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Thursday, January 29

Argh.. No time for me to even transfer the photos from my camera to PC.

Been going out for the past few days. Been snowing for these few days. Temperature reached a new height for me. -13 degree outside during one of the night. Recently the temperature ranging from -8 to -6 degree.. I miss my homeland temperature.

Weather is so cold that we cannot really go outside to play. Oh well but i did played at our back yard. That's the only place that hubby allowed me to play at. -_-"

Time now for me is 11.15am Wednesday. Today is also our trash collecting day. If we miss it, oh man, you gotta wait for next Wednesday then you can clear your trash.

Sunday morning hubby busy shoveling the snow away from our drive way. The snow piled up so high that it can cover my boots once i step in. Its a tough job for us as we never do it in homeland. Gosh. Took hubby around 1 hr plus to complete only the drive way.

I cooked lunch for us and kelvin to eat. But due to the poor condition on the road, Kelvin took 1 hr to drive from the town to the base. As he living out based since he coming single. Only those having family lived in based. The road condition really scary. Drivers are afraid of one thing, that is the dark ice. It will cause the car to go skidding if you did not pay extra notice while driving.

According to what we heard from others, there were about 50 accidents on the road.

Back to my topic. After our lunch i am home alone again. Hubby need to report to his work area at 3pm for preparation for the Reunion dinner. Around 5.15pm he came home to fetch me to the location. Actually we took a ride from Mark's car due to hubby and Mark going to drink beer. Luckily Sheba knows how to drive.

Before that we went to Jerrys' house to pick them up and off we went to the location. We saw a beautiful scene while we were on our way. But we know we are in for a SUper cold weather. Hard to describe the beauty sight but really glad that we get to see it.

Inside the eating area, heater is waiting for us. But most important is that the feeling of Chinese New Year is there.

We are the 1st batch to celebrate CNY over here. Thus it is quite a weird but fun feeling. Hahaha.

We played some games and the gifts were quite attractive. But we are in no luck to win them. Argh.

After dinner, we went to Marks' house for the guys to continue their drinking. The guys were all drinking at the dinning area, while the ladies stay at living room watching tv and bonding time. Had some fun time playing with Darren too.. Cute boy.

1st day of Cny, we went to one of the Encik home. Alot of people at the house and all quite busy eating the food. We had curry chicken and curry vegetables, they are rare to find at here. After that off we went to BX to shop around. Went home to rest for awhile then off we go to another Encik house to eat dinner.

Super yummy food as we had baby back ribs and many more. Most important is most of the food cooked by that Encik. Way to go. We stayed at his house til around 9pm as we were talking about touring around the States within the time frame we had in here.

Yesterday we had inspector coming to our home to inspect our house. As we living at a brand new home that is just built up, thus he need to go through what we must take notice of. Then we went to hospital to learn about what we need to take care of. Must be extra careful as here are warning of poisonous spiders and mouse here. Faint. Snakes are rare but still possible to have it around us. ARGH~~~~~~~~~~~~ i want go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jas going crazy*

After the session, the PC (according to our street name combine together) gang and kelvin went out to one beautiful state park. REALLY NICE~~~ Yao if you can come here to visit, i sure bring you go see. Though the weather is -7 degree, we still try to take photos in the cold. The sight is something that we cannot see in homeland. We are so glad that we came here. Hubby thinking of going back to the State park in Summer. Yeah!!!

We went to Jade palace to eat our dinner. Yesh i finally found one place that cooked Delicious fried rice. Told hubby that he must bring me there often, as i love to eat fried rice. Yummy.

Reached home about 8 plus and after washing up and calling our family and friends, off to bed.

Here we will have good living lifestyle except for the food we eat. We sleep early and hubby wake up early. I will wake up around 9-10am hahhaha..

My routine life is waking up at 9-10 am, take my breakfast. Around reaching 11am, start cooking lunch and wait for hubby to come back eat. washing clothes, mopping the floor at times, vacuum the floor at times, cook dinner, wash up and rest time. if in luck, maybe will go out to shop for grocery.

