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Sunday, December 24

Merry xmas
I wish you a merry xmas.. i wish you a merry xmas.. i wish you a merry xmas and happy new year..

so fast.. tml is xmas le wor.. hmmm.. looking back for this year.. so many events happen.. some are happy and of cos some are sad.. times flies so fast that we don have time to regret.. therefore all must treasure wat you are having nw... esp your family...

Ytd went to darling colleagues' hse warming.. kinda big for 4 room flat.. bt hor the flat very hard to find. kaoz. took the wrong bus color.. -____-"" in the end we reach abt 1 hr later than expected time.. kaoz..

saw quite a few babies.. sooo cute.. hahahha.. esp the host kid.. 2 year old yet sooo thin and small size.. omg.. and she soo cute.. hahahhah. oh ya. forget to mention.. the hse is FULL of HELLO KITTY.. OMG.. can you imagine from the moment you step in.. everything is hello kitty.. phone la.. clock la.. sauces la.. shower things la.. -____-"" even the sliding door oso put a super big hello kitty word.. faint..

then we went back home rest before gg to do our last last min shopping... bought two present for junhan and robin.. and two more for monday gift exchange at yao yao hse... met up with robin and Junhan at taka there.. then after which went to wheellock eat sakae.. kinda very full and i jus ate sushi like dunno when on this week.. -___-"" sian.. will go try other rather than sakae le.. hahahhaa.. (got to eat still picky)

Reach home chiong maple... til 97% then cannot make it so went to zzz...

today will gotta do hse work. then go doll up.. (provided tat i not lazy).. then meet darling at 3++ to go watch movie.. hahahha.. then after which will be gg to meet ah von and yc for our xmas dinner at jacks place.. yummy.. => then then then go countdown at pubs.. hhahahah... so happy..

ok la.. me gotta go wait for my big breakfast to come le.. tata all..


Merry Christmas to All.. (^.^)v

~ { 10:50 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, December 22

wah sian
si bei sian ah.. maple cannot go in.. sian sian sian.. what happen.. GM pls fix it up ok.. if not so not fair.. other world can play except ours.. so sad.. T.T

~ { 6:40 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, December 20

Yeah tml is our D&D le...

Been busy ard for this event.. finally see it coming.. sooo shiok.. hahahha. hope can win some gift back... lol..

Tml morning me gotta go for my eye check up.. T.T so scared...
see lo.. tml hw is it.. hahhahaha.. pray hard nothing goes wrong..

me gotta go get more rest le.. bb..

~ { 10:06 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, December 13

Today nothing much happen.. jus that vomit few times in office... condition took a worse turn.. haiz..

as usual.. when yao yao not in.. me and tat b***h sure quarrel.. so angry.. me already so sick liao.. yet she still come mess with me..

Yao yao keep joking that Piggy got so small tail liao.. yet she still managed to step on it without fail each time.. very li hai hor..

Anyway from today on.. ta zuo chu 1 wo zuo 15... let see who is more calculative.. wan pass me work to do.. last prior.. wat to do.. she don even earn a tiny bit of respect from me..

and pls. don go buy any more fishes.. they all will die one.. under her hand.. -__-"" can anyone save the poor little fishes.. T.T

gtg wash all those accumulate, saying hello to me, dishes le.. all thanks to my family.. haiz..

~ { 10:18 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, December 12

hello everyone.. tell you one thing... I FALL SICK LE.. *pardon me, i crazy le*

been running to the toilet since ytd.. haiz... eat pills oso wont stop.. today wake up still feel stomache.. so better to crawl see doc.. -___-"

Went to polyclinic.. haiz.. 8.30 and the queue is super long.. til the time i manage to see the super duper slow doc. already is 10.30 liao.. that doc that i been assign to see hor.. wah he supppperrrr sllooooowwwww~~~~~~~~~
other room already call til dunno wat no liao.. he still at the 1st few no.. wah sia.. wait until i got cold.. -___-"" keep seeing ppl who come later than me yet the most earliest go back.. haiz.. envy...

mom come accompany me at abt 10am.. after seeing doc, we go eat ban mian.. shiok.. love the ban mian.. and seriously up to now i din eat other store ban mian except his.. the most i order from other store is tom yam noodles.. not those ban mian.. hahahhaa.. and the uncle still remmeber me.. hahhaha.. mom went to ta pao for dad to eat..

reach home rot at chair.. hahahha.. then maple.. slp.. rest.. maple.. dinner.. maple.. blog then go slp again..

boring life rite.. wat to do.. on mc nothing much for me.. haiz...

ok la.. got to go brush teeth then call darling le.. bb all.. Nitez...

~ { 10:21 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, December 10

Yoz yoz.. how are you all.. hahha.. ok i siao liao..

Just reach home not long..

Ytd meet darling at PS.. went to eat crystal jade kitchen.. cos i got craving for roast duck.. hahah.. found some of the dishes not bad.. yummy...
then walk past sookee jewel there.. got one sales gal still remember us.. saw us three new sets of Brilliant Rose Christmas set to us.. hahhahahah.. she still know that i love brilliant rose diamond.. hahahha.. bt anyway din buy it la.. cos some how we still not so keen in buying all these... (^.^) will get it maybe few years later ba..

