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Tuesday, June 26

Flying off
Yeah today i flying off to taipei today.. counting down just a few more hrs.. hahahah..

last nite scare that i cannot slp.. so i took one body relaxer aka slping pill la.. so got quite a good slp.. til abt 8++ then i wake up.. hahhaha..

Taking jetstar flight later.. so kinda excited now.. last nite yao yao msg me to ask if i excited til cannot slp ah.. no la.. muhahhaha.. me still busy watching my dvd.. omg.. Ella sooo cute... ehh don get me wrong oh.. don think i watching hua yang ok.. i am not.. i watching Reaching for the stars.. Got SHE inside acting one.. hahhahha..

Ok la.. gotta go prepare le.. meeting darling at changi airport at 10.45am.. Pray hard oh... Wish ourselves have a happy trip.. Tata alll..

Will try to buy watever you all requested me to help buy oh..

Word of the day: Hmm think my kidney is bigger liao.. cos i am sooo excited..

~ { 8:50 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, June 25

Omg omg omg... fainting in progress now..

wah jus now went surfing hdb wedsite.. saw one news.. dunno is good or bad le..

my flat completion date now est is 2008 1st Qtr.. gosh so fast sia.. tot is 2009 1st Qtr.. the construction worker damn fast sia.. cool.. but not so cool thing is that i am now studying.. how to help to contribute to the hse.. gosh gosh gosh...

haiyo.. head big liao la... wat a good big present i will get by then sia.. that time still joking with garrick that 2009 i will receive a big present.. seem like the present i will get VERY EARLY lo..

Just now called garrick to break the news to him.. bt he sounded quite cool with the idea.. dotz.. ok la.. like wat he say.. we can slowly renovate the hse.. pray hard lo.. hahahhah...

anyway todae wanna share some bad encounter with mac... sian sia.. who ever heard of mac delivery take nearly 2 HRS to deliver two pityful meal.. Garrick called up to make the order at 7+ abit today. Due to i super lazy to walk over to Rivervale mall to buy dinner.. so suggested to call and order.. cos i got craving for Fries.. hahhaha.. so he order double cheese burger meal for himself and one macwing meal for me.. Fine.. the operator told us the order delivery will be est at 8.30. Kinda ok with me initially.. cos i am not that HUNGRY.. so we watch our show and waited.. Due to afraid of cannot hear the door bell.. so we decided to open the room door to wait.. so which mean no AIRCON for us.. and today weather kinda freaky hot.. so a bit buay tahan even with the fan on.. so wen abt 8.30 i still yet to see the sight of my meal.. i decided to do what a hungry woman is an angry woman do best.. CNC.. (Call N Complain).. I somehow say the operator until she no words except for the usual no changes statement.. Sorry Mdm.. -___-""
But i still continue to say them.. Just one double cheese burger and mcwing need to wait for nearly 2 hrs to cook.. i think if like this.. chao da liao wor.. so i demand the resturant mgr to call me within 5 mins.. which she does call me instantly.. ha ha.. Anyway she of cos kana from me too la.. She offered to give me free meal.. which of cos i take.. (hello i waited for nearly 2 HRS ok.. hungry until dunno like wat liao) then when the delivery arrived.. (at 9pm ok) the resturant mgr made another call.. which this time round is Garrick ans the call.. He wrote now the name of the mgr.. Cool way.. but we decided not to write in and complain..

1st time in my life sia.. one delivery order and i need to wait nearly 2 hrs then i get my food.. pengz sia.. some more is Mac wor.. faint.. told serene abt this just now.. she oso cannot believe lo.. ha.. anyway nvm.. i don make a BIG FUSS this time.. but if got the next time round.. i afraid the mgr sure kana from me very jialat le..

Garrick still say i kinda fierce sia.. but wat to do.. A hungry man is an angry man.. so ha ha ha.. *sharpen my knife*

ok la.. say out le.. i feel more ok liao.. hmmm.. i go surf net liao wor.. tata...

Word of the day: It is true that a hungry woman is an angry woman oh.. so don mess ard with a hungry woman..

~ { 12:22 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, June 22

Day 2
Day 2 of my non working life:
Wake up at nearly 12 noon.. wah you all think very shiok rite.. sian sia.. no lo.. maybe in the past will like it la.. but now.. haiz.. feel so weird..

last nite have a late nite chat with yao.. tok abt quite a few things.. so kinda glad that got ppl accompany me sia..

hmmm.. today got make some plans la.. plan to mop the floor.. then go library do some taipei trip research.. cannot believe that less than 4 days and i am on my way to taipei le.. so must faster get my research done. arbo wait garrick sure come and struggle me.. haiz..

hmmm recent got take some fotos back from my workstation.. hahhaa.. so put some for you all to see.. enjoy:

Us doing jig saw contest...

My team..

quite blur one.. two cakes cos two bday gals...

~ { 12:08 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, June 21

1st day of jobless
hmmm.. today is my 1st day no work.. quite weird feeling.. cos normally working, how i wish that i can take leave.. in the end now no work.. all din make sense sia.. aiyo.. wats up with me sia.. tsk tsk..

Anyway today change my blog skin.. again of cos is wu zun one la.. muhahahhaha...

think in future i can update my blog more le.. so much time to spare.. tsk tsk..

ok la.. me go see my game can play ma.. ta ta..

~ { 5:23 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, June 19

Tots of leaving
Tml will be my last day working in PSA..

Alot of mixed feeling.. from happy to sadness.. haiz..

Happy cos i gg to do my ACCA..

