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Wednesday, November 29

A brand new stage of live
hmmm.. today go back work for this wk.. been on leave for the past 3 days.. quite enjoy my leave.. been gg out with hubby and frens.. today been collecting photos from all the photograhers... kekekke.. so hoping that i can gather all before gg to develop it.. lallalaa. ok me gg to play my maple le.. tata...

~ { 9:45 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, November 24

Fucking pissed off
Fucking piss off nw.. Damn CCB to the cab driver of SHA3603R. If any of you all saw this cab.. Freaking DON FLAG DOWN. The driver is super damn fucking no manner bad attitude RUDE!!!!!! Jus becos i got this $50 Dollar note to pay my $4.85 fare, he SCOLD mE.. wat the fucking chee bye. NO CHANGE DON TAKE PPL LA.. SCOLD ME.. FUCKING HELL.. CCB.. KNN.. IF i don go complain you.. I fucking take your surname. Wah i super duper pissed off.. To think i work OT til midnite.. Specially go to draw $$ at the ATM jus becos my wallet left $2. THe machine NO MORE $10 notes. OF COS I GO FOR THE $50 rite.. CCB.. I still so good to explain that i really don have small notes, and i jus went to draw the money out from ATM. and yet still say me.. Give me those fucking look on his face.. Feel like slapping him. Slap him upside down.. FUCKER.. that fucker company better give me a good explaination arbo i sure write to TNP.


~ { 12:44 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, November 22

Today morning darling come pick me at 8.45 (slightly late then our agreed time), went to tbp to eat breakfast at BK. yummy.. love bacon.. THen went to ROM there.. GOt our queue no.. 70!!!! and at that point, the number count is 30... ~>.<~ so stand one side to wait lo.. alot of couples at there too.. and we saw this ah pek and ah ma queuing up too.. if not wrong their no is 75.. wah happening sia.. (^.^)v

After everything, we went to standard charter bank to open one acc. then go walk walk at IKEA. ate my lunch and also pack 6 chicken wings to go office eat.. (PS: IKEA chicken wing very delicious oh) Bt bt.. we see that still got one hr to spare.. so i suggest to go hm 1st.. in the end the 1st thing i did once reach hm is slp.. Seriously lor.. once i touch the bed, i fall into deep slp.. poor darling gotta surf net.. initially ask him to wake me up at 1.30 bt in the end he wake me up at 1.45.. heng today he drive.. so ok la.. 1st time he wake me up.. very gently. and led me to wash up.. lol.. then he faster drove me to work...

Reach office start work lo.. work and work til 7pm then go home.. so now i am online.. yeah...

gg to play my maple le.. tata..

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reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, November 21

Jus some tot
Tml on morning leave.. need to go ROM there to vow on somthing. can say nw i feel that i am gg to get marry.. (i knoe some of you will get -__-"' face rite.. to some of my close fren. they know tat i kinda retarded gal la.. lol)

Guess i cannot be that ren xin anymore le.. gotta be learning on hw to be a good wife ba.. (think hard la) hmmm.. and cannot anyhw spend my money.. gotta save..

got to know that some of my fren gg to mummy and daddy soon.. kinda cool sia.. although i oso long for a piglet baby.. bt my parent gg to kill me if i do that. lol.. so for the sake of my precious life. better wait til i customary then say.. (^.^)v

actually some of them ask me whether if i am short gun marriage.. some din ask bt gossip behind my back.. (don think i dunno hor)

Let me clear this again. My this ROM had been planned quite long ago.. since May (which he propose) til nw. And we all DIY one ok. We din book any wedding package all these... We settle our own clothes, find our own makeup artist (Jace Ang), find location, settle the buffet and bla bla bla.. ok.. so if i shortgun, do you think i got so much time to do all these.. (Pig Brain)

So morale of the storey: Don assume when ppl getting marry at young age must equal to short gun. ok. Love is wat bond us together. and not to forget our flat too.. lol..

ok la.. got to wait for darling to get home from robbin hse.. tata all..

~ { 10:55 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, November 19

Sunday le
Sian.. so fast Sunday liao.. Which mean tml need to go work le.. Dunno why i keep having the feeling of to drag myself go work sia.. maybe becos of that fucking bitch?? i dunno..