After which we went to Taka Singtel shop to get my new phone.. yesh.. finally i got my N80.. kekkeke.. thanks darling.. Now still trying to explore my phone.. (can anyone tell me, is there any screen saver one??)

Went back to darling home after long walk.. -__-"" waited for darling brother to reach home to play majong.. hahhaha. as usual family game.. played til abt 3am.. then straight went to bed.. bt i seem to be coughing at nite.. so din really slp well...

Today wake up at abt 10 am... din even go to wash up, straight on PC to play maple. hahahha.. (smelly) play for abt 1 hr then go brush teeth.. which is abt time for MIL to reach home with our food.. MIL cooked western lunch for us.. quite nice... kekkeke.. watch japan hour with MIL while darling went to play his game..

After which another round of mj before gg to changi village for dinner.. ate quite a lot of food.. (no wonder i getting so fat for these years)

Now here i am blogging... hahhaha.. boring life rite.. muhahhahaha.. nvm la.. if i found something interesting then i write again.. ciaoz..

~ { 10:06 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, December 9

ehhh.. so sian. waiting for time to come.. cos meeting darling at 4.30pm.. haiz.. so nw slacking ard.. jus finish my hse work.. went to bank to open account this morning.. waited for abt 30 mins then my turn.. *yawn*

my hand feel kinda tired nw.. so gg to rest 1st ba.. bb

Billboard: Car Plate - SGH 6232H

~ { 2:54 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, December 7

Rules Rules and Rules
Haiz... so sian.. after ROM.. discovered soooo many rules to follow.. wat the.. why are there so much rules to follow.. Why do those ancient ppl come out with sooo many rules for the ppl.. WHY!!!!!!

Nw praying hard that my mom hand can get better.. then she can go out and look for work.. or at least somethings to keep her busy.. can those bo liao aunties stop inputing her with more rules ma... haiz..

i hate it when i got soo many things to follow and yet knowing that darling will be unhappy.. nothing can describe hw i feel now.. super terrible until cannot make it le..



PS: today got one car on my list.. SBU204U

~ { 8:11 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, December 4

I hate it when i am at zebra crossing and the cars din stop to let me cross.. tot singapore traffic rules is to let ppl cross 1st.. why aint those cars follow the traffic rules.. gosh.. cannot believe it.. wat if i din saw it.. and i cross the road.. -___- danger sia.. these type of driver hor.. really need to go back and retake their test..

anyway from today on. i will be posting the car plate of those who din give me cross the road at the zebra crossing..

Don blame me if anything happen to you. cos you are the one who is wrong at the 1st place..

Today two car did that:

So in future. if any cars did that again.. ha ha ha.. be in my billboard ba..

~ { 7:42 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, December 3

Back to SG
Yeah.. Hello everyone.. i am back.. muhaha.. back from genting trip.. 1st time to there..

Well.. let me see wat i did throughout this trip...
Eat, shopping, jackpot and shopping and sleep.. hahahha..
ok ok.. let me go into a bit details..

Friday Morning, meet darling and von and yc at lavendar MRT at abt 6.15am. as usual i am the one late.. (hey the rest all take cab ok.. except me) then quicky went to check in for our seats. well ok la.. din get car sick throughout the 8 hr journey.. in btwn of cos got rest spot la.. to relieve ourself.. kekekkeke.. once reach straight we head for FOOD... find the food not that good compare to sg.. hmmmm.. maybe i get used to SG taste.. ;P
then we went to shop shop and shop.. darling bought one Esprit bag for me.. (guess tat everytime we go malaysia sure go to Esprit shop buy something one. dunno why) then we got present for our family.. after which we rest at the hotel... for awhile.. then we go casino.. won 20 buck.. bt everyone were tired so we all went to slp quite early..

Sat went to eat at Ah yi bao yu there.. don mistaken.. is eat the dim sum.. lol.. -___-"'
ok la.. like one or two kind of dim sum.. then after which we went to buy all park one day tics.. bad luck.. tooo cloudy.. and damn cold lo.. so quite a lot of outdoor theme park is closed.. waste our money.. then we proceed to indoor games.. some are quite fun sia.. some are lame la.. bt we went to the snow world.. freezing cold.. -5 degree wor.. lol.. bt it is the most fun part in our trip.. oh ya.. i did went to jackpot again.. bt this time round no luck.. lost 60 buck.. so net net two day i lost 40 bucks.. -___-""

Today.. wake up quite late.. do some last min shopping. bt i guess that i lost my last min shopping things.. kaoz.. my gift to my mum one lost.. kns.. -__-''' then today i vomited 4 times throughout the trip back.. haiz.. so suck sia.. got car sick.. darling having hard time to take care of me.. and von and yc oso worried abt me.. so sorry.. too weak le.. anyway nw reach sg le.. my body recover liao.. hahhhaha.. so fast rite.. anyway really kinda enjoyed myself for this short trip.. hope to go overseas next yr.. (darling i know you read my blog one.. so you better get wat i mean ok)

Ok la.. need to go rest liao.. tml start work again.. no more leave until 21 dec and hoilday le.. tata to all.. Nitez..

~ { 10:39 PM }
reflections of you and me;