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Sunday, July 16

Jul 16
Hello everyone...

Nw is my updates for the week....

Mondae - Work

Tuesdae - Work

Wednesday - Work

Thursday - MC

Friday - Work den play...

kekke.. ok la.. wait you all want to beat me liao... kinda craps rite... okok... Actually nothing much happening la.. except for new discovery that my rite eye got one small vessel burst.. thus make my eye got one red patch.. which it freak my senior and darling.. hahha.. although see the doc le.. whom say that it is normal. bt friday went back office all say not normal... -____-"
Bt gt eye drop and pill to eat la.. so consider still in control ( i think so la)

Sat i rot at home.. Wake up at 10++ am.. watch tv, eat branch, den went back to take nap at 2+pm... wake up again at 5pm.. wah a bit pig sia. bt heng.. my brother oso did tat. so wen mummy come finding us, saw two pigs slping.. hahhaha.. den at nite, darling (although very tired le) come down find me... went to redhill mkt to buy supper... love the roti tissue alot.. yummy.. my favourite.. den darling got hao tan for himself, red bean soup for mummy, prawn mee huan for daddy and sugar cane for both of us.. quite de filling la.. (no wonder i grow so fat nw.. -____________-.. all becos of my darling)

Today ah.. did all my hse work... wait for darling to bring lunch for me.. his mom cooked curry chicken... so pack one for me to eat.. quite nice nice.. (^.^)v
den went to suntec... decided to take public transport today. so he left his second wife at my void deck.. Suntec ma.. hmm... ok la... jus walk lo.. discover one shop for manicure.. wah very big one lo... look posh too.. maybe one day go there with ah von try try.. (ah von should be sneezing nw ba.. ;P) den bought one sticker for my nails.. quite like the design... den shop ard lo.. darling wanted to buy clothes for me.. bt as usual.. din manage to get any... dunno why.. i got the habit of walking into the shop.. den walk out after one round.. i don even bother to flick the clothes to see lo... -__- .. bt darling get use liao la... hahhahaha.. den we went to marina sq eat dinner... after which we went to watch tat starry starry nite.. wah kaoz.. damn lots of ppl lo... PS is more on china ppl... i guess they want to go there hear their country most famous singers sing ba... Ease their tots of hometown... bt the event delay lo... say from 7pm to 7.50pm... -_____-... quite de bad lo.. heard gt one lady fainted... cos really really lots of ppl... no air to breathe sia.. so by 8+ we decided to walk away.. went to eat ice-cream.. bt went we abt to head to the bus stop.. we saw that all ppl seated down... so kinda can watch the show.. so decided to sit down too... one thing i find that even the host gotta ask the china ppl support sg artist.. cos those supporting sg artist is like -___- lo... soooo soft.. not like when china artist come out. the china ppl alll cheer sia... so supporting.. bt by 9.30 we left the place to avoid later jam... and next sunday can watch on tv.. already plan to rot at darling hse next sunday le... nw waiting for darling to reach home... kinda tired le... *yawn*

Ok la.. gtg le.. tata.. nitez to all...

PS: Happy 20th mth annverisary to my FH.... Love you lots... (abuse you lots too.. muahhaha.. oops ;P)

~ { 11:59 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, July 13

Today having such a good weather... bt bt WHY MUST I FALL SICK!!!!!!!!!!!
Been having bloated stomach lately.. den ytd cannot take it le den went see doc...
He say i got gastric flu... -___-
Not due to irregular food timing.. bt is stress... kaoz...
haiz... wtf..
den before i went home, Yao yao spotted my rite eye got a patch of redness... den today no choice bt to see doc...
haiz.. mc liao lo..
The doc say my eye got one small vessel burst so thats why got red patch... haiz..
Gastric haven ok den come this thing... kns...
nw rotting at home... sooo boring sia.. haiz... cannot complain la.. cos my colleagues still at work.. wait kana killed by them...
haiz.. i go face the wall le la.. tata...

*let me recover ba*

~ { 2:40 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, July 2

Jus nw went to read my frens blog.. den oso think of those which i read online.. one thing i notice... is this the way for us to let others noe our neg tots? i seen so many fuck la.. shit la... damn it la... in the blog... bt one funny thing... the more they write... the more ppl is reading... wats up with us?? ppl scold fuck we enjoy reading... kaoz.. dunno wats wrong with us... or maybe me??

I guess through blog, i can know hws my fren doing... know what they are thinking... i might not be a good blogger... bt i guess i am a good blog reader ba.. in the past i got quite a few of blog to read... den share with my darling or frens on whats happening.. bt nowsaday ppl like to shift here and there.. so all the link all gone... haiz... if they stay at one blog isnt it nice... more ppl can read rite... shit sia... cannot peep into ppl life liao... ;P ok la... i know its kinda bad (or isnt not) bt anyway shift shift lo... no big deal... jus one less blog to read... hahahhaha...

I saw so many blog and i think tat quite a few did a great job of maintaining it... giving updates in their lives... fotos for ppl to view... tots to share with others... bt hor.... some ang mo so chim that i cant understand... maybe need to take my dictorary out liao la... kaoz... -_____-

i looking for more nice blog to read... so anyone care to show me theirs.. pls put your link in my shoutout... will soon go visit.. muahahhaha..

~ { 2:32 PM }
reflections of you and me;