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Tuesday, February 27

Life gg on
Today went to TP for my kor investigation.. Gotta know got 1 eye witness.. Thank you for calling ambulance for my kor. Really appreciate you for doing tat..

Anyway gotta know tat his case will need to stretch quite a long time.. hmmmm.. sooo gotta busy til then.. plus this will be court case too.. so need to attend the court.. need to know further update on the date from TP..


Word: Really need to love and care for ppl surrounding you.. Don be shy to say i love you to them.. Don leave regrets...

~ { 10:21 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, February 26

New Week
Today marks the 14 days of my kor leaving us.. cannot believe tat he already left us 2 weeks..

Hmmm.. To admit.. i guess i am the only one who haven get over the whole things.. i still sit at my usual seat waiting for him to come home.. like wat i did in the past.. i will keep looking at the window to see if he come home.. This has become my habit.. haiz.. gotta change this habit le..

Anyway today morning called up TP to chase for the report.. Gotta go down to make one statement and they will then update me with the investigation.. haiz.. no choice.. tml half day again..

Oh ya.. i dreamt of my kor this morning.. he finally come to my dreams..

Me dream tat he come out from bedroom to get something in living room.. Then i was like eh.. why you here.. Then we had a chat tat we never had during when he alive.. (in fact we din have a good chat) He said tat he promise one person tat he will help to book location for the baby.. and mention tat he will oso pay for the food.. hmmmm.. then i wake up liao.. kaoz.. bt to now.. i still cannot fig out whos baby... argh... my mom la.. wake me up.. dotz....

Anyway glad to see him in my dream.. hope he come often.. cos i really kinda miss him alot.. still have the feeling that i hope to see him alive.. and come fight with me for pc.. haiz..

~ { 9:29 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, February 21

Start work
Hmm.. today back to work le.. after sooo long of leave and settling of stuffs.. haiz.. But oso went to apply leave for friday..

Well been rotting for these few days of CNY... Nothing much for me to do.. except tat all waiting to see if my brother got come back home ma.. (spirit la)

hmmm.. Think he did come back la.. How i know??

Event 1: My mom was burning paper $$ to him.. then she feel sudden cold air behind her.. -_-"

Event 2: My dad reading Kor favourite newspaper.. Got one moth fly and settle down in front of the newspaper and read with my dad.. -___-""

Event 3: Me watching tv in the middle of the nite.. Heard kitchen got sound. (like normal days he come home to search for drink or food) Kaoz tat freak me out lo..

Event 4: Me playing pc then sudden smell the familiar perfume smell tat kor like to apply.. Bt awhile only.. Like he jus pass by..

So above show that he did come home.. bt forget to pray and tell him.. Come home can.. DOn scare his little sister (which is me) cos i very timid one.. hahhaha..

Bt think mom got tell him this is the past.. tat not to frighten me.. hmmm.. hope he remember..

~ { 8:07 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, February 19

Today is 2nd day of CNY.. Bt all i can do is stay at home..

Yesterday is the 7th day of my brother death.. Went to pray for him.. Hubby tot that brother shed tears on the fotos.. (-___-)
(No worries.. Not my brother spirit la.. is my tears la.. dotz.. i got a cute and blur hubby.. tsk tsk..)
Then i explain to him. tats my tears la.. which i shed on the thursday.. bt seeing his foto.. feel kinda calm.. Think is becos sort of know that he is gg to be well in the other world.. therefore feel quite ok le..

After pray pray... Went to hubby hse.. Reach awhile only i soon KO.. Slpt til abt 2pm then wake up.. Discover that MIL still haven go bai nian.. hmmmm.. Bt she prepared lunch for me to eat.. Then i rot in the bedroom for the whole day.. don even know that MIL they all go bai nian.. hmmm.. bt i got wake hubby up to accompany me.. then we two go prepared our dinner.. hmmm.. ok la.. two newbie cooking.. lol.. then MIL they all come back.. So they sort of wanting to make me happy.. so we play mj.. Yeah.. managed to win $32 bucks.. the highest record now.. (^.^)v *maybe kor is helping me*

Reach home abt 12++, tot stay awake to see if kor got come back.. in the end no luck.. tot old ppl say that spirit will come back on the 7th day ma.. bluff ppl one.. (don fren them liao)

Today wake up.. saw tat kor things most of them had been throw away.. hmmm.. strange feeling.. bt gotta get use to it..

Now whole family still awaiting for me to take care le.. must be strong le.. cannot be little gal like before.. no more ppl for me to sha jiao except for my hubby le.. no worries.. i will be strong..

Once again.. wanna thanks all that help out on my brother funeral wake.. Thank you..

~ { 12:26 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, February 16

GoodBye To my Beloved Brother
Monday, 12/02/2007 at 0435, my brother had passed away.

My one and only brother had gone leaving behind his beloved family and friends.

I represent my whole family, to thanks all that attend his wake. and not to forget the help you all provided.. Really appreciate that..