Sad cos i am leaving my loving and funny buddy - Yeo Peck Koon

We been through thick and thin.. We had quarrels, misunderstanding, anger, laugher, tears and fun together..

It is hard for others to know our tough relationship..

So much of ups and down.. Yet she is always there to give me support..

During the wake of my brother funeral, she is the one who make the effort to call or msg me everyday to see how i am doing.. hahhaha.. she so cute.. what she told me is that she feel more comfy to listen to my voice..

During work time, whenever i on leave.. The next working day for me, she will start complaining to me.. Complain that no one chat with her la.. she only can kuai kuai go do her work.. hahahha.. so in other words.. i am the one causing her to work late.. muhahahha..

At times, we two will go out eat dinner together.. Just anyhow walk in to shop for makan.. She like to eat spicy things.. and i am totally opp... i cannot eat spicy.. hahhaha.. but we two sure eat til very happy.. (^.^)v

I rem once both of us took half day time off just to go out shopping.. hahhahaa... Thats the most fun part.. we went to taka, accompany me buy adele present.. then went to Singapore Post Office to courier the things to aussie.. hmmm really miss the fun we had..

She is the only one in the whole company that i will miss most.. and worry most.. hahhaha..

Tml she will take afternoon time off.. hmmm.. easy to guess.. she don wanna say good bye to me..

Just now off work timing.. i sit at my desk.. thinking back.. then she took one chair to sit beside me.. as normal day when we wanna gossip something.. then dunno why my tears jus roll down.. she ask me not to cry.. in the end both of us crying.. hahhaha.. (tying also crying)
then yan fen (my boss) walk past us.. seeing both of us crying.. hahah.. wat a funny thing.. she come to comfort us la.. saying that i am just leaving the company.. not that i will not contact her.. which is true la.. i will always remember her..

anyway tml will be my offical last day..

Some words to Yao yao (what i also call her):


Thank you so much for all the care and concern you gave to me.. Actually i always look upon you as my big sister throughout this whole period working in PSA. You always take care of me.. Both of us got so many in commons. Bday near to each other, therefore we always went to celebrate bday together. Both of us got gastric flu, so normally medicine can share between both of us. Whenever i fall sick, cold la, flu la, cough la, when i recover, you bound to fall sick.. i spread to you.. so sorry.. Both of us got eye problem.. so singapore eye centre oso got our record sia.. Whenever my eye problem occur, you will help me to apply my eye cream. At times when i make mistake, you will sure help me.. Will always rem the days when we cover each other backside.. hahahha.. Curse and swear those bad times together.. hahaha... come to think of it, esp today i went through those past emails, we are quite silly at times.. hahahha.. I crazy you also will crazy with me..

Times where by we gotta work late, both of us will sure chiong together.. then drag our tiring legs home.. Times where by i oversleep, just one msg to you, i will sure be ok.. hahhah. .cos you will help me inform boss. Times where by i fall sick, you will sure sms me to ask me ok ma..

Thank you so much for all the memories you give me.. All of the tutoring, all of the scolding, all of the chionging late nite, all of the sharing of food, all of the breakfast you made for me, all of the care, all of the love and concern.. thank you..

Yao, must keep in contact ok.. Will always miss you.. Feel free to call me if you wanna listening ears. Ok..

The gal who sit in front of you,
always create troubles for you,
always gossip with you and
bring you to play maple.
Jasmina Ng

~ { 9:30 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, June 18

Pissed off.. Super PISSED OFF

Some Cab Driver are out to CHEAT OUR $$.. KNS..

From PSA Building to my HSE.. $8.30.. SOO DAMN EX LO..

Even if i DIAL FOR CAB oso not THAT EX..

Specially go route LONGER WAY.. Wah lan.. so fucking pissed off..

Tml i try another route.. See HOW MUCH..

~ { 7:06 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, June 11

Good chat
Jus have a good chat with von... hmmm.. complain to her abt everything.. my life, my work and others... hahhahah..

Feel so good after the chat.. at least got one ear to hear my complain.. hahhaha.. PS PS.. kkekeke..

meeting her this friday.. since someone had program liao.. so i go plan mine too.. :-d

hmmmm... wat else..

oh ya. freaking tired day sia.. sooooo stressed up at work.. haiz... sian you know.. i feel dragging my leg sia.. must force myself to work work and WORK!!!!

argh.. i gg crazy soon.. tml is scolding day i guess.. super duper freaking sian.. hahhahha..

i siao liao.. nvm..

go eat dinner 1st.. tata...

~ { 7:37 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, June 7

Today whole day ROT at home.. don even step to void deck sia.. hahahha.. as usual when i take off..

Initially planning to go to FTC to register myself.. But the hot weather is too terrible... sooooo consider to stay home.. haiz.. been on the PC from late morning til now.. play some maple la.. then do some research..


so sian sia..

~ { 7:38 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, June 2


Me become pirate for the day.. hahhaha.. this happen last week sia.. my left eye got some cuts.. so doc need to numb my eye to see wat happen.. so to protect my poor eye.. i gotta be pirate sia.. dotz.. kana tease by Yen yen til cannot lo.. hahhaha.. she keep saying i am pirate.. muahhaha..
Anyway i still joke tat i finally know hw pirate see liao.. me tat day scare frighten mummy.. so stay OT til i can remove the thing.. hahhaha.. so go home is a normal person ok.. (^.^)v
Word of the day: don rub your eye too hard.. arbo you will become pirate like me.. hahhahah...

~ { 12:30 AM }
reflections of you and me;