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Friday, August 31

Today got lesson.. Sian. But need to really focus. Cos Wed skipped one lesson liao.. Must try my best to catch up.. hmmm

Oh well following are some of fotos i got online. Hahha.. Don sue me oh..

This is on our back home for Orchard Party World. 1st time only two of us outing ever since we are graduated from Primary school. Haha.. Quite a good experience la. Cos only two of us so free in the afternoon during weekdays. Crazy duet.

Normally i keep mentioning abt baby kate rite.. Here are some foto of baby Kate. Steal it from Mummy Wendy frenster. hahha.. don mind hor.

Mummy Wendy like to play pranks on Baby Kate. So this is one typical foto of the evidence. Hahahha.. But cute rite. wen you carry her, she will fake fake slping. But she is in fact listening ok.. Don play play.

When will my two teeth be out?? hmmm

Play til too late?? Too tired and don come disturb me.. hahahha. this is wat i assume OS la..

So small and cute.. Gosh think i gg to find time go and hug her.. kekkee..

Well there i present to you. Mummy Wendy.. Yup yup.. Pretty gal rite.. hahhaha. I mean the baby la.. oops..

No la.. Mummy wendy is beautiful, baby is pretty.. (Wendy like this can rite.. don angry ok.. i still want to carry Kate and Yuki one)

hahhaha.. But i find it sweet lo.. To have such a cute baby. Chen Xi Yue. Woo.. The name oso very very ermmm.. Acient Chinese?? Very classy lo.. kekkeke..

Finally i present to you..

The X-Family.

Well the pic not that clear la.. cos cant find any better one.. hmmm.. Standing in front with a v is Jiro.. woooo.. Shu is somewhere standing on the Rite side of the foto. With his arm cross. Omg handsome handsome.. In the show la..

Think need to wait for awhile before the show then available in sg. I mean original one la. But i guess quite a lot of Fans went to Youtube or other sources to watch the show liao..

Quite a funny show, but if you want to watch this show, i think it is better for you to watch Zhong Ji Yi Ban before this show. Cos they are sort of linked with each other. Will be abit confuse if you watch x-family straight.

Oh ya.. the Ah Gong is the MOst funniest person in the show. Everytime got his scene, sure got laughter, even if the scene should be sad. Dunno how he manage it. hmmm..

Currently variety show got the actors and actresses gg to promote the show. So must support ok..

Ok la.. gg to have my Brunch le.. Need to go to sch ard 12.30pm.. Haiz.. 2pm lesson but gotta reach classroom before 1.30pm to chop a good seat. Arbo all the China gals chop the good seat liao.. hmmm.. Gtg le.. tata.. (^.^)/~

~ { 11:15 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, August 30

Raining day again
Back from Hubby hse. Ytd afternoon went over to his hse.. Initially wanna go compass point to eat together with Parent in laws. But who knows my hubby too lazy to go la. So in the end, MIL suggest to cook steamboat. Me drag hubby off his cosy bed, and went out with MIL to buy the food at NTUC.

We choose quite a lot of food sia. (-__-) some more still got my favourite jelly fish. those jap style one. hahha.. Saw shark fin and crab meat on the frozen section. Well kinda wanna ask hubby to get it one. But how to cook not tat sure. haiz.. After which MIL bought one cake for hubby and dinner for FIL. Cos FIL don like to eat steamboat..

Then reached home but got chase out of the kitchen by MIL. No choice but to cramp back to Hubby room. hmmmm.. Rot til abt 8pm then steamboat is ready for makan..

After makan, as usual kana chased out again. So back to watch my x-family. So suay, my sickness not ok yet. SO keep running to toilet. MIL makes some med for me to drink. A bit eekkk.. But had to drink finish. But i puke out a bit.

Then continue to watch my show. Got chun and calvin in it.. So cute.. hahahha..

Abt 12am got chased by my hubby to go slp.. So after wash up straight to bed.

Today woke up ard 10am. No one at home except me and hubby. So i sneak out to take one ice-cream to eat.. hahhaha. heng i ate finish hubby still sound aslp.. hei hei. (^.^)v

Woke hubby up at 12pm. Ate lunch together before he send me to Enous (correct spelling ma??) MRT. Cos he gotta reach base quite early today.

Reach Redhill MRT, bought some bread for my family. But wah kaoz. Rain again. No bring umbrella = walk in the rain. haiz.. Once reach home, faster chiong to take shower. Phew.

So now i am here writing my blog to bored the readers. hahahha.. (^.^)/~

Tml gotta go for audit makeup class. So pray hard i understand what is gg on. hmmm..

Raining day so gotta rem to wear warm clothes ok.. Don catch cold oh.. tata...

~ { 2:45 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, August 29

Happy Birthday
Today is my Hubby bday. Yeah.. Happy birthday to you Darling. Muack..

Well now can only write one short one. Cos he is on his way coming to pick me up for my Eye appt at SNEC. Singapore National Eye Centre @ SGH. So gotta be short one now.

Will be gg to stay over at his hse tonite too. Today schedule will be abit pack:

10am Eye appt
2pm Audit class
6pm Dinner with darling

hahhaha.. all need to be jus nice.. arbo hei hei..

But jus hope that today no dilute my eyes. arbo later dunno by 2pm can see things ma.. sob sob..
*pray pray*

Oh ya. later must rem to go clinic to get some more gastric flu med. me ate finished liao.. haiz..

ok la.. gtg le.. tata..

Now timing is 1.50pm.. Today not gg for my audit class le. Cos the eye appt everything takes me abt 2 hrs plus. so wont be able to rush to class. So darling say is ok la.. hahahha

Jus now gave darling his present le.. This year i gave him one watch. But actually is a pair of couple watch la.. kekekek.. I got mine too. So is like giving myself present too.. hahhaa.. (^.^)v

Gosh. Keep sneezing now. Who is saying my bad things behind my back?? hmmm..

Now darling is slping. cos he last nite doing nite shift, 3am then reach home. Today 8.30am wake up to come my hse bring me see doc. Thanks darling..

Went to SNEC lvl 3 clinic C for my appt. hmmm.. Went for eye test, as usual is looking at the board and say out the last line. (as per normal wen we go make glasses) Then took my eye pressure. Gosh got air come out from the machine and straight to my eye. Freak me out sia..

