhill home cos mummy went to malaysia with all the aunties.. I think this staying at home during sunday seem quite far away from me le.. Cos mostly now busy with fg home so sunday hardly at redhill home..

Kinda slp til quite late today, feeling quite shiok la.. heheheh.. Then watch my favourite food variety show at SCV. I LOVE watching these food show okie.. Esp showing Taiwan food.. Gosh they all look so delicious lo. In fact i tried during my last trip at taipei. Shiok sia. The food really taste good.. Esp the pig blood soup.. Ok i know some may say EEKKK.. Pig blood!!! Well i can say it really taste super nice lo. Too bad sg cannot sell this anymore. I miss the chicken oso.. not the deep fried chicken.. I forgotten the name, but i rem is white boiled chicken season with some other sources.. That one damn shiok lo. Too bad hubby last nite at taipei then let me eat.. Arbo i sure eat alot of that.. I want to go Taiwan again!!!!

Now currently i working at Lasalle Arts.. Previously i did not say which company i am in as wanna give a surprise to PSA ex colleagues. .Hhahaha.. Cos now i working with Yao yao again.. Great to be colleagues with her.. Lotsa fun working and now we can eat lunch together again.. Yeah yeah yeah.. But monday she will be on leave la.. Humpz... Maybe need to think of who can accompany me eat le.. I still quite newbie in the dept and din manage to know many pplz...

Looking forward to Aug to come.. Cos we will be having leave on 11th Aug.. Yesh.. so happy abt it.. Need to plan some program on this.. Hei hei..

However Hubby gg to fly soon too.. Sian. Abt 2 mth to 3 mths cannot see hubby le.. Need to go get some webcam too.. and not to forget his winter wear.. Hopefully we can find those good and cheap de.. Cos the winter wear quite ex wor.. Sian..

Later hubby will be coming down to meet me eat dinner.. happy... later maybe go for a walk ba..

Ok la.. me gg to watch the Bruce lee show on channel 8 le.. Tata..

~ { 1:53 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, July 19

Just some photos for FC pplz..

Guess the works now quite slow.. Been there for three days but nothing much progress.. Maybe doing the inner part ba.. Cos painting oso din see much progress.. Hmmm..

~ { 10:08 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, July 18

nite at fg

1st nite at fg house.. Quite fun wor.. slping at OWN home.. hahahha..

Though we still lacking alot of things bt we getting more catch up on the stuffs...

Today went to tighten my braces.. haiz.. think quite abit of ma fan.. cos my front tooth need some adjustment of the bracket.. 4-5 pairs of eyes looking at the teacher who is doing the relocation.. New lesson for them to learn so everyone crowded ard.. Gosh scary sia..

After tightening, went to find baby kate and mummy wendy.. Hei hei.. hug her alot.. hahha.. then mummy wendy treat me to crystal jade eat.. Tks tks.. somemore still ta pao give my parent.. Thank you.....

Later gg back to fg house le.. Been taking photos of FC progress.. But my camera left at fg home.. I must rem to bring back redhill to upload..

Hmmmm.. Ok la.. change clothes later gg off soon..

Tata.. Blog again..

Guess wats the color of my braces rubber.. same as this post color..

~ { 4:10 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, July 13

Gosh tml start my brand new working life le.. Hope everything will go smoothly..

Thursday and Friday will be taking no pay leave.. cos got something need to do..

This friday oso will be my braces appointment date.. Dunno what color to choose sia.. Humpz..

Me gg to search for Ming zhong show le.. Tata..

~ { 10:20 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, July 11

Monday starting my work le.. gosh. so fast.. don even have much rest wor... hahhaa. jus kidding..

Anyway the job still ok la.. at least the annual leave is much more better.. Can take enuff for my exam sia..


Tml gg to Fernvale home to wait for our TV to come.. Yesh finally we got our own tv... abit cant wait for that sia.. Then will be gg to visit some of the neighbour house.. Will go take photos too..


Need to go buy some stuffs too cos maybe gg to slp over at some days.. So which mean is SHOPPING TIME~~~~~~~

oh well.. few more hours to go before i can wash my hair.. getting buay tahan le.. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

Tml 1st thing i will do after wash up is chiong to wash my hair le..

Ah von gg to fly overseas soon le.. So envy.. Must buy some goodies back oh.. (^0^)/~

Oh ya..finally i got advertisement le.. This sunday starts.. So hope you all can help me click ok.. Tks tks..

~ { 11:15 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, July 10

ok i did my hair rebond today.. then for lunch i ate tom-yam soup.. which i guess most of you will sure say.. "aiyo sure got stomache de" (-__-)v bingo.