Still waiting for our shipment to arrive. haiz.

Gosh i need to hurray up to cook my lunch le. Hubby coming home soon. Blog again. Cheers.

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reflections of you and me;

Saturday, January 24

photos part 2
Just came back from a talk that is meant for all new spouses in Mountain home.. Quite informative but kinda last from 8am to 2pm.. Luckily lunch provided and poor hubby need to settle his own lunch today..

Oh ya.. Last nite hubby told me that there is a hare looking at him while he was ordering our dinner at the BK drove way.. Hahahha..

Today woke up with snow covered on all the road.. And our roofs top is stunning. Seem like a white blanket had covered on top of it. Cool. Anyway i managed to take some photos but i will upload it later. Not much photos taken for this week. hUmpz..

Nvm this weekend will be having quite a bits of programmes so i will be busy taking photographs again.. Yeah...

Ok below are the photos taken last weekend.. Our boise trip cum our home photos.. ^^

I took this photo from the temp inn room.

This is what i took at the mountain home town. While we went settling our car plates.. Nothing much for me to do so photograph session. Not me alone, as Sheba also busy taking photos.

Their driving definitely different from ours. It took quite some times for hubby to get used, but even now, he still feel not so confident driving on the road.

Paisay, show you my vain photo. Lol. As hubby driving and pretty much not for me to do.

On our way to boise, we passed by the cow farm. Oh one information that we learnt. If anyone happen to knock down one cow. Pls be prepared to pay at least $5k and to a max of $15k to the farmer. Drive with care if you don't want to have your pocket burnt.

Temperature check. -3 degree.. Humpz.. Cold to you??? I guess i getting used to it. Due to the weather forecast that weekend we will experience snow thus the temperature for yesterday is -4 degree and getting lower.

Driving upward to Boise, the temperature improved. Phew.
I saw this car full of wording.. But we guess that it is on its way to cheer a game.

Taking photo with hubby. I love my cushion and whenever hubby driving, i sure hugging my cushion.. Better to be prepared. for?? Sleep. Lol. All the journey are really long, so i always catch up some sleep so that i can shop later.

Oh my god. We reaching the factory outlet.. Shopping.. Yeah!!!!

Sign board. I have no idea why but i love taking photos of the sign boards.

hubby ask me to take photo with the mountain behind me. But i tried jumping. Naughty jas. ;p

Caught ya. Darren the most popular guy in our group. Lol. got lotsa girlfriends. But he like playing with me. I am quite popular with the kids in our group. Guess i have a kiddy look on my face.

Have no idea when hubby took this photo. Only when i upload the photos into his laptop then i know. Humpz. Anyway at this area of factory outlet, i bought one chocolate. Delicious but very expensive. 1 chocolate cost me about $3. But confirm worth trying.
Hubby can i buy one more when we go there again???
Ok next will be the photos of my home.
Was trying to figure out which toilet i took at. This is master bedroom area toilet. It got 2 sink, one walk in coset and one bathing room.

I got my own bath tub at home.. Actually there are 2 of them at home right now.

Our living room. Big right. I guess we can put lotsa things. But we won't be doing that. If not how are we going to take it back to Singapore??

My own oven and dish washer. Things that i don't have it in my fernvale home.

Pardon about my coat lying around. My kitchen area.

We started to move in and thats is our master bedroom. Our bed is still on shipment so we bought one temp bed to sleep on.

Our clothing section. messy but this is just those clothing that we brought over. Still waiting for the SHIPMENT!!!!

Stocking up a bit at our kitchen. No choice but to go walmart to buy stuffs.

View of our dinning area. but we don't use it. No tables and chairs... SHIPMENT PLEASE!!!!

All these photos are taken by hubby.

Wondering where am i???

Still finding me??
Not here.

Nope i am not here too..

Yeah you found me. I was busy hanging the washed clothes.

Hubby so proud of his baby car. Actually to show Mil that this is the car that we bought.