Then went to the doc room. Quite fast my turn, go in and had survey done. cos the doc need to know more abt my health and eye history. Then ask me to sit in front of one machine to check my eyes.

He say need to do tear test and take photos of my eyes. The nurse bring me to another room. Wait wait wait.. Go in and she put two pieces of paper into side corner of my eyes. Need to force to see how much tears i can produce. Rite eye 8mm, Left Eye 9mm.

After which i went to another room for photo taking. Wah the queue super long sia. i waited quite long at this room. My turn to go in... Sit in front of the machine, he ask me look left look rite.. (-___-) after quite some time then ok.. haiz..

Back to doc room. He explain that my eyes are dry. Water evaporate withing 2sec. Which is very fast. Too fast for my tears to come out. Then my eyes photos shows that i got green spots in both of my eyes. That is causes by the lack of water content in my eyes. So he prescribe me some fake tears for me to drop. And ask me to use warm towel to press my eyes for 10 mins everyday.

Haiz.. All the above cum medicine cost us abt $70+.. Expensive sia.. haiz. SO all of you better take care of your eyes. My next appt is in nov. Hopefully i can recover and discharge by then..
Pray hard hard..

Now resting at home. Later gg out with darling to eat and celebrate his bday. kekkeke.. ok la.. gg to take a nap le.. later then got energy.. hahha.. tata..

~ { 9:12 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, August 28

Stupid me
Ok i admit. i am a blur until cannot, or maybe too stupid to realise anything.

Wat happen is tat i forgot that i got gastric flu few days ago.. Then i tot is ok liao la.. I went to buy coffee to drink for class.

Never expect that the stupid gastric flu come back and say "Hello i am still in your stomach slping. Why you wake me up? Stupid gal"

Well above of cos is my gastric flu OS la.. haiz..

So terrible feeling. And the coffee cost me $3.15. Return me back my money.. Omg..

Jus now went shopping for awhile to buy present for von.. Hope she like it.. Its from Adele, Yilin and me.. kekkeke..

Then reached home chiong for my gastric flu medicine. *Phew* now feeling better.
Anyway told hubby abt it and he is very very angry with me. Cos i din take care of myself. haiz. But but. how i know ma.. sob sob.

Anyway wait for awhile more i gg to eat my lunch.. got two bread which currently i like most.. Bread and cakes are always my best fren.. hahhaha..

Ok la.. me go surf others blog le.. tata..

~ { 3:20 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, August 27

still sick
Its been few days liao.. hmmm.. Since last friday i been sick til now.. For 4 days liao lo. Gosh. Wen will my stupid idoit sickness going to recover??

My throat still very uncomfy. Drank lots of water oso no use. Argh.. Sit too long, feel inside my body there is one terrible flame burning furiously.. Stand too long, my body cannot tahan.

Sit oso cannot, stand oso cannot, lay down on bed feel my throat too sore for air to go smoothly to my lung. Gosh i dunno whats wrong with me.

Today wake up with a f**k**g attitude. I dunno wats wrong sia. Maybe due to my sickness. Maybe due to last nite before slp got slight fever??? I am not sure myself. Just that i know i sibei buay song.

Hope my illness faster faster recover. This coming wed i still got to go for eye appt at SNEC wor. then some more is Darling bday tat day. Haiz.. Yet to get any present for him. Too broke wen no working. tsk tsk. gotta go crack my stupid brain liao.

K la. i go surf other things.. No mood to type le. tata..

~ { 2:12 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, August 25

Though i am sick today. Primary school gathering kana cancelled. Life seem sucks today. But evening time makes everything seem rite again..

After buying dinner for my parent, i set off to go meet my poor darling. He got work today til 5+++. Meet him at Sengkang Mrt. Initially he want to bring me to soup resturant to eat. He went to queue up while i go see menue. Omg. Faint. All herbs. And is those tat i hated most. So drag him away. We walked ard compass point for awhile then decided to settle our dinner at Jack's Place.
Yummy. Darling ordered Lobster and chicken for me, and he got himself Dory and chicken. We make it a set meal. We change our drinks to coke. Cos i want to drink coke with salt. (good for heaty body like mine now)
The soup taste quite good. Then came our main courses.. Quite a big share for me la.. I managed to eat finish my half lobster. So poor chicken still got some leftover. hahhaha. After our main came our cakes.. Darling don really like to eat cake, but i hoax him to eat finish his share. I cant fill two cakes into my stomach le.. Hahhaha.. The dinner cost us $60+.. Hmmm.. Thank you darling. kekkeke..

We went to shop ard, ask Wii how much. At comics connection the person quote us $659. Includsive of 7 games. If we go Yahoo Auction find, we can find like abt $500++ for a new set. But of cos that is an export set la.

Then we went to another shop, they quote us $654 but only 2 games. Dotz. If like this i rather go buy at comics connection sia..

Darling ask me to choose which one i want. But i not very sure of wat i want ley.. Dotz..

Cos i am thinking of DS lite too.. Cos the game is much more suitable for gals to play ley. Currently ah von oso got one herself. Gg to borrow hers to play during our chalet time in dec. Then see how.. Cos i now got PSP liao. Haven even finish playing mine.
Saw at comics connection abt $269 if i din remember wrongly. But hoping that i can win the draw in Nuffnang Aug Draw. Cos this mth is DS Lite. hhahah.. *Pray hard*

But i oso considering whether to get one camera ma?? Cos darling old camera spoilt liao (i made spoilt one). So dunno should we get one new one. Darling scare i made spoilt again.. (trust me la.. hahha)
If really want to buy camera, we will have to wait for IT fair then we will get it. But do we really need one?? This i not that sure liao. Got camera then i can take photos to upload in my blog. But abit dotz lo.. Jus for that i get one camera? hmmm..
Above are all my choices now. Cos darling is planning to get one for me for xmas. So i haven decide on what i should get it.. Dunno if darling can ask his fren to sell us his Wii.. Seriously if price is ok and the condition is good, i don mind go for 2nd hand things wor.. hahahha.. Pray hard that guy sian abt Wii lo.. Then we will get it.. kekkeke..
Hmmm gg to play some game then go slp le.. Cos tml gotta go pray pray kor kor, need to wake up early tml..
Gtg le.. tata..
PS: today very long blog.. hahhaha.. (^.^)v

~ { 10:41 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Still yet to recover
Must really congrates myself sia.. Why ley. Cos my vomit stop. But there comes my sore throat, Cough and lao sai. (-__-") Wah kaoz. Why i so suay?? Cannot figure out why sia. Haiz.