Just nw in the mid of doing the hair rebond, i ate two bottle of those pills to stop the pain.. haiz..

Then bought some shampoo for my hair..

Need to wait til sat morning then can wash my hair...


thats the part i hated the most.. I belong to those need to wash my hair everyday.. I hated oily stuffs.. Which is why i duno if i suitable to go for spa ma.. cos von told me gt put those cream things on the back.. By the tot of it already make me.. ERKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

Oh well.. see how ba..

Ya ytd baby kate gt come.. Gosh she is so cute lo.. Keep hugging her.. Wendy if you see this.. rem to bring her come more often ok.. Kekkekeke..
Keep playing with her so forget completely to take photos with her.. hahhaha.. blur me..

Tml got nite class again.. then sat gg to meet up with curtain ppl.. hmmm.. looking forwards to weekend to try my new mj set.. MUAHAHHAHAA...

Me go surf net le.. Tata..

PS: LoVeS - i not sure if you see this, but i will like to say, jia you.. He will be fine in no times.. Must take good care of yourself ok..

~ { 10:24 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, July 8

Hmmm.. Today only the 1st day i rotting at home.. But i recieved call le.. I got a job offer liao.. WHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which mean i will start work soon again.. Now they still preparing my appointment letter.. Kekekeke.. Fast rite.. I oso cannot believe it.. Anyway leave it to fate ba.. I will be working at somewhere quite surprising de.. hehhee..

Will need to shop for clothes le.. cos need to wear something formal.. so need to stock up my office wear..

Tml mummy wendy gg to bring baby kate to my house.. Yesh i can hug her again.. yuppie yuppie.. kekekkeke...

Will try to lure her to take photo with me.. hei hei..

this week i oso planning to go do my hair rebond le.. anyone keen in doing with me???

Erm.. then i guess no more le.. me gg to surf net le.. Tata..

~ { 5:57 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, July 7

Yoz yoz all..

Just some updates.. Well i quit my job le.. But i will rem the 4 frens that i get to know in the company. (^.^)v Do keep in touch ok..

Will be looking out for jobs le.. so rest a few days then off to my job searching..

Been kinda busy cos my lesson starts le.. Tiring sia.. Then sat we went to buy those pray pray things for sunday.. After which we went to my parent house to eat dinner.. Then proceed back to hubby parent house.. Played 1 round of mj at nite after that all doze to dreamland..

Woke up 8.30am cos our ritual timing is 9am.. So kinda rush then baddie hubby got abit of bad temper in the morning.. At our new house, after all the praying stuffs, we started to clean our house again.. cos hubby cannot stand the dirts on the floor.. me too la.. i wipe the bedrooms while hubby mop the living room.. We oso try our new washing machine and dryer to wash the floor mat.. Kinda tiring la..

Hubby see i too tired, ask me go take a rest in the master bedroom. We got buy one small mattress for 1 person de.. so i laying on tat with our air con on.. but still very cold for me.. did manage to doze off abit before hubby come snatching the mattress.. hahah..

We need to go to Baby Kate bday de.. But hubby overslpt.. so we kinda rush ourselves back to hubby parent house to take bath.. We made a record!!! We only use 15 mins to get ourselves clean (we take turns to bath ok) and step out of the house..

Took a cab to United Sq.. Gosh i am so happy to see my favourite baby.. keep trying to wait to hug her.. Happy birthday Xiyue..

After the birthday party, we went to chinatown to buy mj set.. hahha.. i been eyeing for metalic color mj.. so we bought the metalic blue one... chio oh.. this weekend cant wait to play mj le..

Ok la.. photos time..

~ { 10:54 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, July 4

On mc today.. tsk tsk.. then got class at nite..

No matter what i will sure go to the class de.. thanks to crystal helping me to chop seat. if not i will not able to sit at my favourite spot.. Thank you gal..

Irene will oso help me to chop monday nite class seat..

Gosh i am so lucky to have the two dearly frens from school.. So touch for helping me to get a good seat.. Thank you so much.. *touch touch*

Very tired after the class.. Hmmmmm.. gg to slp soon cos tml got to work half day.. sian.. Hopefully this weekend can take some photos and put online.. Yeah..

Ok la.. gg to zzzz le.. blog again soon.. Tata.. nitey to all..

~ { 10:57 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, July 2


What should i do~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now undergoing some difficulties.. but not sure if i can overcome it..

Hope i can get all the strength and luck that i need..

~ { 7:39 PM }
reflections of you and me;