Recently under quite a bit of depression.. Mostly is due to work ba.. and partly is due to my ROM.. cos it will be a change in my life after that... haiz.. heng darling still with me to go thru it.. arbo i cannot imagine wat if it got worse.

Ytd as usual rot at darling hse. cos his brother is gg overseas on monday for training.. wont be back til mid dec. then FMIL ask us to play MJ before he flew. Overall not very smooth as darling got angry. (not my fault oh) Initially FMIL say that FFIL is treating the whole family to eat one. Bt darling is too fed up to eat. so decide to eat our own. hahahhaha. told you all that i got a bad temper hubby. Good thing is that he is not angry when toking to me. (although friday nite i made him angry until cannot sia) He went to Riverview mall ta pao Long John Silver for me as i want to watch the Japan hr. After which we play our own game, til he dunno from where took one DVD out. (Ghost Game) KNS. I freaking scared to watch this type of show sia. still want to watch without light on. *(#)&(T^) Bt finally he let in la.. On the lights for me. (i win) Before he send me home, we went to our new flat area to see hw fast it is being built liao.. 23 storey le. which mean 2 more storey and it is done and can start their other things le. at this rate, we think that we can get our key in 2008-2009 ba.. instead of 2010 le.

Ltr gg to meet my two best buddy at bugis. very long no go out with them. Today we gg to shop for stuffs to decorate my chalet room.. Yeah. Gather those who study Arts to do it. Cos we gg to DIY. (^.^)v hope everyone creative mind still available and not return to Mr Kee liao wor. kekekeke..

Ok la. got to eat my branch le.. Tata to all.

~ { 10:18 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, November 17

Friday le
Yeah is friday liao.. kekke.. on leave today.. been slacking ard the hse.. went for my facial for the 1st time in my life.. hahahah.. kinda pain. bt feeling quite good afterall.. expect for my face still red red la.. cos too many acne le and nt to forget blackheads.. -___-"

Really enjoyed myself last nite.. hmmm... Darling came pick me up to go Marine Parade.. He forget to bring my jacket, bt heng dunno why ytd i remember to bring one out to work.. lucky.. He want to bring me to eat sashimi one.. (the one shown in HDB Tai Tai Show) But we decide to eat our dinner 1st before eating sashimi.. So we went to Swenson to eat.. They got this happy feet promotion.. and we ordered two dish from that promotion. actually is me who want to try out both dish la.. so kinda force darling to take one of them.. hahahaha.. (^-^)v I ordered pasta and darling took the fried Oat salmon.. Bt in the end i don like my pasta so exchange with darling.. (think he getting used to me ordering item in the end exchange with his liao.. hahhaha) After the meal, we went walking ard.. Got myself one card majong set and my mom's favourite christmas season nuts... Then we went to buy my favourite sashimi to pack home eat.. I ate all by myself wor.. Feeling sooo good.. hahahhaha.. i love to eat Tako Sashimi.. Played a bit of card majong with darling and mom before darling go home..

Although it is just simple things that we did, however i feeling very xin fu le.. cos sometime you don need to have too grand celebration.. Jus you and me can le.. most impt is that both party enjoyed themselves and thats the whole purpose..

Oh ya.. told darling that i wish to go chiong.. must enjoy myself before getting ROM rite.. bt kana say by him.. hahaha.. cos he say that he will still let me go chiong even after ROM wat.. hahhaha.. ya hor.. Although darling got bad temper, bt he really dote me... so happy to find such a good guy.. (^.^)v (bt will start to ask him control his temper le)

Ok la.. gg to eat my dinner.. so hungry nw.. Tata

~ { 7:25 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, November 15

Wed liao
Today wed liao.. one more working day for me.. cos friday on leave to go for facial.. hahahaha.. kinda crazy liao..

Now really looking forward for my senior to come back.. arbo face that bitch i will go crazy.. soon gotta ask darling to book one place in IMH sia.. -___-""

tml meeting darling.. yet to plan go where eat. hmmm... so i wont and will not work OT... hahhaha..

anyway 10 more days and i will need to say goodbye to my Miss status le.. so nw gotta appreicate more sia.. hahahaha..

ok la.. stop my crazy rubbish le.. gtg bb...