Anyway ytd ard 3+ really cannot tahan my vomitting liao. So mother ask me go see doc. I guai guai go wear my jacket and take my poach go out. Took bus 63 to TBP. Then cross the road to get to the clinic. Well afternoon timing of cos not so many ppl go see doc one. When i get there, got one inside the room and one more waiting. Lucky. Bo pian la.. This clinic got alot of ppl one.

Wait wait wait. Finally my turn to go in liao. Told the doc that i got vomit la bla bla bla.. Very fast i finish seeing the doc le. Think abt 10 min or less. hahha. Too experience in seeing the doctor liao. Got 4 kind of medicine. But one of them i very interested in.. Hhaha. That is motion sickness med. Well i got quite a serious motion sickness problem. Tend to vomit very easily wen i kana tat sickness. So now i know liao. Got med to eat le. Hhahahah. (^.^)v

Total cost me $27, dunno can claim from darling ma. Oops. He gg to kill me. hahahah.

Well well after i reached home, i ate the med straight. Wah very fast i feel damn drowsy sia. so went to zzz.. Slpt from 4pm to 6pm.

Then at nite feeling much more better, but i still take one more dose just in case.

Today wake up. Sian sia. Kana sore throat and cough. just now oso lao sai too. Haiz. So suay sia. Maybe too long to sick liao. So now my body is gathering all the common sickness. Sibei sian. haiz.

Initially tot got pri sch gathering one. But kana cancelled. Darling today gotta work so no one accompany me. Omg. so sian sia. Argh. .Cannot like this, must try find some things to do.. Hmmmm.. Any one keen in mj.. wan play ma.. hahhaha..

Ok la. Me go disturb ppl le.. tata..

~ { 11:01 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, August 24

Ha ha.. Today my turn to fall sick le.. Last nite my throat got scalded by hot soup.. drank it too fast la.. So haiz.. Then abt 12am i prepare to go zzzz le.. Once lay on my mattress not long, straight got puking feeling. Made a fast dash to basin.. Vomit out and feeling quite good.. So well i guess i should be puking more, i go watch some tv lo.. True enuff.. I keep on vomiting til abt 2am then stop.. Practically i vomitted out everything i ate ytd.. From Brunch to Dinner. haiz..

Actually i not scare of vomit. In fact according to wat darling told me is that i very good in vomitting lo.. Over eat, i will vomit. Cough a bit i will oso vomit. bla bla bla.. But last nite vomit a bit buay tahan for me la.. cos if you all got experience in vomitting, you all will know the worse part is when you gotta vomit uncontrollable til everything in your stomach is out.. Gastric juice is wat is left in the vomit.

A bit er xin rite.. but that is wat i undergo last nite..

Today wake up feeling my throat quite burning feeling.. Maybe got hurt from the gastric juice.. haiz.. Initially thinking tonite gg to meet adele and von.. but but.. really not feeling that well la.. haiz.. so forgo abt it lo. stay at home and rest..

Oh ya last nite oso got some happening in my house.. As usual at 9pm i am watching x-family.. Crying to the show.. sob sob.. Cos xia tian gg to die.. omg.. my xia tian.. (T.T) while i engrossed in my show, my mom sudden shout out for me.. -_-"

Tot wat happen sia.. Not soo willingly to leave my show.. *sob sob.. Xia Tian* But my mom voice is gg to be in yelling mode.. so faster chiong to her..

Well in chinese, there is a belief that if there is anyone in the family passed away, they will come back to visit the family in form of moth.. Got one white moth jus outside my house door.. then my mom keep saying is kor kor come back.. Mom want me to talk to the moth.. But errr.. so i said hi kor.. Then my mom cannot control herself.. Abit in crazy stage.. Keep talking and trying to get the moth and sayang it.. (-__-) Ok.. My mom got abit drunk la.. After that the moth flew away.. My mom started crying and say. Is kor kor back le.. Kor kor come back le.. haiz.. I think my mom misses my kor too much.. Even one slightest thing she will link it to my kor. She haven let go of wat is gg on. She still living in her own world.
Anyway after the moth flew away, i continue back to the show.. nothing much i can do wat.. The fact is my kor is already gone. there is nothing we can do abt it. Only we got to learn to accept the fact and move on with our lives. Up to now, think my whole family haven let go and move on ba.. haiz..

Aiya don say so sad thing le.. Gotta go rest liao..

~ { 11:25 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, August 23

Some fotos
Just now arranging my pc fotos.. Saw these fotos inside my folder..

This foto taken during his contest in Star DJ.. Hhaha.. Went to support him that day.. Together with two of my frens..

Well kinda feeling nervous for him.. hahhaha..

Think he bought these clothing specially for the event.

Me and ser taking foto before the event starts.. Quite a hot humid weather tat day.. hahaha..

Juztine answering the DJ qns..

But think he made quite alot of good frens in the contest..

The following is to help him advertise.. i extract from his blog... Hope you all support them.. Thank you..

如果大家有阅读这一期的i周刊的话,应该有稍微的留意到在《电台》的那一页有着一格小小的宣传文稿。那就是《明星DJ All-4-One》即将登场了~!!! 没错!我们明星DJ将再次出击咯~!这回有我勇翔,晓云,友斌连同我们的明星DJ冠军艾薇连手打造一个全新,充满活力的节目!我们将带领你走进潮流时尚的尖端, 出席最in的活动,听听最酷的音乐。想跟上时代的步伐吗?那就千万不能错过我们的节目了!! 播放日期与时间,请将你的指针锁定在新传媒电台YES93.3fm 醉心频道~

~ { 7:28 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, August 22

Wed liao
Wah times flies very fast. Now already 22nd of August liao. Seem like you blink your eyes the time will pass you.. But how come, those timing whereby you are scared, frighten, the time seem like freezing??

Ok above is jus my rubbish tots again..

