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Tuesday, May 29

Recently been quite worried for someone i closed with.. She din really reply my sms or my email.. guess she need to have some times for herself.. however.. still got some concern fren asking me abt her.. BUT.. i oso have no contact.. how to tell you all.. haiz...

Maybe need to wait for her to come and call me when she ready.. hmmmm...

Word of the day: Only when you in deep trouble then you will truely find your true frens..

~ { 10:16 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, May 28

piss off
Wah i super damn piss off now.. dunno wat the fuck is wrong with either my HP or my bluetooth device.. The two jus cannot connect.. wat the fuck is wrong...

Super du lan with my FUCKING N*0 Phone... always give me problem.. bought in Dec last year.. now giving me so much headache.. should i go change my phone... Sian sian

haiz.. pls ley.. i jus trying to upload some photos... bt CANNOT... ARGH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

me go see news le.. bb

Word of the day: The best way to get whiting skin is through soya bean milk...

~ { 9:17 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, May 27

Went to Mj today at Ah di (baoguang) hse. muha ha ha... won $17 today.. consider very high liao wor.. cos cos cos.. we play 10 cent 20 cent one wat..

Quite good luck today.. kekkekeke... (^.^)v

Well counting down to my last day.. and not to forget my taipei trip.. oh my.. i so excited.. faster von von go aussie.. then i can look forward to mine.. hmmmm...

gosh a bit tired le... hahhaha.. really like pig.. eat slp eat slp..

Nothing much to write.. me go surf net le.. bb..

Word of the day: GSS is here.. Remember to watch your bag oh..

~ { 9:00 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, May 21

just a small complain
Serious.. i just have one small complain to make.. that is OMG IT IS SOOOO DAMN HOT WEATHER... WHO THE HECK REPORTING THA T WILL BE A RAINING DAY ONE.. argh...

Freaking hot you know.. my hse is not rich type.. belong to below below avg hsehold ok.. with our main money income ppl passed away.. then nooo AIR CON ok.. so freaking few fans to tahan the hotness... gosh.. how i wish i got the money to install Air con in the room.. so that daddy don need to loss his slp due to the hot weather.. last nite so hot until he cannot slp and keep vomiting.. ahhhhh...

ok.. i finish my complain le.. see i told you all tat my complain is small...

hahahha.. tata..

Word of the day: DRINK MORE WATER!!!!

~ { 7:45 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, May 19

Been quite lazy of blogging.. hahahha.. ok ok.. i lazy gal la.. cannot blame.. plus i think not much ppl reading my blog ba... even got read oso jus browse through.. bt i write this blog is more for me to know wats gg on on that pt of time la.. i short term memory la...

Let see.. recently planning to go taipei walk walk.. i know recently my family got so much things gg on.. then how come i gg on tour now.. haiz.. i think quite hard for you all to know what is gg through in my family.. all of us..how my dad, mom and me is feeling.. in the past although kor was quite strict on me.. bt i now then know that actually he quite dote me.. dote me in his own way.. from the day he left us.. think the most impact person is me.. cos no one is there for me le..

In the past mom keep telling me that once they all left, is only left me and kor to take care of each other... she keep saying that i gotta take care of kor cos we are left with each other.. bt now.. to think that he left us so soon. Too soon for anyone to take it.. from us to his frens to his buddy and not to forget Polly.. Think now even the tots of him is still great inside us.. tears will still roll down.. Loneliness is the most scary time of all.. Cos the miss for him will be the greatest.. Often having hard time falling aslp.. not that i don wan to slp.. bt i still got the bad memory of the day he left us..

Mom out of sudden crying to us saying kor die le.. jus imagine you are slping and your mom telling you this.. the saddness on her face.. every moment she keep pounding on her chest.. can hear very clearly my heart is cracking.. there are sooo many cracks in my heart... ppl ask me to be strong.. bt pardon me to say this.. this is not happening in your family.. you can never feel how i feel.. unless there is someone whom undergo all these pain.. the pain of seeing your loved ones lying on the bed soo calm.. as if he is slping.. calling him and shaking him couldn't wake him up... he really look like he is slping... i tot he was just like normal day slping at home.. But the fact is he is died.. HE HAD LEFT US... the fear in me.. the saddness in me.. the pain in me.. other than mom and dad.. i think no one can feel it... I had been with him for 23 years... someone soo close and whom i grown up with.. Just one accident had torn us apart.. (even now i am typing all these, my tears still unable to control and keep rolling down my cheek)

This coming tuesday is his 100 days.. which mean he had left us sooo long.. kor i really miss you.. although we keep fighting for use of pc.. use of tv but you still will let me.. days when i am slping yet i know you reach home... the feeling is always there... days whereby you put alot of perfume on your body and congrates of making a pig (me) to sudden wake up just to gasp for air.. Days whereby you buy dinner for us.. Days whereby i called you up to tell mom tat i coming home late... Days whereby you teaches me all the things in life.. I will never forget.. The most regrets i am having is tat we din have much of your fotos.. the only fotos that i had is from my ROM.. Kor... you don even have the chance to hear Zhengzong calling you kor.. why do you left us so fast.. why... why cannot grow old with me... why don let me see who is my da sao.. why don let me see who is your children... why!!!!!!!!!