~ { 8:36 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, November 9

Yesh.. I got my flat le.. today went down to HDB to book our flat.. heng got quite a good one.. hei hei.. Living near his brother.. jus abt one block distant.. hahahha.. so qiao.. its a BTO at Fernvale.. That time went to apply for Fernvale vista, din manage to get it. Now got a Fernvale grove for us.. and guess wat.. we think that we can get our keys earlier than expected built date.. cos today we went to see the site.. It hv built up to 18th floor le.. cool.. we managed to get 12th floor.. so kinda ideal for me la..

Actually we still scare that ppl in front of us will choose it sia.. kinda of like waiting for TOTO to strike sia.. hahhaha.. bt glad that FMIL got accompany us to HDB today.. Thank you.. You are such a great help.. (^.^)

Now can find that FMIL getting more to dote me.. Whenever i at their hse during weekday, she will get some food for me to eat as breakfast for tml at work.. know that i love to eat cakes, today she specially bought some for me to bring home.. kekekke.. kinda feeling xin fu.. ;P

Dont dare to see my CPF bal now.. >.< cos got deduct quite a lot.. haiz.. no choice... now really gotta save save and save.. need to cut down on my expenses. esp on my game and books.. -___-"" library will be my best fren again liao lo.. now gotta think of my braces $$, hse $$ and wedding $$ too.. tsk tsk.. all $$ sia.. must work hard.. earn more $$ den can..

Tml will need to work OT le.. oh ya.. my senior gg to Korea tml.. Will miss her le.. Hope to see her week after next liao.. Enjoy your tour oh.. Tata..

~ { 10:43 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, November 7

Been having very super busy day recently.. cos my company got staff comm events, then me and my senior inside the committee. super duper busy lo.. been staying at office til quite late jus to rush all the things out. then din even touch a bit of my work lo.. now piling like a mountain sia.. -___-"" dunno how am i gg to clear it esp this mth i taking quite a few leave.. haiz...

Ytd gotta know this WIS thingy in the morning cos i got email from HDB.. Then straight give a call to darling.. damn it.. both of us working hw to go down.. heng darling ask his mom to help us get queue no.. can you imagine, when my FMIL went down she got 500++ queue no le.. -__-"" early in the morning 9.30 lo.. sian liao lo.. so long queue. dunno can get those that we want ma.. haiz.. now really keeping our finger crossed sia.. Really very glad that FMIL help us sia.. arbo sure cant get it one. heard that got ppl take half day, the queue no is abt 1000++ liao.. the offer flats are only 1000++.. so in count of it., darling and me should be able to get a flat.. bt dunno which one la... tml gotta montior the website to see wats available.. So that on Thursday wen we go down can go grab the best choice. hahahha.. dreaming sia.. bt really really hope to get it..

Anyway now my colleagues helping me to count down for my big day.. -___-"" win liao lo.. bt now gotta really get my things prepared.. arbo wait stressed out sia.. ok la.. gotta go relax le.. tata.. (^.^)v

~ { 9:19 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, November 3

Starting of Nov
Firstly, pls let me scream out my anger 1st...


phew.. at least gotta write out nw..

my life in office is getting worse.. i got one accountant that say wanna slap me. jus becos i ask her to clear up her table.. very crazy rite.. even my parent oso din say this to me.. who the heck she think she is. jus a spoilt brat. this type of rude person oso haf. she totally is brain damage ok.. whoever work under her really will gone crazy...

anyway now i super no mood for my rom sia.. all spoilt by that spoilt brat... haiz.. nvm.. i ren.. i ren until my bonus.. better don give me a chance to teach that spoilt brat manner hor.. arbo she will be very ashame of herself.. to think that she is 3 yr OLDER than me... omg..

ok la.. today friday nite le.. been very busy with my staff comm thingy.. kekekek.. so quite glad of not to see that bitch.. hahahhaha.. monday is our staff comm le.. so kinda look forward to it.. praying hard that it go smoothly... *keep my finger crossed*

oh my.. feeling slpy now.. -____-"" friday nite like this end ma?? better go play some maple.. hahahha.. tata...

~ { 10:46 PM }
reflections of you and me;