Ok back up to 2nd floor. thats the other bathroom and 2 other bedroom. Which we are leaving it for our guest or any singles stay over.

Getting back to our bedroom.

View of our back yard.

Ok thats our area too.. Sian need to maintain the grass during summer. faint.

The white patch is snow. Too cold for us to walk there to clear it. So we decided to leave it alone.
Wah i spent about 2 hours blogging. Hubby coming home soon so i getting out of here le. Tata.
Will blog again.
Oh ya. A big thanks to Deon to help me shovel off the snow from the drive way. Too cold for me and quite dangerous for hubby to drive on. Thank you.

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reflections of you and me;

Friday, January 23

Hello... Greeting from Mountain home.. At my own home le.. hahhaha..

Been living without internet for past few days.. and gosh.. really cannot imagine life without it..

Today finally the guy from the company came and set up our tv and internet.. Then i can go online.. if not really will bored sia..

Hubby started his work so no car to fetch me out.. Been staying at home while he went work.. Cooking lunch for him and sometime kelvin came to our home to eat too.. ok la.. no complain from them yet.. hahahha.. hopefully skill will improve more...

What else..

Oh regarding my home..

HUmpz.. Quite BIG~!!!! got 2 storey... more than 2 bedrooms and toilets... haiz... I will post the photos soon..

I miss Maggi Noodles.. Curry flavor.. Who can mail it to me.. I need quite a bit of stuffs.. Here everything oso ex.. Imagine those small chilli, one packet cost $4++ USD wor.. that means abt $6 SGD wor.. Ex rite...

Haiz.. Prawn here cannot make it.. not fresh type.. so don pin too much hope..

Oh ya.. just rem.. for those wives coming.. REALLY don PIN hope of having fun.. Cos the life here really back to simple.. Abt 7 plus at night sure let you having the feeling of 9+ at nite in SG..

Here don have much street lamps on the highway so night driving to me is scary.. i scare of darkness.. haiz...

Last nite we drove to Walmart to buy our TV set.. But thats for our bedroom de.. Reach home abt 9+ and hubby already very tired.. Haiz..

We been talking that whether we will get used to no car in sg.. Hahhaha.. cos here even for short distant, we drove to the place.. Here no need parking coupon.. No need to worries abt fines.. Hahahaha.. i guess thats the best part ba..

The ppl over here is really very polite.. heng my teeth is fixed.. so i dare to smile widely at them.. hahahhaha..

Humpz i think i will go find food le.. blog again soon.. tata...

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reflections of you and me;

Friday, January 16

Idaho photos
Hello everyone..

Time check, 9.10pm 15 Jan 09

I said will blog and post photos so here i am.. HAHAHHAHA...

ok stop my craps..

Starting from departure hall... woke up very very early.. but due to 1st time gg to sit in long distance plane, still feel very energtic.. but once in the plane, automatic switch on slp mode.. hahahha..

We saw ppl taking photos, hugging ard at the gate of departure hall.. so we decided to join the crowd... Hahahha.. lame right.. -_-"

After 6hrs of flight, we reached our 1st transit.. Japan airport.. i always forget whats the name of the airport.. haiz... but like i said before in my post.. i went start to shopping.. FOOD!!! confirm gotta take photos de la.. The japanese display really looks tempting lo.. gosh.. nearly wanna buy all.. but hubby don allow de lo.. humpz...

Still looks tempting to me wor.. haiz.. heng i got buy some arbo i sure drooling... Anyway i still got chance to go buy.. when i return from States lo.. Muahahahhahaha...

Stealing my food.. See his hand.. Baddie man.. lol.. oops.. Actually i force him to take for me de.. HAHAHHAHAHAH...

Of cos go overseas must take photos of us de.. In Japan airport some more wor.. How i wish i can visit japan and not the airport only.. haiz..
Saw my teeth.. hahahha.. better liao lo... no more over lapping for the front teeth.. Smile also more confidence le.. Hei hei.. ^^

Silly me wanna take photos with the word Sushi.. But very obviously my head blocking the words.. dotxx....

