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Wednesday, November 28

Great new
They Kiss Again

Come and see wor.. Its me who is gg to tell you the good news.. As i seen from the feedback since that day i post on my blog regarding this show. Quite a lot of you are like me, waiting for this show to be out.. I read on their webbie..

Taiwan will be airing in GTV Next month..

Channel - GTV channel 28

Time - Every Saturday 10pm

Starting from 22 Dec 2007

Wah isn't good news.. Cos normally when they air the show, not long after that we can buy the VCD or DVD in Singapore Leading VCD/DVD Shops.. Yeah yeah yeah..

I cant wait to see Xiangqin and Zhishu...

Woooo.. and not to forget.. Ah Jin..

After my exams, i gg to take out my whole set of comics to read again.. Then bring out my chinese version and japanese version vcd out to watch.. Yesh yesh yesh.. I super happy lo... See bright light in my darkest exam revision stressness... Woooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Ok la.. Now having stormy rain now.. Scary thunder sounds gg ard my area.. haiz.. To those that know me well.. i am very famous for fear of thunder sound.. My mom always say when giving birth to me, forget to give me guts la.. Been timid since young.. Argh..

Pray hard the weather can be nice.. Rain is fine with me... But not the lighting and thunder.. ~>.<~

~ { 2:38 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, November 27

Wah.. I break record liao.. I slpt today 6am++.. I did my revision til 4am.. But maybe i drank some ice coffee during the night.. Thus cant slp after that.. Toss and turn on the mattress oso in vain.. Haiz.. In the end even my mom wake up and quite surprise i yet to slp.. *power*

Msg hubby to tell him that he gg to have one panda wife soon.. Stress ah.. My audit still jus at the starting mode.. Today my body totally feel very tired.. Slpt til 1pm.. but think still not enuff.. ~>.<~

Thinking later take some nap then start my revision soon.. Pray hard i can get all my exams pass....

Counting down to my nightmare : 5 days to go...

~ { 4:24 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, November 25

Yeah.. Today went to Fernvale to see our house house.. Took some photos using my lousy N80. So some quality might not be that good.. So try to see ok.. Today progress.. Oh ya.. I took some fotos of Fernvale Courts and Fernvale Vista too..

Fernvale Grove

Fernvale Courts

Fernvale Vista

Kinda happy that our flat is getting ready in Jan 08 instead of Dec 07.. Hahaha.. Only Blk D ppl then will get their keys next mth... So fast sia.. Tsk tsk.. Must pray pray that Fernvale Court faster build finish.. Arbo wait sure alot of dust.. (>.<)

Ok let me side track abit.. I FINALLY upload some photos that i took during yen yen wedding.. So show you all what i took.. Some shot really not nice.. That day i wore a hazel colored contact lens.. Hahha.. Since long i last wore colored contact lens..

At Yenyen's Hotel Room

Date : 17 Nov 07

~ Woeinard ~

~ Edelyn ~

Snapping the two ladies taking fotos

~Yen's grown~

Yen having her makeup on

Cheers ^.^

Trying to take foto in the toilet

Me and WoeiNard

Yen yen done with her makeup

Act fierce

Keke.. Me always so lag when uploading things.. The event already over one week, now then i upload it.. (^.^)v Anyway Yen yen should be still at Korea la.. So ok la.. She can only see it when she is back...

Erm.. I will be missing for quite some times.. Will try to come up to update if i can.. No choice. Exam date is 3-5 Dec.. Continue 3 days in a row. So quite xiong la.. Gotta burn midnight oil to study.. Pray hard can pass all 3 papers..

Today is me and hubby ROM 1st year anniversary.. So happy.. We went to Tiong Bahru Plaza Lao Beijing to eat.. Initially wanna eat Buffet, but full house le.. Hope next week can go eat.. (hor hubby.. can ma??) Keke..

Ok la.. Gtg back study liao.. Tata.. Good nite to you all.. (^.^)v

~ { 9:17 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, November 21

Runners alert

Runners Alert. Do look at here..

Normally when you entered into one marathon run, you will be training for the event on your own. However did you know how well have you done? How long have you covered?

Now Nike had came out with one product that is for people like you. It can help you to keep track your record. So why not click on the following link to check out the new product. There is one charity run coming soon. So get your gears up and prepare for the run.


~ { 12:11 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, November 19

Jus one word
Just one word that can express my feeling now

~ { 10:16 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, November 18


An advertiser has chosen to advertise on Lock my life with you.

The advertisement details are as follows:
Campaign:Nike Plus Charity Run (Paid Campaign)

Week(s):1. 11 Nov 2007 to 17 Nov 2007

Erm.. Now i jus saw one email from nuffnang stating that i got one more ad.. But hor.. Pls look at the DATES... Gosh.. Isn't that over liao??? Weird weird sia..

Anyway just came back home not long from Yen Yen wedding.. Gosh she is sooooo BEAUTIFUL... (Yen yen don smile at yourself ok when you read this)

Went to her room with Edelyn and Woeinard at ard 5++pm to accompany her.. All the way til she went to the Ballroom for the cocktail session.. Cool... Well we all did had alot of fun.. Hahahha.. (^-^)v

Well i guess that everyone is feeling happy for her.. Kinda surprise that she din cry.. Wooo way to go.. Helen say that i sure cry during my wedding.. Ermm.. I suppose i will.. Gosh.. I need to train myself.. ~>.<~

Ok la.. will try to update again.. Need to go rest le.. Tml meeting my secondary school frens to go sentosa..