Now i quiting my job to study ACCA.. i am determine to study hard to get my cert.. i need to earn more money.. i want to give a good life to my parent... i need to love them including my kor share... i know some of you think that i am quite bad towards my parent.. bt i am doing all the good for them.. i need to plan for them... cos i am the only one that they had right now.. mom recently brought a new place for kor tablet.. she is having the tots of buying same location so tat they can be with kor in future.. can imagine the feeling i had when i heard that.. i am soo scared.. everytimes when they tok that they don wish to live.. can imgine the fear.. i dunno if i can take it or not if really it happen.. i am so scare.. i want them to live long long.. i don wan to have the pain that i am having... i don wan..

Nowadays seeing newspaper reporting of death.. and the most recent two army ppl died.. the pain i can feel.. bt the good thing abt them is that they had few more sibling.. bt i am left alone.. i have no kor le.. thats the truth.. nothing can change it.. i don have any sibling to talk to.. hubby and frens although will be there for me.. bt i know you all still have your own problem.. hw can i always bother you all.. haiz.. esp hubby.. he gotta worry abt me, gotta worry abt his job, gotta worry abt our new flat, gotta worry abt our future.. so much things to worry..

haiz.. sorry i am just trying to say how i think and feel.. feeling lost and sad.. sad in my own world now.. refuse to let ppl go into my world.. mask is wat i wear everyday.. cos don wish to make mom and dad and hubby worry... so i decided to go for walk overseas.. i need to get away.. i need to find something tat i can look forward too.. Taiwan is a country whom all of my fren know tat i love to go to visit.. so hubby say gg to bring me there before i start my schooling.. will be away from 26 June to 1 July.. mom also encourage me to go overseas.. she think that i am too stressed up.. hahhahah.. this is the truth la.. she is quite worry abt me.. sorry mom.. i will stand strong once i get over and time heals my wounds...

Maybe gotta ask whether kor buddy can come find mom and dad to talk talk during my absent period... hmmmm.. gotta ask them one day.. oh ya.. thanks you guys and Polly i am very grateful to you.. for all the help you given to my kor.. seriously sometime i got a feeling of you are my da sao.. bt i know this will never be real.. bt in my heart thats how i feel.. if you find someone good.. gotta grab hold of it... let my kor stay in one corner of your heart.. i will be very happy liao... cos i think kor oso want you to be happy.. so stay happy ok.. (^.^)v

ok la.. say soo many sad things.. hahahha.. dunno wat get over me now.. maybe is tuesday is coming le.. so got alot of sad feeling.. ok la.. me go watch tv le... tata.. Good nite to all...

Word of the day: i siao liao.. so can don bother abt wat i write.. hahahha.. except for the last part abt you (Polly)... i really wish you be happy.. Don be sad le ok.. (^.^)/

~ { 11:49 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother day..
Happy Mothers' Day to my dearest Mummy... Love her alot.. actually in the past i always tot that my mother jus dote my brother alot.. she indeed prefer male than female type la.. bt after my brother gone to heaven.. i realised that actually she oso love me equally.. sooo xin fu....

I celebrated with her in advance... hahahhaa.. brought her to eat japanese food.. and bought VCD for her to watch... (^.^)v

Anyway today i went to darling hse.. cos they having dinner tonite... hmmmm... went to eat chilli crabs... gosh waited very long lo... -___-""
we went to the place at abt 6+ then our food came at 7++ to 8 wor... heng ah... FIL ordered satay and oyster egg to eat 1st.. arbo i dying of hunger...T_T
bt once we went full, we rush back to my hse.. hahaha.. cos today got three of my kor buddy come visit my mom.. thank you all... bt din managed to see them... haiz..

Good thing is that my mummy is happy that they come visit her... ^.^

Ok la.. me gg to watch my Xia Ren Zhong Xia le.. Tata...

Word of the day: Mother is the greatest person in the world.. Without her where will i be now???

~ { 9:42 PM }
reflections of you and me;

New stuffs added
Today sooo happy.. why ley.. cos i added few things to my PC~~~~~~~~~~~ yesh yesh yesh.. actually nothing much la...

