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Wednesday, June 30

Woo Wooo Woo Yeah~~~~~~~~

Happy happy..

Why ley??

1st we finally bought our dining table, coffee table plus computer chair... Now hoping all the items will be fine... *cross fingers*

2nd we booked our Bintan trip le.. Going this weekend with ah von and yc.. Shall try their spa... Hope we will all enjoy this short getaway... woohooo...

but din really look forward to my school starts... HAHHAHAH... which actually gg to be this friday.. Hei hei...

But never mind still look forward for this week events..... (^-^)v

~ { 9:16 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, June 22

One more weeks to sch reopen
Wah seh.. Finally finished my 3 paper exams.. but think one of them really no confident in passing it.. So will try again in Dec ba.. Still gotta wait for Aug result to be out...

Just went to attend one of my BFF Rom.. Gosh.. Times flew sia.. Our little gal grown up le.. HAHAHAHA... (don kill me hor von) Really glad that she found her one to sign contract with... May you always be blessed in love..

Then hb and i at home cleared quite alot of stuffs.. I also finally managed to put all my novels and comics into my cosy space... really alot of books.. -_-" but but but.. i still got a few that i wish to get.. humpz.. gotta think of where to place it le.. Cos i think my VCD and DVD yet to put them into the space...

This week gotta go and get our photos ready for frens to do our montage.. Humpz.. put out some photos le.. but then.. i discover that i don have old photos.. muahhahaha.. so wont able to see any during our montage le.. HAHAHHAHAHHA... *grin*

Oh ya.. also got my last painting to frame up.. Really REALLY love the painting alot.. cant wait to get it on thursday...

This weekend gotta go have fun at friend's chalet.. Gosh hope don get drunk.. and win more money... Yeah yeah yeah..

Now planning for a short get away at bintan.. Spa spa and spa.. 1st time to do that.. quite excited.. Cos hb is letting me to choose any treatment i want... Gosh.. hei hei hei.. gotta few on my list now.. von and yc should be gg with us too.. 2 couples trip.. Now waiting for Yc reply liao oh.. (von see this rem to ask yc again hor)

Next friday lesson starts again.. Must jia you... gotta pass all by this year... Want to wear my si fang mao by june 2011... Really gotta work hard..

Updates again other times.. Go play my fb now.. ciaoz...

~ { 11:49 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, June 9

Cleaning up
*clearing the spider webs*

Back to update.. Gone MIA for 1 mth plus...

Really quite busy with studies cos next monday exams starts le.. haiz... Really hope can pass all..

Then busy with my Photoshooting... Nice.. Glad that we got a fun loving photographer and good and skillful makeup artist.. Can say both of us enjoyed ourselves for that day.. Somemore the weather really good for photoshooting.. ^^

Last Sunday we just went for our selection of the photographs.. Gosh totally nice lo.. hahaha.. buey paisay.. but really worth the money.. Hey i din add any photos oh.. hei hei.. save alot of money... got a few groups of photo i love alot.. but due to our photos limitation.. we gotta really crack our brain to see which one to delete and which to select... Next mth then can see the layout... cant wait to see it...

Next sem gotta start to write my report le.. must jia you...

Cant wait for exams to over and go for our Bintan Spa trip.. Woohooo....

~ { 12:32 AM }
reflections of you and me;