No slp well last nite.. Kinda feel that i will be very sian for today liao.. Kaoz.. But well i got one news from sch.. Today audit class cancelled.. Cos lecturer not feeling well. Whahahha.. can stay home and rest le.. Initially still thinking of later go buy coffee to drink in class to stay awake.. now don need le.. wahhahaha. (^.^)v

Mom bday this sat.. so i thinking of bringing her out tml to makan.. hmmm.. Thinking of gg Holland Village.. then i can go visit my favourite yuki.. hahahha..

haiz.. very hungry now.. sob sob (T.T) waiting for mom to cook lunch.. got my favourite soup. Yummy.. so worth waiting la.. hahhaha..

Ok la.. update more later.. tata..

Yeah i am back.. hahha.. Filled up my stomach with mummy cooking. Yummy.. kekkeke.. ok ok i still kinda dependent on my parents.. kekek..

Well ytd after law class, went out with Meixian.. Cos tax class got two week break wat.. lol.. so met her at Hereen for her dental x-ray.. Actually i oso got the letter to go for the x-ray.. But now study no money to put on braces.. So no choice.. Gotta wait for me to strike 4D ba.. haiz..

After that went to makan at Cine, then talk abt her ROM stuffs.. Hahha.. Finally one more fren joining me liao.. Welcome to Mrs club... hahhahha..

Ok la ok la.. wait she k me then i know.. kekke..

After that i accompany her shopping.. Dunno why i can go out shopping and nothing buy back home.. hmmm.. maybe too poor to buy. (hinting hinting) Not actually that la.. jus tat i don really quite like shopping for clothes. Thats sooo ma fan you know.. haiz.. Sometimes think that i am a boy rather than a gal sia.. -___-""
Somemore darling taste is also better than mine sia. haiz.. gotta go see wall to do some fan xing fan xing.. hahhaa..

Well after that, we decided to go Party World.. Yup two too free gal gg out while others is working.. hmmm.. is there any one else who is free in the afternoon.. can join us liao.. hahhaa..
oops off topic again.. We sang til abt 8pm.. Then two gu gu cannot find bus stop.. walk like quite a few mins then found one bus stop.. haiz.. dunno how ppl construct bus stop sia.. sooo far then got one.. haiz..

Reach home really jus in time to watch my x-family.. omg.. Jiro soo cute and 脩 too.. *drooling*

Haha.. anyway i oso tell darling abt 脩 liao.. he is like orh.. then wu zun ley.. hmmm.. i still like him ok.. haha... i still like feilunhai ok.. hmmmm.. so old liao still chase idol.. omg.. must think positive.. hmmm.. there are granny oso chase idol wat.. so at my age.. ok la hor.. hmm.. (full of excuses)

Gosh now nothing much to do.. Borrow peiting two game to play.. Complete one within 1 hr.. haiz.. wats wrong with me.. why complete so fast.. cannot tahan myself sia.. haiz..

Ok la.. me gg to find things to do liao.. anyone care for chatting.. hahaha.. tata...

~ { 10:22 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, August 20

New love
I got one more new idol le.. omg he is sooo cool and cute and wooooo... hahha

Think ah von will say.. See la.. her wu zun dunno go where liao.. well well.. I still like wu zun ok.. wahhaa.. jus that he did not have much appearance la.. Now is 東城衞 - 脩. Gosh he is soooo cool.. One year older than me wor.. lol.. jus like his appearance in the new show, x-family aka Zhong ji yi jia..

Handsome cum cute.. omg.. faint faint.. hahaha.. Found his blog recently.. http://www.wretch.cc/blog/shumetheny

Will go read his blog often one.. lol.. hahhaha..

~ { 3:08 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Cute cute
Ytd went to Baby Kate there.. OMG.. omg.. She is soooo cute.. Gosh.. When i carry her, she is soo sound aslp.. hahhaa.. Except for some baby dream talk which none of us know what she is talking abt la.. -__-""

But she really too cute liao.. Though a bit curious la.. Cos while slping she oso try to peep whats gg on.. hahhaha.. Tot she will slp all the way til i pass to another person.. But but.. Out of sudden she awake.. (-__-) i admit that i got abit freak out. Why?? Cos i got experience before that wen a bb wake up, he or she will cry.. So wen kate wake up, i stare at her and she stare at me.. Lucky sia, no cry.. Arbo i faint liao..

Darling oso find Bb kate very cute.. hahha.. cos she chubby chubby.. me sure will go up to find wendy one.. hahhaa.. go play with Yuki and Kate.. i got new goals le.. whahahaha..

After that we left the chalet, cos wanna ride on the free shutter bus la.. hahaha.. Went to white sand swensons to eat.. hahaha.. Actually we had buffet at the chalet, but i craving for ice-cream cake.. So darling bring me go eat lo.. hahahha.. I ordered one ice-cream cake, then decide for darling wat should he eat.. Well i kinda those who decide wat he should eat.. cos like this i can eat his too.. hahahha... So he order my another favourite, Sticky Chewy Chocolate. Yummy.. And we also ordered fries too.

But hor, Stupid darling, ate his ice-cream so fast that i not in time to take any.. Dotz.. Pi him la.. Nvm, will got chance to eat that one. Whahahha..

Kinda very long no go Darling house to accompany my in-laws to eat dinner le.. So i told darling that this coming weekend, i gg up to eat dinner.. Kinda request him to ask mother to cook dinner.. hahaha.. Cos she dote me one.. hahah.. xin fu xin fu.. kekek..

hmmm.. write to now, seem like alot of food food stuff, i kinda hungry liao.. ok la.. i go take my brunch le.. tata..

~ { 11:29 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, August 19

Ytd went to the boring ACCA Orentiation day.. omg.. sooo damn boring lo.. Then went to meet darling at Marina Square. Felt so hungry so we went to Hans to eat.. Hahah.. Ate Pasta.. Yummy..

Then went to walk walk.. Bought gummy sweets and one present to give to Baby Kate today.. We also went to Suntec to walk walk.. Saw Courts having closing sales.. so we went to see see.. hahha.. darling tot that i interested in lappie, so he said tat buy lappie for me once we got our flat renovated. Crazy.. I am not interested lo.. just tat i like looking ard.. Anyway i prefer desktop.. lol.. Don ask me why.. jus tat i like it lo.. hahhaha..