Cos darling got his pay.. and normally his pay day, he will become my carrot on the chopping board.. hahahhah.. i am sooooo mean i know...

Today i very guai ohh.. stay home i do my hsework.. then watch my dvd.. oh ya... today something suay happen.. my specs spoilt le.. i cannot wear liao.. kns.. become sort of a blind gal at home.. no choice gotta wear contact lens... kaoz... don really like to wear tat... cos very often make my eye dry... omg... faint...

Wait for darling to reach my hse.. then we went to Henderson there do my specs... made 2 set of new specs... all jus in case.. bt cost me abt 300++ haiz.. heng can claim one.. arbo die...

Then intitally wanna meet mingsen one... bt he at NDP training.. sooo by the time he ok i think i dying of hunger le.. (i belong to those type dinner time is ard 6-7).. so abt 6 we decided to go ahead to eat 1st.. other day then meet him.. PS la... went to TBP to eat the xiao xuan feng shop... next to KFC facing the main road... hmmm.. taste of the food quite nice wor.. tried the xiao long bao.. if you don compare to those big famous shop.. .actually can consider nice wor... to think in a neighbourhood area.. and the price is cheaper that those famous shop too.. so can recommend to go try...

At 1st tot of gg to Vivo to shop and eat the Super dog.. (i kinda love to eat hotdog) bt after the big spread at Xiao Xuan Feng, we decided to jus shop ard at TBP... Many of u may think you not sian mey... always go there shop.. the ans is NO.. cos there got wat i want.. so why must i be sian.. hahahahha... (^.^)v

Anyway tot of getting comics.. bt my ke nan haven out.. so forget abt it.. then went to challenger to shop.. hahhaha... this time is darling become carrot time.. Me got a new keyboard, new optical mouse, new extension wire and one 160GB external harddisk... Yesh yesh yesh.. on top of that got one worth $3.50 bus guide.. this is for me who keep losing my direction idiot use one.. hahahhaha...

Then now typing using the new keyboard.. hmmm.. not bad la... hahahhahha... Thank you so much oh darling.. haahhaha.. (^.^)v

Oh ya.. this mth is our hmmmm... 2 1/2 year together cum 1/2 yr of married le.. hahhaha... must maintain all the way oh...

hmmm.. i think i gg to maple see see look look le.. tata all..

Word of the day: Weather is still unpredicateable.. so must drink more water ok...

~ { 12:36 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, May 10

Hello ppl.. i jus added in some of the link.. hmmmm.. how to say ley.. jus kinda trying out new things la.. arbo my blog so de boring rite.. not like ppl who is so pro in their blog.. so many ppl view.. mine ah.. haiz.. got ppl view already wanna laugh liao wor.. hahahha.. look down on myself.. anyway no harm trying to click those link la.. any problem pls leave a msg in my chat box.. i will try solve it at my very best ok..

Word of the day: Never try you will never know the result..

~ { 9:03 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, May 5

Tank autograph
Jus one word.. ALL MY WRITING IS GONE.. I write sooo long sia.. bt in the end is blank one.. faint.. don bother to rewrite liao.. stupid..

~ { 4:54 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, May 1

Happy Labour Day
Happy Labour Day to all...

Maybe to students, this is just another PH.. But when you come out to society to work.. omg.. tell you lo.. you really will appreciate this day.. hahhahaha... (although it is really just another PH)

Anyway starting of May le.. last mth been having lots of things gg on... sian.. my life been like roller coaster.. Argh... now trying to fix on one decision.. which i am still lost in this decision.. dunno which way to go.. haiz... Y.Y

Nvm la.. now walk one step count one step lo..

Hmmm... This sat i gg to Jurong entertainment centre.. yeah... Tank autograph session.. i admit i siao liao.. hahahaha.. bt i will pull Rendy along one.. so i wont be the only crazy one.. hahahha.. (Oh dunno Rendy will be sneezing now at Taipei??) Really envy this gal sia.. she can fly round the countries just to catch idol concert.. really Pei fu pei fu...

Bt really happy that she is coming back le.. hahahha... got my email chatting kaki again.. we two know each other through FRH fan club.. hahahha.. and most impt.. both of us clip quite well.. maybe we two are the oldest in the club... hahahha... bt good thing is that we got topics to chat on.. mostly Wu zun la.. of cos sia.. (^.^)v quite alot of the information come from her too.. she pro sia..

Anyway now hoping to go Tioman in June, then maybe short trip to HK, followed by Nov or Dec gg to TW... Really need to relax... arbo the brain gg to burst le.. haiz...

Ok la.. me gg to go check out my darling in maple le.. tata all.. Nitez..

Word of the day: Remember to check out the country weather before proceeding there oh..

~ { 11:03 PM }
reflections of you and me;