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Wednesday, March 17

Back to updates....

Last week

Thurs went out with ah von after school... Went to MS to eat dinner and shop ard.. in the end at watsons bought quite a few items.. Dunno will work or not.. hahhaha..

Friday- full day in school. -_-"
after which meet up with hubby to go suntec IT fair... Hubby bought an Iphone for me.. Thanks dar... Then we went to check out a few stuffs.. Still considering abt it.. Maybe wait til next IT event then buy...

Sat- went to review class.. Tot will be whole day event again.. Heng happen that only 1 class slot.. So quite early can go home... In the end meet up with hubby at Compasspoint to eat lunch and bought paint for our house... But once reach home, i went to take a nap while hubby busy painting the room.. oops... Ard 5 plus ah von msg me.. Play mj.. Hahhaha.. in the end ask ah von to tapao dinner for us and also give me a ride to IL house to take mj set.. Play mj til 4am.. Wah seh.. 1st time for me wor... Reached home ard 4 plus.. only managed to slp at 6am..

Sun - heng no class.. But revise notes at home...

Finally our boxes arriving.. Yeah.. can take my stuffs le.. ^^

Think this weekend our study room gg to be under renovation.. Hope everything goes as plan... Crossing our fingers...

Humpz humpz humpz...

Tml gotta go class and after which maybe sneak up to house to take things.. HAHHAHA.. cant wait to use my bag..

Ok la.. gg to catch some shows.. Tata..

~ { 9:28 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, March 9

Starting of busy life
Gosh.. Now my courses starts liao = to have no more time le.

For past weekends all spent at classses.. Yesh 2 whole weekends = 4 full days.. faint...

So much things to absorb.. So little time.. Now even after school, i will start to revise my notes le.. Not like last time doing last mins reading.. -_-"

Then at the moment still got furnitures to buy for my house.. So empty.. haiz.. we trying to rush for house warming... now crossing our fingers..

Still got wedding to prepare.. Esp now just settle our bridal shop things.. I just booked appt to choose gowns.. Pray hard everythings goes smoothly and i can find the ones i love...

Hope everythings goes smoothly le.. abit tired.. hardly got times to meet up with frens.. All weekend burnt.. haiz.. Maybe need to squeeze out some more times le...

Ok la.. gotta go slp soon.. Tml morning still got lesson.. haiz.. Nitey to all..

~ { 10:43 PM }
reflections of you and me;