After which we two went to Mount Faber Safra to bowl. Yup jus the two of us.. Well kinda hurt my pi pi.. -___-"" kaoz
But manage to get the score at least lowest is 94 pins. Kinda ok la.. At least try maintain at at least 90 pin as lowest.. in the past i can get like 50 or 60 pins as my lowest.. Highest is 90 pins.. Now gotta set higher.. hahhaha.. After 3 round of games, we went to Bukit mearh central to eat Pork Chop.. Both of us like it.. hahhaha.. Yummy..

Then ta pao two packet of Fried Kuey Tiao for my parent... Darling play my PSP soo i watch my show.. hahhaha.. Then ate flu medicine.. think i catch cold ytd.. Been sneezing the whole day..
Wen darling still on his way home, i fall aslp le.. Think abt 10pm i slp liao.. so early.. hahhaha..

Today wake up at 10am.. Slp 12 hr wor.. hahhaha.. feel my body a bit aching. so i guess i got slight fever ytd ba.. who knows.. Think ok liao.. cos no sneezing.. hahhaha.. lol... later gg to Baby kate there le.. so must be strong strong.. hahhaha...

ok la.. gg to play my innocent life le.. tata..

PS: Today is chinese valentine day.. So hope all the couples will be forever blessed in love.. Must Xin Fu oh.. (^.^)v

~ { 11:45 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, August 18

Sat morning
I woke up with a super fucking attitude temper. I guess later the most unlucky chap will be my darling liao. Cos sure i will flare my anger at him for no reason. Or maybe even one slightest mistake oso will get bomb by me.

I am not tat prefect in which i have no temper. In fact i am a hot temper person. In the past, for those who know me since primary school. All know that my temper is damn fucking bad one. Can flare at any moment for nothing. Damn it sia.

I know it is bad. But at that time i was still young dunno how to control my temper. Of cos once i go to study in secondary, i did not change that fast la. Kaoz, think watching movie ah.. need time to change one wat.. I did make a totally surprise changes. By the time i am in sec 4, my temper getting so much better that i hardly flare at anyone. Even if any person is treating me like one big lump of shit, i oso don care.. Should i say that i become a fucking no care attitude person?? Maybe.

As i fail my O lvl at the 1st attempt, so i took private O lvl the following year. I don care if any of you look down on me. But at least i got work hard to pass my O lvl in the end. But in Poly life, i can always calm myself down and letting others to win even i am not wrong. Whats there to quarrel abt. If there are ppl out to make you angry, why would you fall for their stupid idoit tricks? Thats why i don get angry tat much in poly, in fact my fren rarely see tat.

Now in society working or studying, i oso able to control well.. But when it come to my family, i have no control of my temper.. I am damn baddie.. Esp come to my darling, as he is my hubby now. So the worst he will get from me. He should be regret abt this.. Hahha. I hide my evil tail too well tat he din see it. But anyway, he oso is a super bad temper person. Normally i will let in. But once he calm down and realise his mistake, well tat moment is my time of revenage. I told you all liao.. I am not prefect. I will wait for my turn to have my revenage back on those treating me bad.

However i got one bad point of me.. I had a fucking short temper memory.. Which mean i forget things very fast. So what is over is over, i will not remember. This is to friends only. Not to my loved ones. So beware of this.

Think this blog is to write specially for my darling who don read my blog.. So either he read it and understand. Or don read it and suffer.. Let him choose ba.. *evil grin*

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Friday, August 17

Great news
Last nite went for dinner with Yao yao.. Well met her at Vivo city cos she wanna buy some stuffs at Gaint. So walked ard and search for our food. As both of us quite close to each other, so we are totally super lame wen we meet up. Due to wat she say i love to say KNS, so she invent one herself, yi tun shi. (one lump of shit) wahhahaha.. so lame of us. But happy that she say i seem like lose weight le. Yeah yeah. I did.. I lost 3kg.. lol.. (^.^)v

Heard one news from her.. OMG.. She finally quit from her job.. Gosh.. Its like in the past if anyone tell us that she will quit, we will be like : " ya like real sia" . But wen she told me, i was like sooo delight for her lor.. To put a stop in her sufferring.. Cool gal.. Way to go.. Woooo....

( Ok i siao liao. oops. Guess that i am really feeling happy for her.. She told me tat she found her dream job.. To work as a packer in NTUC.. Well kinda cool that she found job that she really love lo.. Thats the rite thing to do. Why must we go find job that we feel so sian, or not happy with. Why we don go find job that we will be happy?? So she manage to do tat.. *envy* ) <=== this whole section is to play a trick on Yen yen one.. lol.. Never tot of this will happen rite, tell yao yao that i really believe rite. .whahaha.. Actually i know that she found a new accounting job le.. Salary oso no bad one.. And think she will more happy than in this current place.. Well at least is 9-6 rather than 8-6 wat.. hahahha.. Not tat i go study more books, in the end believe so easily ok.. kekkee.. Don forget me and yao yao very close one. even she wanna trick me, she will still tell me the truth in the end.. Our frenship true no fake.. hahhaha.. i win.. Now i can laugh at you and helen le.. whahahahah.. (^.^)v *victory*

After the meal, both of us went to shop shop at Daiso. She ask me to think of what she can give as a farewell gift to other colleagues. So i need to THINK for her. (-__-) no money one. Pui. hahhahaha.. But half way on our shopping, wang ba dan, stomache. So gotta chiong to toilet to bomb. haiz. think i ate the stupid tom yam instant noodles ba.. After a nice bombing of the toilet, saw yao at the chair toking on phone. Initially tot is her hubby. Who know.. Is Yen yen. Disturb our er ren shi jie. tsk tsk. so bad of her. lol.. But glad that we will be sure meeting up.. For sure is in Nov. Cos she gg to get Married le.. *wedding bells ring* But of cos la. We are making sure that she don arrange "Bad" seat for us la.. (Yen you should know wat to do rite.. i trust you)

Well after the fun chat on the phone, we proceed to Gaint to get Yao yao stuffs. Then soon went home le.. Cos lunar 7th mth la. Cannot go out late.. haiz.. Kana Curfew.. Normal mth no curfew one.. But *sob sob* every 7th mth i got curfew.. haiz..

Last nite oso had a late nite chat on phone with Serene til abt 1+++ am then hung up the phone.

Then is of cos my slp slp timing.. Wahaha.. But today wake up at 10++am.. *yawn* very tiring. How can ppl slp so late yet still can wake up so early the next morning.. pei fu pei fu..