Pointing towards gate 37... cos thats where our next boarding gate is... But we sit there quite some time la.. humpz.. tired tired tired..

Sunset in Japan... Suddenly got alot of ppl taking camera to take photos of sunset.. Still tot what happen sia.. -_-" as usual, i join in the crowd.. hubby nearly wanna fake he never know me.. Hahahhaha.. aiyo.. mai like this la.. Heard from ppl saying that sunset in jap is like an egg yoke.. but i guess no luck for me.. Gotta admit the sunset really nice...

Reach SFO.. cos our next domestic flight is 5 hrs later.. so we went eat our meal.. Plane meal really don taste nice.. My 1st meal in States wor... Turkey sandwhich.. plus 2 drink.. cost us abt $16.. (ps.. all in USD for the price i state) Expensive sia.. haiz.. but what to do.. must not try to say i miss sg food.. if not hard to survive here..

See how big is the sandwhich.. my fist size wor.. BUT!!! i having quite a small fist.. comparing to my height.. most of my frens, their hand is bigger than mine.. >.< only i manage to find 1 small size as mine.. Cai Yilin (not that jolin okie).. muack.. hahahhaha..

SFO mountain.. or was that hills??? Dunno sia.. anyway just took the photos cos the scenery is nice...

Caught on camera.. -_-" my baddie hubby did this de.. I am trying to get some slp.. starting of my jet lag.. Most of our ppl all gone to slp except baddie hubby.. Cos he refuse to catch some slp.. and that coat is my only winter coat.. poor sia..

We board on a 50 seater plane to Boise.. When we look down.. Gosh the scenery really really really NICE~~~~ Past by this big big lake, so must take photos.. If i not wrong, this should be the salt water lake.. IF I AM NOT WRONG.. the white patches are snow.. cool right..

Snow mountain snow snow snow.. Cos winter timing.. hahahhaha.. nice hor..

After we alight and reached Idaho, there are ppl assign to guide the families reaching there.. Thats us la.. Ard 2 family to 1 regular.. Sion is our guide for mark's family and hubby and i... Me and mark's wife, Sheeba, taking photo together at Sion's hse.. Cos his wife cooked lunch - mee siam for us to eat..
After which we all set off to town. Which is abt 30 mins drive from the base.. Learnt quite alot of stuffs.. The traffic rules here are quite different from ours.. HUmpz.. learn all things new..

Car is a must at here.. So the 1st stop is to look for car.. We went to 2 car dealer.. Looking for 2nd hand car.. Not worth buying 1st hand car.. we are not gg to stay here for 2 years anyway.. (ps above photo car is what we finally bought) The car here is way more more cheaper than in SG.. the price we paid i think if compare to SG, maybe can jus enuff to pay for COE.. so you know roughly how much is our car cost..

Taking photos while trying to find suitable car.. Yao!!! thanks for your cap.. See i got wear wor.. hahaha.. really in need to protect my ears sia.. cold weather..

Ok i trying to pose and show the mountain.. but my hand show the car.. -_-" Hubby never told me to raise higher.. Baddie man..

All these cars are for sales... 2nd hand car dealer shop.. so all you need is to walk ard and find your car that suits you.. of cos need to suits your budget la.. some really cost up to 10 grands wor.. ex sia..

Saw the beautiful mountains?? Yup my location is surrounded by them.. but sad to say, only the 1st day that we go to town then we managed to see it.. From then up to now, we still cannot see the mountains.. cos the fog covered it all.. Sad sia..
Well anyway above are parts of the photos that i took for the 1st few days... Like a mountain turtle sia.. Keep taking photos.. But i gotta admit that after snowing, the tree that frozen with lights shinning on to them, really a beautiful sight.. Worth all the jet lag sia..
Winter is gg to finish soon.. so will look forward to green views.. Hahahhaha.. ok la.. will post photos again soon.. Should be the hse that i will be living in..
Blog again.. Ciaoz.. Nitey to all..

~ { 11:22 AM }
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