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Tuesday, April 29

Thank you
Wahhaha.. Thank you so much for coming to my blog..

Why am i so happy.. ok la.. 1st time to see my blog got over 50 reader for two days.. Gosh.. Finally.. But i guess due to some factor that's why got so many reader ba... No worries, i will update more de..

Anyway i oso doing a survey on my blog.. So on the right hand side got one poll. Can help me fill it up.. Thanks thanks..

Just now sending resume for some job position.. Well now got so much of expenses to handle, so better go look for job.. As for my studies, will be taking two subject next sem.. Hopefully this sem can clear all my lvl 2 subjects.. *pray pray*

This week will find one day go down to see how is the process of the renovation gg on.. So keep a look out of this area ok.. (^.^)v

Will try take photo of Blk 438 area.. (provided i can step into my bedroom)

Heard from my ID that tml will be running of aircon pipping..

Heheh.. Some more heard one good news from my ID.. That his wife is pregnant le.. Congrats congrats.. (^-^)v Good news must share ard.. Esp 1st timer daddy to be..

Oops got to go brush teeth liao.. Nitey.. Will update soon..

~ { 12:14 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, April 27

Subject: Renovation - Checking out of our tiling works

Yoz yoz.. Went to check out our house ytd.. Initially wanna upload the photo last nite, but i super tired and went to slp after reaching home.. So today faster upload before gg to sch later.. Boring sia.. Gt class later.. Anyway back to main topic.

Hubby and i was glad to see our door gt door kerb le.. hahahha.. (^.^)v
Matt tiles for our main door..

Large area of matt tiles flooring

Finally our glossy tiles inner part of the living room

Door kerb for our kitchen (specially request by us)

Base up for our cabinet and fridge

Base for our washing machine

Messy masterbedroom

More messy

Discover anything??

Our walkway tiles is glossy tiles.. Hhahaha

Above are the progress of the tiling.. Tot that by ytd can see the end product le.. But our mosaic tiles not up yet..

We got caught by our ID that we sneaked in.. Cos we called up our ID that we want a longer (wall to wall) washing machine base. Then he said you guys went in ah.. Floor not done yet wor.. *oops

But Hubby told him that is me who went in.. (more lighter in term of weight la) heng our ID dint say anything but agree to help us to amend our washing area base.. (^.^)v good ID.

Next week will go up to check out any more progress ma.. Cos sunday is rest day for them..

Ya as usual, will help our FC neighbour to take some photo.. Sorry unable to take blk 438A area photo, cos i cannot access my bedroom nw..

Taken the below photo from Blk D void deck. mostly on Blk 439A

Yeah.. So will take more photos as times goes by.. Will try include Fernvale vista photo too.. Do watch out for this area ok..

OMG!!!! so late liao.. need to rush to eat my lunch and chiong to school le.. Tata..

~ { 11:24 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, April 25

Just some random post..

Today is friday le.. Initially wanna go to house take photo de.. Dunno hw are the works gg on now. Hmmm..

But today wake up abit late, then after eating my branch and doing the house work.. I am tired and nuaz le..

So decided to give up on the idea of gg out.. tsk tsk.. Just now took out my F9 book to revise.. But my eyes on the book, brain engine not on. (-_-")v only managed to place some of the theory into my pig brain. Haiz~~~~

Hot weather plus mood no good..

Being wanting to change my blog skin... But waiting for Han to be free.. Hahah.. Gotta bother him again liao.. Now i go see the blogskin webbie like no nice and simple de.. All so complex.. So maybe ask him to help me on the design of skin.. Wait for him to be free then help me...

As usual tml and sunday having classes, so cannot go out during day time with hubby le.. Asked him to whether to come pick me up after my class tml.. Gg to our house to check out the progress of the works.. MX nw say i like supervisior.. Hahha.. No choice ley.. U gotta go check and ask them racify problem before they proceed to different area of renovation..

After my jun exams, house reno etc...

I want to relax~~~~~~~~~~~

Hubby if you reading this post.. CAN WE GO ON HOLIDAY~~~~~~~~

ok i guess he will feel like killing me.. (spend so much on renovation liao, where got money to go on holiday, pig you) <-- this sure appear in his mind...

haiz.. Ok la. gg to rot le.. Tata..

Tml gg to take photo then post online.. Cya~~~

~ { 5:13 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, April 23

Subject: Home Renovation - Before start work and tiles.

Hello... Just now after my F9 class, i went up to my house to take photo.. By the time i reach home already 6pm+.. Like a thief sia.. Sneaking into my own home.. (-_-")

Anyway heng able to take before renovation look... and saw the tiles laying there.. So went up to take photo of them..

1st present to you.. Our mosaic tiles..
2nd: Glossy tiles
3rd: Matt

Tiles in package

Sands laying ard the living room

Kitchen view before renovation

View from master bedroom
Master bedroom

Master Bedroom

3rd Bedroom

2nd bedroom

Service Yard

Bomb shelter

Above is the progress in my house... Our tiles and sands and cement arrived.. According to our ID, tml will start laying the tiles.. So i hope that this sat i can go see the tiles on the floor.. Cos now still hard to visualise how it will look like with 3 different colored tiles in living room.. hahaha
Bold action made.. (^.^)v

Will update again.. Need to hear more from our ID..

Ya as promise that i will go take photo of fernvale courts.. Below are photos that i took today evening.. Most updated wor.. Hehehe...

Got window and painting inside out.

Not only fernvale courts photo i took.. I also took fernvale vista photos from fernvale LRT...

Yeah... I will try take more update photos for all of you..

Finally i see my rest day.. Tml and friday no class.. But this weekend, sat and sun all gt class...

Sat class is from 10am to 5pm..
SIAN AH~~~~~~~

Sun class is from 2pm to 5pm... ~>.<~

All my weekend are gone...

~ { 8:35 PM }
reflections of you and me;