Ok la.. me gg to rot le.. lol.. Don envy me wor.. oops.. hahhaha.. (^.^)v

No la.. gg to find new blog skin again.. lol.. tata me go shop for skin le..

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Thursday, August 16

Whats wrong
Today wake up feeling cold.. guess due to the cold weather?? I dunno..

Last nite been busy on my pc.. What is there for me as an idoit to pc busy abt?? I think i PC idoit, my fren (Shereen) lagi worse.. Whahaha.. Busy helping her with her blog lo. Not in writing la, hers is far more better than mine. I always complain to her that her ang mo very chim.. Chim until i dunno what she is writing abt. Then she very nice wor. Offer to put one dictionary online for me to refer. Kns. Pui.. >.<

But she is one dear fren to me. Though she is very daring, bitchy (she said it herself) but we still can manage to have good friendship.. Lol.. Sad to know that she is gg to stay in Finland for good. Happy that she found a place she is happy with. But next time wanna see her, might need to fly there or she fly back le. Sad sad.. ~>.<~

Anyway i told her that if i gg to fly there, will be staying at her hse. Lol. Need to find ways to save $$ on hotel wat. kekke.. Jus as long as she don throw me out of her hse can le. (-__-)

Well later nite, watching Miami Ink, then watch one chinese tour show showing in channel U. They showing Belgium. As those who know me very well, i LOVE to eat Belgium Chocolate. Omg that is the most delicious thing i ever had. The taste is like woooooooo... hahhaa.. Then happen that darling got home from his work. So we chatting while i force him to watch and he say this weekend taking me to eat belgium chocolate ice-cream.. yummy.. I ask if whether our honeymoon can go there ma.. His ans is very straight forward. NO. (T.T)

Argh.. So sad.. Why no.. Though it is already set that we gg to Europe country for our honeymoon. But but.. Belgium oso part of Europe country wat.. why no.. haiz.. Cos he saying that if want he will bring me there other time. Need to go during their chocolate festival. tsk tsk. Nvm. I sure will want to go there at least once in my lifetime. Totally having myself enjoy in the beautiful world of chocolate. hmmmmm.. (dreaming now)

This weekend gg to be a busy one for me.. This sat need to attend ACCA student orientation day, meeting crystal to attend the talk. It will end at 3.05pm.. After which i will go meet darling.. Hmmm.. Got two option to do: one is shopping in Marina Square, the other one is gg to bowling. Kekek.. Maybe do both at the same time ba. Cos darling say up to wat i want. Whahahaha.. yeah.. Then sunday gg to Chalet. For kate full mth celebration. Yeah finally got to see and maybe hug kate le.. Gosh i miss her.. wahhaha..

Ok la.. Me gg to play my PSP le.. tata..

Oh ya regarding the qns on how to earn. You all can go to this webbie: http://www.nuffnang.com.sg/public/index.php

Jus sign up with them and follow their instruction can le.

In order to earn more reader. Pls don refresh on the same page, cos it will only count as one reader. If you close your IE, then open a new one, then it consider another new reader. That is how to get more reader. Kekeke..

If want i can leave your blog link to me, so i can put in my blog too. Hope you all can put my blog link in yours too.. (^.^)v

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Wednesday, August 15

Boring audit class

Well well.. Today jus finish my audit class.. Guess wat. The whole class cum lecturer felt slpy wor. (-__-")

Though she is trying hard to get the whole class awake, but she know it herself that the lesson really too boring.. In fact she said if we cant slp at nite, we can go surf some website which she told us to read (confirm slp one).... So maybe i will go try the webbie she recommend. wahhaha..

Hmmm.. Recent can add in ad adverstise in my little advertisement corner.. Can check how many visitors read my blog.. Haha.. Can see tat my blog not that much reader.. less than 20 reader per day.. Hmmm.. Wat should i do to improve it?? Cos need to hit at least 50 reader per day then maybe got $$ earned.. Haha.. Now i so broke. so kinda looking for ways to earn $$. Lol.. Come read my blog more.. lol..

Ok la.. me go eat my dinner le.. tata..

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Tuesday, August 14

Seriously having a tiring day. Fall aslp in class a few times.. *yawn*

Update other day.. tata..

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Monday, August 13

Lunar 7th Mth
Lunar 7th Mth 1st day

Well today is the 1st day of 7th mth. In the past, i will be afraid of this mth. However, this year start, i wont be that frighten le ba. Cos i know this is the only time my kor will come back and visit us.

Ytd wen i outside with darling, think my hse god got come down to settle my kor thing. It told us that my kor want something. However It never say what my kor want. dotz.. (-_-") want to make us think ma??? What is it that he want?? We totally clueless abt this. Hope he will come to any of us dream to tell us ba. hmmm

Today morning, we went to temple to give my kor stuff to the temple owner. Cos this coming wed, there will be a rital gg on. So i will need to go to the temple before 9am. Think i will be very tired ba. -__-""

Haiz. Ok la.. think i go watch my show cum go read up my notes too.. tata..

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Sunday, August 12

Oh yesh
Yesh yesh yesh yesh yesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally i broke my own record. Lalallalala.. Oh my god.. I am soooo HAPPY~~~~~~~~

Wat record am i toking abt?? Of cos is bowling.

Well i think some of you might think : chey no big deal wat.

But hey. This is MY bowling record. Of cos i happy la.. In the past my best record is 99 Pins. Din manage to break 100 pin. But last nite i got the following score for 4 games:

Game 1 : 106 pins
Game 2 : 114 pins
Game 3 : 77 pins
Game 4: 117 pins

Ave for the 4 games : 103 pins

Gosh i am so happy. Never tot that i will have such good result. wahhahahha.. Most of all, at game 2 i am the top scorer and at game 4 i am 2nd top scorer. Muahhaha..

We play til abt 1.30am. Reach home abt 1.50am. Well kinda got a fright when i reach home. Cos darling sent me to my door step. Then when i turn ard to see. Out of sudden got one cat sitting nearby. Kaoz. My hse lvl no household no cat one lo. Dunno whos cat sia. And really give me a fright lo.. (-__-) NB.

