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Tuesday, October 28

Just some tots
Just now on my way walking back from the MRT. I saw this couple which i saw them more than once.. Ok given my ltd memory.. I don really rem stuffs ard me well.. Unless some special things happen rite.. The gal keep hugging onto the bf.. Abit seem like a koala Bear hugging onto a tree.. Opps..

Kinda sweet to see them like this.. Make me wondering some funny tots..

When you first gotten into relationship:
Gals will always ask the guys.. Do you love me..
Bf : Of cos i do..
Gf: How much??
Bf: whole of my heart..

As times goes by....
Gf: Do you love me?
Bf: Of cos i do...
Gf: How much??
Bf: Whole of my mind...

As times goes by again..
Gf: Do you love me?
Bf: Erm of cos..
Gf: How much??
Bf: ... .... ... Alot

Years gone by..
Gf upgrade to wife
Wife: Do you love me?
Hubby: Aiyo.. Of cos la..
Wife: how much??
Hubby: Alot la..

Got kids liao..
Wife: Do you love me?
Hubby: Ya la ya la...

Kids grown up..
Wife: Do you love me?
Hubby: zzzzzzzzz

Above is what i imagine de la.. abit lame la.. Hahhaha.. cos nothing to do while putting my brain in blank mode ma.. hahahhaha...

Ok la.. me go play abit of my games le.. tata..

~ { 10:35 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, October 25

Starting of long weekend = starting of me rotting at home..

til now i haven got any programmes for my this long weekend, except for tml morning class..

Actually not say don have.. Tonite Andy invited me to his bday celebration at breathless.. However tml i got class so cannot go attend the celebration.. Sorry andy.. other time ok..

Today Von von gg to Taiwan le.. Happy for her, cos she been looking forward for this trip..

She did mention that hw am i gg to survive through this long weekend.. What to do.. No frens by my side..

Kana feeling that everyone will grow up and forget whatever promises we made when we were young..

Last time we used to be so closed to each other.. Promise that try our best to come out for a gathering for our bday.. However now our gathering is getting harder and harder.. We can only know how is our updates through our blog..

I might sound childish to do all these type of complain however if you don wish to put in abit of effort of meeting up.. .No matter how strong the frenship will be, it need two hands to clap.. The sight of us gathering will soon be gone.. eventually..

Everyone say must treasure what they have.. but if you are the only one treasure, it seem pointless too... Memories are created when all are present.. Saddness are created when all are gone.. What path do you choose to create.. This i cant help you answer..

Working and studying might be very tiring but all of us are encountering it.. Your rate of putting our air plane is getting higher.. You have time for your other frens but no time to meet for bday celebration.. I can only say i am quite disappointed with you.. I don wish to voice it out to you.. But hope you know i flying off in no time.. If still cant have time for us.. Guess don bother to maintance one frenship that we used to have.. So that we wont feel disappointing each time trying to ask for gathering..

~ { 4:34 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, October 21

Will be updating soon~~~~~~~

~ { 11:48 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, October 18




To Mr Garrick,

If you happen to see this post.. Pls do note that if you come back to SG... You better bring me out hor.. Cos i really going to bored to death soon.. Maybe really need to stay in the fridge to slow down the process of rotting... -_-"

So if you still want your wife, pls do take note on this.

Thank you..

~ { 3:12 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, October 14

Yoz yoz.. Is Lazy Jas back to update liao..

By right i should be at bed having my 1st dream le.. But today why so late i haven slp.. Ans is very simple.. My hair haven dry lo.. HAHHAHAHA..
*rubbish jas*

Erm.. These two days having light meal..


Monday dinner i had 1 jap cucumber only.. Drink lots of water too..

