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Sunday, August 31

Sunday liao...

still got few more days hubby gg to fly off to USA le..

Gosh.. think need to wait til 17 Nov 08 then can see hubby..

Anyway just for few mths cannot see hubby.. At the meanwhile i need to study hard for my 2 paper sia.. Cannot fail this time..

Friday just took my new passport.. Then went to my braces tightening session.. Gosh this time round super pain lo... Night time went to Mil house to slp.. Cos sat need to go Yellowbie house warming and need to pray pray.. As last day for lunar 7th mth which mean last day for kor kor to come out walk walk le.. haiz..

Anyway friday nite play our usual nite mj.. No luck sia.. sad case..

Sat morning hubby very early went to work.. Then followed by me going to FG house.. Hhahaha.. We two separate do our things.. Met Wendy and her hubby to go Yellowbie house.. Super DUPER NICE!!! Worth what you spend on your reno okie.. Anyway glad to know more neighbours now.. (^.^)v

MIL came at nearly 2+ to pray pray.. After which we two went to hg mall to meet my FSIL (future sister in law) as we three going to Air force open house.. Hei hei.. go spot check hubby..

Din manage to see the air craft show.. Cos RAINING.. Best part is when we left, the air craft show START!!! Kns sia... haiz.. Miss our chance to see the air craft show.. But we managed to see a beautiful rainbow.. Din bring camera out that day so no photo to take.. Haiz.. blur me.

Went to meet BIL to eat dinner at HG mall.. Cant really bite so only "zhou" for me.. Saddie sia.. Need to wait for few more days then i can bite cos i got one rubber band on my left side of teeth.. Guess those had braces done should know which rubber band i referring to.. Pain sia.. and so uncomfy with the band inside my mouth..

But no choice cos my last visit will be in Dec this year.. Due to..


Hei hei hei.. My paper work is almost completed le. Now left my Visa to be chopped on my new passport.. Then awaiting for Jan to come.. v(^0^)v

Now still got quite abit of things for me to do before i going to US.. Need to buy and do lotsa packing.. Cos once hubby come back in Nov, we need to start pack all our stuffs and wait for shipment to deliver our stuffs there.. gosh.. then i still got my exam to take during Dec 08.. Busy busy..

Currently i more busy with my studies.. Haiz.. Why must i be the only one fail F7!!! 4 of us went to take the same paper.. Other 3 passed and i FAIL!!! *faint*

I must pass my F7 and my P1 this sem.. So must jia you jia you.. Yeah.

Ok la.. Quite late le.. Need to go slp soon.. Tml still got class.. Nitey to all..

PS: Yoz Chilli, i updated my blog liao wor.. don complain liao okie.

~ { 8:04 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, August 29

happy birthday
Happy Birthday to my dearest Hubby...

Poor him have to work throughout this weekend cannot enjoy his birthday at all..

Still wanna wish him a happy birthday..

Love you Hubby..

~ { 9:43 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, August 24

Oh well.. Been missing for few days..

But feeling haven been getting any much better..

Super mixed feeling now..

Family issue haven been ok yet.. Only just delay of time..

Right now at my parent house. Ain't feeling any happier.

Just now on cabbie home, tears feel like rolling down.

Two weeks later at this timing, hubby will be at USA..

I want to show strong side in front of people, but its hard.

I know some of you wanting me to share my woes to you.. But when i ok to tell you all, i sure will say.. Now is not the right time for me to tell you..

Saddness i feel, two path and which way i should go, i won't know. Lets wait for time to come.

~ { 10:07 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, August 11

Has anyone come across a situation whereby you make one decision that will change a person life??

Well now currently my situation is kinda complex.. Been undergoing alot of pressure and stress. From tml onwards, i cannot go back to my parent houses for abt 2 weeks. Heng hubby still in sg.. and i can stay over at his parent house with him.. Can imagine how sucky i feel.. Due to some reason i cannot slp at my own mattress, cannot hug my own boaster and cannot slp on my favourite pillow.. >.<

Gosh how i wish the day can come faster.. Though it is hard but the fault is in the person so that person need to bear the outcome.

Feeling so sian now. Don wish to type le.

PS: My photo quota have reached the limit. Thus i will start deleting some of the old photos.

~ { 10:46 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, August 5

Abit long blog with photos..

I trying to upload my photos which i taken during last sat which is 2nd Aug.. Hubby brought me to go take a ride at the Singapore flyer.. As we know that that day is NDP preview, thus sure got beautiful fire works.. Managed to select the correct timing.. Belows are the photos which i took during the ride. Really feel worth the ride, cos we wont be able to see such wonderful fireworks just in front of our eyes.. Even the kids inside the capsule also scream with joys..

Tml i will upload more of the photos.. Cheers..

~ { 8:52 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, August 4

Tml will blog abt the weekend things.. gg to slp cos fall sick le..

~ { 9:31 PM }
reflections of you and me;