Sentosa here i come~~~~

~ { 12:03 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, November 16

Another ad
Another Ad is in...

Congratulations!An advertiser has chosen to advertise on Lock my life with you.

The advertisement details are as follows:Campaign:Motorola Q9 SS Week1

Week(s):1. 18 Nov 2007 to 24 Nov 2007

Do click on the ads ok.. Cheers...

~ { 6:46 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, November 15

Hello Ppl..

Back for some updates...

Well for my NDS.. Finally solved the problem le.. Nope i din went back to the BLACKIE SHOP.. Instead i went online to purchase charger and extra batt.. Hahahha.. At the cost of my hubby la..

Just tot of it so i took some pix of my NDS.. (^.^)v

~Pink NDS~

Shoot with lights on

~Its new cover~
Front view

Yup.. Now charging my NDS again.. Oops.. Play more than 5 hours since ytd.. Need to stop my playing le.. must study study study..

Just now when i was downloading my pics into my pc.. I saw some fotos.. Oops.. forget to put it up.. hahahah.. My STM occurs again..

Fotos taken wen eating at one jap resturant at Paragon.. Yummy.. I love to eat SOBA.. Shiok sia.. Esp if the weather hot, then eat the cold noodles. Wooooo.. Cool til your heart wor.. (ok ok.. don hit me or roll your eyes..)

One tired cum hungry cum brain blank blank gal.. Ah von

Fried Chicken.. Yummy.. Worth trying..

Gosh what is that??? White shit?? (-_-)

My SOBA.. YUMMY.. *drooling*

Ah von SOBA.. got tempura

Happy look when our food arrive.. Food makes us smile (^-^)

Yeah finally i remember to upload it.. Well ppl.. This is all for this week.. From now on will be cutting down my useage of pc le.. Gotta study for my exam.. 3 paper yet i haven even complete revise any.. ~>.<~ Hubby gg to kill me soon...

Oh ya one more thing.. For those who got my contact no.. Pls note that due me sending my hp to service, abt 80% of my contacts are lost.. YEAP LOST.. so can kindly send me one msg with your name in it.. So i can store it in my hp.. Thank you all ohh~~~~~~~~~~

Ok me gg to eat my dinner le.. Tata.. Take care ppls.. (^.^)v

~ { 6:01 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, November 12

sad sad
Feeling quite sad and pissed off at the same time.. My NDS is freaking gone case issue..

1st the battery cannot tahan long... Go to change.. Come back another problem. Worse case, cannot charge the battery.. Sibei sad cum du lan...

What the fuck is the company doing.. Fucking One of the Sim Lim Square Shop ok..


Haiz... Kana cheated.. Now hubby say go buy another battery and charger see how.. If still cannot work.. We gg to the shop again to see how they gg to explain to us.. If still they don give me a better working set, we will stomp down to CASE liao..

Buey tahan that BLACK SHOP liao.. Spent $300+ buy one set that cant works well.. CB... wah i really damn pissed off..

Hubby feeling quite sad too.. Spend so much yet got such a bad thing.. In the end he say the only thing that can cheer him up is me passing my exams.. *Stress*
But i will try to pass it all... Yeah...

Ok la.. Later got class and gg to pick up my new nds battery and charger.. Pray hard it can work well.. arbo haiz...~>.<~

~ { 11:39 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, November 8

Gathering ytd
Hello all.... Kekke.. Humpz.. Last nite quite late slp.. Why??? Cos of the coffee i drank last nite..

Ytd went to Wheelock place Nokia care to get my stupid idoit phone to service.. Tell the gal what happen.. And the only word that she reply is " software problem".... Kaoz.. Win liao lo.. All blame to software..

Then went to shop awhile alone while waiting for yongxiang and melvin.... As usual, Yongxiang turn up 1st.. We went to buy tako ball to eat at taka.. Then got japanese food fair.. Hei hei.. We cant resist... Bought 1 to try.. Humpz.. Ok la.. taste quite normal to me.. (-_-)v

We decide to go Fish and Co makan.. Well no take photo at there.. Meet danice at there.. And last to arrive is our dearest Melvin (as usual the late comer).... Ok i regret ordering Fish and Chips.. Cos i hate the taste of fishy smell.. Yucks. (>.<) heng danice and Yongxiang, we all exchange some of the food.. Arbo i think i will only try my best to try force the fish down my food pipe..

Melvin treat us eat.. Wah. 1st time in my live wor.. Melvin treat me wor.. Omg.. Forget to get 4 number from him.. Cos he is well known for his.. Humpz.. errmmmm... ehhhh... Niao-ness.. oops.. :x
But really thank you Melvin.. Enjoy the dinner alot.. Hahhaha.. (^.^)v

After dinner we decide to go TCC.. Dunno that shaw tower TCC closed so early.. So we walked to somerset there....

Our drinks.. Mine is the tall one at the back.. Middle glass..

Dessert (disappointed)

Me and Danice..

Yongxiang and Melvin

~Group foto~

My drink.. Cos not used to drinking coffee at nite.. so i change to this.. Quite nice...

Well.. Had alot of fun toking rubbish.. cos thats what frens like to do.. Hhaha.. Initially tot of gg KTV.. bt then.. Too ex.. so no choice lo..

Oh ya.. I miss MJ.. anyone keen in playing.. ask me ley.. hahaha.. (hubby you pretend din see this sentence ok)

Ok la.. Gtg le.. Tata.. Enjoy your PH today oh...

~ { 12:14 PM }
reflections of you and me;