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Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to all..

Now at my area, we just welcome christmas not long ago...

Glad that i countdown the special day with so many of my neighbour and friends....

Received one present at the gift exchange session.. SUPER HAPPY with my PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!

Been wanting it alot for quite some times.. Just that dont have the heart to go get it.. Now i finally get it!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesh yesh yesh~~~~~~~~~~~

All thanks to Kelvin for the gift.. Thank you so much..

Got one AX sunglass from hubby as my Xmas present.. Hahhah.. Got it long ago.. But all along under our xmas tree.. Loving it... Hei hei...
Gave hubby one scarf that i did myself.. Not bad wor.. A gift i made myself.. HAHAHHAHA... ;p

Tml still got two party to attend.. WOOOO... 1st time in my life i got 6 xmas party to attend in Dec... Wah seh... Power sia...

All in all, i wanna wish all..

MERRY CHRISTMAS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, December 23

Back to do some updates.

Last week quite a busy week for us... Went to attend 3 xmas party.. Yup so many right.. but haven finish attending all.. We still got a few to go.. Hahha..

(side track abit) Last time in Sg we complaining that we wanna eat turkey, want white xmas etc.. Now see turkey abit scare.. -_-"

For the 1st party, it was organised by hubby workplace ppl.. We gotta made one dish to bring there.. Abit like potluck xmas party... Made 2 cheesecake.. One oreo and one plain.. Then got small gift for all the working personnel...

For the 2nd party.. Organised by the base... So gotta pay money for the tickets... Got lucky draw for this dinner... Got Wii and PS3 for the prize.. But we won none.. haiz... However the chicken was damn nice.. Yummy...

For the 3rd party.. Organised by hubby base ppl... Some spouses helped out in the event.. Great jobs gals.. The event located in Bowling centre.. Shiok sia gotta play bowling for free.. hahah... Some kids acted in a play... Then got some fingering food and games to play.. Oh ya.. Got lucky draw too.. But again no price for us.. Sian sia.. -_-"

After 3rd party, we went straight to Ivy's house for MJ session.. Manage to won abit.. (though i mostly lost in the games la) Then they all play Pictonary (not sure on the spelling) til ard 3am.. Crazy group of us.. Hhahaha..

Sunday went to boise.. Ate at thai crusine for our super late lunch (3pm) and went to meet our photographer to pay him the fee.. Shopping at boise town sq.. Bought one stuff at Victoria Secret and one pair of shoes at Macys..

But sad thing is tat i lost my favourite black gloves.. haiz.. somemore is one side of it.. >.<>

After town sq, we went to target to get some stuffs and not to forget Asia Market.. Lol.. Managed to get the type of flour i want for cooking... Yesh.. Will try to make the dish i missed.. Hei hei hei...

Oh ya.. Just now i surfing other ppl Fb.. Saw that my lovely polymate wife is pregnant.. Gosh.. So happy for them.. Esp both are our mj kakis.. Congrates wor..

Now like quite a few of my frens are gg to upgrade to parent stage.. So good.. But for us gotta wait til we settle off with our customary and studies..

Nvm la.. Anyway just do our things one at a time.. Still got long way for us to worry.. HAHHAH...

PS: Don ask me to get one baby too ok.. Thanks.. Not for now..

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reflections of you and me;

Monday, December 21

Haiz.. Feeling low now..

Lost my favourite gloves today..

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reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, December 16

Recently see ah von blog got put those 心理测验 thingy.. Seem abit fun.. Went to search a few to play with...

Try this..








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reflections of you and me;

Thursday, December 10

Feeling super moody now..

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reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, December 8

Let it snow
Let it snow let it snow let it snow...

Yup now my area had reached the snowing part liao... Cold~~~~ Think alot of ppl will find snow very beautiful...

Imagine looking out of the window, seeing whole place surrounding covered by white blanket of snow....

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! this will be fun for 1st few day... After which it will be very sickening for us le.. Maybe we have gone through 1 winter.. So we know what it is to be like for us to go through winter.. There will be alot of responsible to deal with at this period of time... Haiz...

Ok la.. Now some updates...

Went to SLC during thanks giving... Abit like our chinese new year eve... No resturant open.. Not even fast food... So we need to search high and low to get our food...

The sales starts on midnite of thanks giving.. So we ard 10pm 12 of us went to Tanger... We asked our hubby to queue at the Coach outlet... HAHAH.. while where we go?? Of cos shopping... Guess shop open earlier.. so went in to get stuffs.. Whole store is on 50% sales.. Can you believe it... HAHHAH. But 1st day din manged to get anything much.. Just 1 jeans and top.. We bought Coach bags for our family... Hope you all will like it...

This trip i managed to get my CNY clothes.. And those office wear.. Even got one Coat for myself from Banana Republic... Loving it alot...

Total we went to Tanger 4 times during our trip there... HAHHA.. Oh i even bought 1 paint back... Called Magic Carpet.. For sure i will go frame it up and put at FG home... Cant wait to see it... Think i will need to frame 2 more out... HAHHA.. Bought alot of beautiful stuffs throughout our trip here...

Now we can officially counting down 1 mths plus to go home... Cant wait to see our family and friends... Miss them alot... >.<

But once we reach home, alot of stuffs awaiting for us.. HAHAH.. cos CNY coming liao ah... shiok sia... miss out celebrating with them tis year... so sad...

Need to go arrange for trimming eyebrow, buying all the goodies and meeting up with frens to makan.. Can see some lights towards these things... ^^

Last Sat, we went for farewell party to one encik... Gosh so good, he can go home liao... Ate at Joe's Crab Shack... Loving the clams... Hubby fed me with some crabs that he had... Cos i don really like eating crabs... I have some mild allergy if i eat too much of seafood... Hubby always laugh at me when the reaction starts.. -_-" Win liao lo... Anyway Hubby say that can bring me go eat again.. Woooo...

Oh.. Now i like watching Zhong Ji San Guo... Cos i loving Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao love relationship in the show. Qiang bian lead singer - Huang Niu is the one acting as Zhou Yu... Gosh.. Cant wait to see the next esp... (All blame to Ah von... Keep saying how good the show is.. Now i oso "chasing" this show too)

Currently i "chasing" four show "终极三国", "桃花小妹", "下一站,幸福" and "海派甜心"..... But all belong to those showing once a week type... Haix... still need to wait long long for all to finish... But at least got things for me to look forward to each week... Hei hei... Like this will be better for me to count down to go home... HAHHAHAH..

Ok la... gg to fb-ing liao.. Tata.. Update again..

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reflections of you and me;