But i guess i really been affected by that cat la. Cos at nite cannot stop the fear. Initially wanna slp straight cos i damn tired liao. But dunno why. i need to wait til i saw darling msg that he reach home liao then i can go slp. Once i got his msg. My heart pumping normal again. So i went to Zzzzzz....

I got NIGHTMARES. Kns. (0_0)

I dreamt that my best fren got killed. Then the saddness in my dream become soo damn real in my life. That i cannot stand it and wake up in fear. When i see my hp clock, its only 7+ am. But i really feel the fear and saddness of losing my best fren in my dream. So after a while, wen i finally calm down, i fall aslp again. But this time i dreamt that i got some kind of illness, which i losing my hair and somethings grow on my head. Damn it. Another bad dream. So i give up and wake up.

Then i told my mom abt having nightmares. She told me to stop coming home so late at nite esp tml start is the 1st day of lunar 7th mth. Well cos my family is typical chinese so we all believe in "good brothers" type. Actually darling know abt this and normally during the mth, i will try not to go out during nite time. So after tonite, i wont be gg to nite bowling for one mth le. haiz. unless they change to day time bowling lo (which i doubt so). But guess at this period, i will concentrate on my studies and maple ba. lol..

Oh ya. Last nite darling and i went to Tbp to watch Rush hour 3. (darling got free voucher kekek.)

The show is still as funny as before. Though abit forget abt the part 1 and 2 le. But the memory of the show is funny is still there. Well never fail is that Chris Tucker still so funny and a bit irrating. Taking things assuming that it is right. A bit timid yet want to tag along and help Jackie Chan. But they make a good team la. kekek..

Though this movie only like 1.5 hr. Yet it is quite nice to watch. So quite worth gg in to have a good laugh. Can recommend to all. (^.^)v

Hmmm.. Today might be gg to one furniture shop to see furniture. Well cos i saw one table in newspaper and find it quite nice. Darling say why not we go down to the shop to see how. Hmm..

But now i feel like gg other place ley. Maybe like farmart for prawning. Or maybe jio ppl for mj. Dunno ley. still thinking..

Ok la. me gotta call darling le.. tata..

Blog soon..

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Saturday, August 11

Yeah today sat le.. Can go out with darling today liao, kekeke. Well i din manage to see my darling tat often cos he gotta work. He belong to those type that he will need to take a good rest then wont have hot temper person. So i better don go mess with danger. Lol.

Ytd i very good gal sia. (thick skin) At home surf net and play my maple. Oh ya. i oso went to watch x-family (starring Jiro, Arron and Calvin) in you-tube. The show kinda funny. Mummy and i had a good laugh.

Then abt my abandon maple. Hahaha. Been left alone for like few mth ba i guess. Not so in to play it now. But few days ago got go in. Now already 76%. Few more percent and i finally get over for my lvl. Been stuck at lvl 101 for so long.. See liao oso sian sia. (0_0")

At nite after watch x-family, darling appear at my hse. Omg. So surprise sia. He bought chocolate for me to eat. Actually is tat thursday i said i wanna eat chocolate. then who know. i got it on friday. lol. So happy. Together with the chocolate, is my favourite Yeo's drink. Yummy. kekeke

Today later darling promise to treat me good meal. Then we gg to watch rush hr 3 (cos he got two free voucher) and nite bowling as usual at Mount Faber Safra. Hmmm.. Cant wait to see wat he gg to treat me. Dunno to eat jap, western or wat. Lol.. (knife need to sharpen while he is still slping)

Ok la.. Me go play a bit of maple le.. tata all.. update real soon.

PS: seem like i updating everyday. is it very boring to read???

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Friday, August 10

Online shopping

If any of you wanna buy clothes online, well i guess it is getting to be a trend now to do so. So why not try it now if you haven try.

The shop link is http://www.flickr.com/photos/demoda

So if you want to find lovely, pretty dresses, you can try the website.

You can also find the link at my linkage. So why wait now. Try and explore it yourself.

PS: Can quote my name if you all want to buy from the seller. (^.^)v

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Thursday, August 9

Happy National Day
Yeah Happy Birthday To Singapore~~~~~~~~

Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to Singapore~
Happy birthday to you.

oh ok..

now is to update my blog..

Ytd meet up with my super duper very long, once in super blue blue moon then will come out from her hse or work, fren. Thats Peiting. hahahhaa.. She sure will scream and try to think of way to ask me go and die. Hhahaa.. (OS in her heart : Pi la.)

Well she and i know each other long way back to Primary 1. (but in her brain, she tot is from P4. Mei liang xin fren) Actually dunno why we two can click each other sia. She sooo Clever, those type tat will easily score A for her exams. Yet i stupid type. Can manage to go into top 20 already consider lucky. Think that time our class is abt 38 student?? (forget liao) But both of us got one character that is the same. very fierce towards guys.. hahahha.. Tat time both of us quite "man" one wor. But she win me. Cos she got weapon one.. Her water bottle. hahah.. ooops.

But now seeing her working liao. All of us grow up liao. Still abit unbelievable. Cos she look the same like primary sch. Omg.. she must have ate something to keep her youth. Next time must go find out from her sia. hmmmm.. (wat type of tools i will need)

She came to Starhub centre to wait for me (i threaten her to do so) and we went for walk walk.. Then settle for dinner at Cuppage shopping centre. Well the food both of us no finish it. Eh.. So so ba. But she treat me one. Thank you oh.. Then we tot of getting neo card. So we walked to PS. Cos according to my memory, gt neoprint machine. But who knows. No more liao. KNS. PUI. Nvm. We took foto with my hp. who say must have machine then can take foto. Hei hei.. (^.^)v

Oh ya.. I oso got treat her eat dessert. Yummy. Of cos is on Darling expense la. wahhaha.. Use darling money to treat ppl. So clever of me. Wat to do. Student life no $$. Sian. But we did have long chat with each other. Updating our life and so on..