Although now he had gone to accompany grandparent, i will be strong and continue to take care of this family. No worries..

Some words which i wanna tell my brother:

Although you are gone now.. leaving us behind in this world.. bt i believe that you also don wish to leave us so early.. In the past, we had fights and quarrels.. bt in my heart, even ma oso say tat i really love you alot.. Both of us care abt each other alot.. bt too bad, both of us belong to those type who wont say care of you on our mouth.. Action always speak louder than words.. Been fighting for pc, tv and radio all these with you in all these years.. We been through our ups and downs together.. I know that you are tired le.. now you taking a very long eternal rest.. Thank you for giving me so much of love and memories.. Dont worry abt us ok.. I will take good care of Ma and Pa one.. Now i still got Garrick to take care of me too.. He will oso take care of Ma and Pa one.. Thank you for all you bring to us.. Happiness memories will always in our heart.. We will not forget you.. This we can all promise you.. Glad to have you be my kor.. In future life, hope we can meet and be brother and sister again.. Rest well ok... Forever miss by the whole family.. Love you kor..

From your one and only sister..

~ { 5:06 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, February 11

hmmm.. nw waiting for HYSNSN esp 13 to be shown... llalala.. come update abit of blog..

hmmm... went shopping alone myself at taka.. wah 1st time wor.. i never go shop and buy things alone wor.. spent abt 200 plus wor

bought one shirt for darling, one swatch watch for colleague bday, addis thing for qiang bday, one cap for myself and one cd for yilin bday..

so overall.. still ok la.. today still manage to find one cap.. hahahha.. so hard to find one.. cos my head tooo smal.. -___-""

lalalallala.. counting down to the show.. 12 mins more.. need to go toilet le.. bb...

~ { 7:54 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, February 4

Feb 4
Hello.. back to update my blog le..

let see wat did i do for this whole week...

Went for my dental on Tuesday.. took half day tat day.. von von oso.. hahah.. went shopping with her for our CNY clothing.. Once again proved that both of us not woman.. -___-""
Both of us soooo cannot make it for shopping.. to us.. shopping is like walking past the shop lo.. never really walk into the shop to see the clothes.. dotz... in the end no choice.. at hereen there force ourselves to go buy at least one clothes.. (at there we saw few guys all carrying alot of bags lo.. worse than guys sia) Manage to buy one bright lime green top for myself and von von got a black top for herself (bt i say that not consider CNY clothes).. hahahha.. love the cutting.. I love unusual cutting clothes.. be it tops or bottom.. hahahah.. so kinda love it la.. then we went to Far East Plaza, bought one bottom.. von von bought one top at there.. so at least we got some progress la.. (^.^)v

Friday on mc.. having fever.. T.T bt no go see doc.. so must be taking my own leave.. cos whole body aching la.. -___-""

Sat morning went for my dental for round 2.. cos the dentist say tat my mouth to open wide is very hard for me.. (haiz.. my mouth too small) so need to come back few more times .. cos each time can only fill one tooth.. (my jaw hurts wen i open too long and too wide) I managed to get post grad queue for braces.. heard the range is ard $2000++ to $3000++ so kinda within my budget.. hahahha.. yeah.. bt the queue is at NUH.. so need to wait for them to call me up le.. the poly dental got help me fax over my referal letter.. hahaha.. pray hard can manage to get in for this july slot.. arbo need to til next year july le.. T.T
Afternoon meet up with darling.. went shopping.. he bought me levis jeans and tops.. yeah.. thats for my valentine present la.. bt i love it alot.. kkekekkee... (now looking forward for my bday present. >> whole set of HYSNSN comics) after dinner darling and i went ktv at clementi.. called von von and yc along.. bt they at far east shopping.. so darling and i arrived 1st.. have our tiff at there.. -____-"" bt ok one la.. get use to it le.. ard 8++ von von arrived.. hahaha.. then we pushed the two guys to go for bowling.. all the room to the two gals.. sooo quite enjoy ourselves la.. hahahhaha..

Today got packed my hse.. throw alot of things sia.. hahahha.. bt got the achievement feeling.. oh ya.. i selling zai zai stuff.. if anyone interested can leave msg to me.. selling cheap.. even one autographed cd..

Hmm.. ok la.. me gg to watch my HYSNSN esp 12 le.. Ella and Chun Rox.. hahahha.. bb all.. nites too...

~ { 9:01 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, February 2

Sick le
SIan.. today kana fever... now resting at home.. last nite been feeling not very good.. dunno tat it will lead to fever.. omg.. so sian.. today wake up feeling whole body aching.. haiz..

Anyway later darling coming down to see me.. hmmmm.. again like wat he expected.. A sick sick wife.. hahahhaha.. -___-"" (still can laugh out)

ok la.. need to go rest again le.. headache la.. bb all..

btw these few days been very bad weather.. so must drink more water ok.. take care of yourself oh..

~ { 3:05 PM }
reflections of you and me;