Tuesday Morning i had chee cheong fan.. Thank to Ivy treat.. Lunch our dept ladies having detox day.. We only have Salad and Fruits for our lunch. All guessing who will get hungry 1st.. Of cos i point to myself lo.. Hahhaha.. In the end i ate panda biscuits and another jap cucumber.. Dinner is pasta.. Thanks to Jess treat.. hahahha.. cos she late ma.. No choice.. (^-^)v

But i treat her to bubble tea.. Had long chat with her.. Got happiness and sadness.. Got good memories and bad as well.. Hahhahaha.. Great to have pour all the tots to her.. Hope she will be very happy in her new married life.. Must xin fu oh...

Reach home quite late.. All thanks to bus 63.. (-_-)b

Been feeling abit of bus sick.. Feel abit like puking.. haiz.. Anyone got any suggestion in curing this.. Sian sia.. Keep having bus sick.. When i go on cruise or plane i dont really have this problem.. Except once when returning from Taipei.. Cos the plane really too rocky.. haiz..

So if anyone got any ways to cure it.. Can email me??


Thanks in advance..

Counting down to hubby come back: 34 days to go..

~ { 11:16 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, October 8

Ok i post some photos as promise..
Gosh i dunno hw to settle my photo size problem.. Unless i really wanna go pay for the size la.. haiz..

Any kind soul willing to help me on this.. Hahahhaa.. You all can do by helping me to click my advertisement post.. Tks tks... Abit abit add up to be alot of money.. tks tks..

Photo i took last sunday.. Fernvale courts. Enjoy..

~ { 9:34 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, October 6


I become ugly liao.. Ok ok.. i rephrase.. I become MORE ugly le..

Already so ugly liao.. Now.. haiz..

Dunno if due to over stress for the past few weeks, or what la.. Now having pimple out break..

My left side of my face having quite a number of red dot.. Applied some pimple cream le.. Hope it will help.. arbo.. HAIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well last sunday went to new house alone to wash some bedsheet.. then oso took some fernvale courts photos.. But due to now i need to resize my photos, if not my blog photo storage goes burst again..

Thus the photos i will post it soon...

Humpz... think i go play with Pi Pi le.. My pet in Facebook Pet society.. Come join me.. hehehehe.


~ { 9:34 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, October 2

Hello Everyone...

back to blog le..

Erm.. what to update ley..

My temp gal no more working le.. sad sad.. will miss her. .(tml gg to see her for lunch liao)

Went to FG house to stay over on tuesday nite with ah von.. initially got invite jenny de.. bt last min she cannot come.. other day ba..

We went to compasspoint to have our late dinner.. then walk ard and i bought few novels.. Yesh i am novel and comics freak.. hahhaha..

Nothing much in my FG house so kinda boring at there.. but i got novel la.. is ah von more boring ba.. ps ps..

Then morning we went to jalan kayu eat breakfast (at 12 noon).... ate prata for our meal.. ok la.. so so lo.. humpz...

After rest for while, while i go clean abit of my house.. i accompanied ah von to go take cab then i go back to PIL house.. Cos need to attend a wake with them.. Chatted with my BIL and kinda keep laughing. . oops laughing at the wake lo.. ps ps.. but BIL really kinda funny lo..

Went to bedok interchange there to eat the famous curry.. Maybe we went there late.. so little rice left. wanna order more oso no have le.. sad case..

Today morning woke up got diaherra again.. Oh well.. my worst part of my body is my stomach and intesting.. what to do.. haiz.. ate med that i got last round.. managed to stop it le.. Better don eat curry liao.. Don play with my poor stomach le...

Had some chatted with one colleague.. then went to buy one mic for my pc. .cos hubby complaining that cannot hear my voice well.. so spend money again lo.. Hubby if you read this blog.. do know what you need to do next ok.. (^0^)v

Now finally see 40++ days to go to see hubby liao.. SO HAPPY..

~Happy, sha la la la, its so nice to be happy, sha la la la~~~~

Just nw went ktv with my colleagues.. Quite enjoy myself except pardon for my lousy voice.. hahahha... torture you all le..

Humpz.. feel that my hair is dry liao.. time to wash up and zzz.. tml still need to work lo.. Tata...

Will blog again..

~ { 11:34 PM }
reflections of you and me;