To be extact. She is my best buddy since primary sch and her mummy i know quite well. Cos she is our Secondary school bookshop auntie. wahhahahha.. so qiao sia. So glad that we can still keep in touch with each other for like 17 years le.. hmmm.. so long liao.. (-__-")

Oh ya.. Something to add on last nite. Abt after 12 midnite, wen i was watching scv, i heard downstair got quarrel. So as a typical singaporean, Kapo, me chiong to see wat happen. Well got one guy sniffing glue downstair. very bold lo.. In the public sniff glue. then think he quarrel with one chinese guy. So i tot nothing much and went to watch my show. But awhile later, heard got struggling sound. Then i realise police came to catch ppl. of cos is the guy sniffing glue la. well according to my mom, tat guy jus release from prison not long and will often sniff glue in the public. He oso got eye on my mom jewel too. So scary ppl. well back to last nite. we saw got a total of 6 police car arrived. (hmmm.. this is normal???) then well can hear the policewoman said quite loud. though dunno wat she is toking but in the middle of the nite wen you toking loudly, there will be ehco. Ard 12.30am the police finally took the guy and leave.

Seem like my neighbourhood got so many happening thing sia. hmmm.. poor safety liao.. sad case...

Ok la.. me go msn le. tata.

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Tuesday, August 7

i Miss
I miss my colleagues in PSA. Esp esp esp FAD colleagues.. Sob sob. (T.T)

They are soo cool and fun lo. we had so much fun during our tough work time. hahhaha..

Remember times where we all dunno where to eat our lunchie, time where by we got our pay and go 4th storey jap to eat.. Yummy yummy..

We oso like to celebrate our bday at that jap resturant. Yeah yeah.. kekkekke.. (^.^)v

Most of all... I miss my PAY!!!! No money now. How how.. haiz..

I got this classic foto of ah chiam slping in the train sia.. Hhhahahaha... (Oopss, think he will kill me if he know i put in my blog)

Quite a few of us went to Wayne Wedding Lunch, so this is taken on our way back to work. Hahhahaha.. Soooo as usual, me like to disturb him.. So took this photo wen he is soooo deep aslp. Kekkee.

Anyway did show him the foto and promise not to show others unless he did something wrong. but i think i din keep it. Well actually not hor. Cos i no longer working liao. How to keep promise rite. Whahahhaa...

Ok la.. Jus finish my two lesson today. Abit tired. Gg to take a rest now.. Kekkeke. .Tata..

PS: Those in PSA working and is reading my blog. DON GO TELL AH CHIAM ABT THIS OK.. (^.^)v

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Monday, August 6

Well well.. Last week wasnt my week sia.. so much thing happen..

Haiz.. 1stly is tat my mom flare up at me. for like something she bear in her heart for so long yet she don want to say it out. Until the final mins which she had no choice for her to bottle up, she jus flare at me. Actually not really my fault but i am the only one which she can say or scold. No way she can go scolding my dad cos she will kana from house God. So i am the only one lo.

Actually in life, if there wasnt any comparsion gg on, there should be more peace ba. Why is there so much to compare.. Even between sibling oso there are so much things to compare.. Eg: wah your brother is more good la, will give more money to the house la. Bla bla bla.. Or even between older generation type: eg: Wah your cousin is better la.. Will bring your auntie go out eat la, shit la, play la...

I mean if cousin they all so good. Fine la.. All of us living at DIFFERENT HOUSE ok.. they rich their business.. Not mine. What so concern abt me. I have no idea why my very own auntie like to compare so much.. Booast abt their family so much.. i have totally clueless lo. 1st thing is tat she had a good hubby who dote her so much yet she want to complain.. She got three good kids (which i admit). But she still think that not good enuff. I dunno whats more she want. She got so much things yet so is still greedy for more. Human are so hard to please. What more is that she like to tell my mom. Then my mom will feel that she is so poor thing. So as a result, my mom will demand more. As not to lose out. Haiz.. Whats more i can do.. My aunt got 3 kids to provide her. My hse now only me. What kind of tooo good life i can provide. I am now trying so hard to study my ACCA in order to earn more money as an accountant in future. I oso wish that i can give them a good life. But at current moment, we will sure undergo some hard time wat.. So i really pray hard that my auntie STOP COMPARING AND BOOAST ABT HER FAMILY. Actually my auntie is a lovely auntie to me and my brother. But she got one character which is cannot lose to other. Typical Singaporean. Haiz. I having so much problem liao. Yet now seem like its been increasing.

Then 2ndly after my mom flared at me, i flared at my Hubby. Well in result of cos is a BIG BIG QUARREL. haiz.... But glad that we make up very fast.

I got one mom whom keep everything to herself. Don want to let go the past. Keep holding to the bad past. Adding to her sadness. If there is one day, she is willingly to let go. I think she will be more happy than now. Really hope that she can let go. Think positive. Stop letting those stupid idea from her dunno where source to influence her. If this goes on, it will only let the whole family ties getting worse.

Well now actually i planning to go find some part time work. Hubby don really allow. He in fact thinking that i should concentrate on my studies. But i think without any income to my family, how will we be surviving. so now on i will go find work.. any lobang can tell me ok..

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Thursday, August 2

Piss off sia
I dunno why there are auction seller so FUCKING hell one.

What happen is this:

I went to Yahoo auction to see see.. then there is one game called The Sims 2 selling at $21. so i tot why not try luck cos it cheap. (Hello wen ppl go auction sure is look for cheap stuff to buy, if want expensive stuff then i rather go shop buy rite.) So i bid and wait. The timer show still got 4 days to go.. So i everyday very hardworking, go check it out.

Well i am pleased that i am still the highest bidder. Until today. which the auction closed. I received an email stating that i did not won the thing. Ok well. so i go check who is the winner. What i saw is NO WINNER!!!! and yet the bid price is $36. So this is done by the seller. She don wan to sell her thing at low price.. Yet she state at the auction damn good sia.. Selling at Low price.. Low your bloody head.. Fucker.. Her user name is luv_gal1983. So any of you got go auction buy thing.. Don buy from her. She is not a serious seller.

Cheater cheater..

Spoilt my day sia by this stupid fucker.. argh..

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Wednesday, August 1

Just now evening darling accidently got his rite leg burnt.. Cos some irrating biker like to park their bike damn close to ours.. so haiz.. he got burnt.. while we are on our way taking me to see doc.. Got running nose today.. and my jaw being giving me problem too.. Well today doc told me tat for my jaw issue.. i need to consult Dentist not her.. dotz.. how would i know..

Anyway after the doc, we chiong straight back to my hse to apply cream on darling leg.. Well mummy is more brave.. so she help him apply. i don even dare to touch it.. scare his skin will peel off.. think i will scream to my top voice by then..

Hope his leg is ok.. hmmmm...

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