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Saturday, September 29

I am back
Hello All.. I AM BACK.. hahahah

Been away for fews days. Din blog for 4 days liao.. lol.. I am back in action now. (^.^)v

What i did for these few days ah. Ermmmm..

Wed: Went for my audit class. I love my audit. Cos i understand what my lecturer is toking abt. Wahhaha.. Sense of achievement. (^.^)/~~ Then keep msg hubby.. Cos he went for his surgery for his two wisdom tooth.. Worried abt him. Poor Hubby..

Thurs: Packed my bag and went to hubby house after eating lunch cooked by my mummy.. Yummy.. Meet hubby at Rivervale Mall cos he need to get his hair cut. I went to KFC to wait for him.. Well as my MIL work in KFC.. So i jus bought one ice lemon tea to drink.. But but my MIL pay for it.. (-___-) and she bought drumlet for me to eat.. Wah spicy sia. ~(>.<)~ Faster ask hubby to come resue me.. Scare wait MIL buy some more food for me to eat.. MIL cooked delicious dinner for us to eat.. Yummy.. Love to eat Ma you ji.. Yummy.. esp the ginger.. lol.. I LOVE GINGER!!! <--- Hubby joke that next time don need to worry during giving birth to our children liao.. Cos i will sure eat the ginger.. (-__-) crazy hubby..

Fri: Need to go do something at the CPF Board.. So hubby bring me to Tampinese CPF there. (Poor hubby sick liao so need to bring this ma fan wife ard) After that wait for MIL to arrive cos Hubby gg to treat her eat dinner.. Kekkeke.. Meanwhile we went to Century sq to walk walk.. Bought two clothes from Giordano @ 50% off.. Lol.. *Cheap Cheap* MIL arrived and Wah.. My MIL hip sia. She wear til very chio lo.. I got one trendy MIL.. Hhahaha.. *Pretty* We walk walk ard Tampinese mall.. Final decision is to go bring her eat Fish and Co.. Well well.. We ordered Seafood platter for two and sambal fish.. Well poor hubby cant eat fast.. and need to chew super careful.. tsk tsk.. Ate for abt 1 hr and we decide to go Tampinese Gaint. Took bus 27 go there.. Wah super BIG wor.. (0_0) Then we swap to IKEA and found couple of idea there.. Kekkee.. Finally bought the IKEA CHICKEN WINGS and headed back to hubby home..

Sat: Woke up ard 12 noon.. Decided to play abit of Maple.. Kekkeke.. 20% liao.. Weee.. (^.^)v After our late late lunch.. We headed back to my house.. Wah on the way back.. We saw one accident.. One Bridal car and one car.. Wah the bridal car sure so heng sia.. Tio accident. (-__-) Saw mummy digging soil and decide to help her out.. She wanna plant Tomato.. Hahah.. Cute mummy.. Hubby brought his notes to read.. So we all separate do our own things.. Now he reach his own house liao so i can finally BLOG.. Yeah yeah..

Thats above explain my missing in action lo..

Now i want to go maple le.. tata.. Nitey to all.. Muacks..

PS: Jenny don need to miss me liao.. Cos i am BACK... hahhahaa...

~ { 11:56 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, September 25

Happy Mooncake Festival to all

中 秋 節 快 樂

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all... (^-^)/~

Some information regarding this festival (found it from http://kevdesign.com/midautumnfestival/):


Origins:During the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), the 15th day of the eighth lunar month was designated as the Mid-Autumn Festival. During the Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century - 256 BC), the night of the roundest moon of the year was an occasion for the Chinese to hold rituals to greet the cool weather and sacrifice to the Moon Goddess. By the Tang Dynasty ( AD 618 - 907) merry-making had become part of the festival, as had watching the moon rise and enjoying its full, silvery light. In Details:When did this festival first begin? No exact date can be found in historical documents, but scholars assume that it is related to 2 customs in China.
The first custom concerns farmers. China is an agricultural country, and farming is closely related to the seasons. In ancient times, farmers worshipped the Earth God to pray for a good harvest, when they sowed the seeds in spring. This was known as spring worship. During autumn, farmers also worshipped the Earth God to thank him for giving them a good harvest. This was known as autumn reward. Since the 15'" month of the 8th month is the time when rice paddies are harvested, some people believe that the Mid Autumn Festival came from the autumn reward ritual.

The second custom concerns worship of the moon. According to astronomy, the Mid Autumn Festival occurs at the autumn equinox. At this time, the sunlight shines vertically on the equator, equally dividing the day and night in both the southern and northern hemispheres. The moon appears in the evening with gentle winds and light clouds. This is the best time to watch the moon. People later made this day, the day to worship the moon.

The Moon FairyLady - 'Chang Er'
Many years ago, there was a king in China. He was a brave man who did lots of belifits to the people. He admired a beautiful girl and made her stay in the palace so that he could see her whenever he wanted. But, the girl did not like the frightful figure of the king. She seldomly spoke a word in the palace. Each time the king went to her place, he used to show her some treasures and brought some gifts to the girl in order to make her smile and speak.

On every full moon, the girl would burned incenses and wax candles to worship the moon. People believed that there was a god lived in the moon that made the moon shine. Girls who wanted to be a beauty and have a handsome husband should worship the moon.

One day, the full moon of the eighth month, the king brought three herbs pills to show her.
"This is from the priest of the palace. If I eat them up, I can live forever." He exclaimed.
This was the first time the girl stuffs he brought.
He continued,"If you and I both take one, we will both live forever. No one can take you away from me!"

Because the king afraid of the pills would have side effects. He forced the girl to take the pill first. If nothing wrong with her after taking the pill, he would take it immediately. However, the girl recognized that if she took all three of them, the king would left her eventually. Therefore, the first time, she spoke to the king,"Let me have a look of the pills first. Otherwise, I will not try at all."

The king surprisingly the girl talked to him. So, he handed the pills to the girl. She did not say anything but eat all of them. The king was extremely angry. He wanted to kill her.At this moment, the girl started to fly. She could fly because of the intake of the pills. The king could not catch her, but watched her flew toward the moon and disappeared.

After that, people believed that there was a beautiful girl stay in the moon with a little old man and a bunny. The old man was believed to be the god inside the moon and the bunny was his pet. Day after day, Chinese believed that there were people lived in the moon. Their movement made the dark spot when we looked up to the moon. People used to worship the girl to glorify her chastity. So, on every full moon of the mid-Autumn became a festival in order to memorize her.

~ { 6:28 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, September 24

Noon time went to Hubby house. Cos i left my Law txtbk at his house. Lol. Blur me. ~>.<~ But oso not bad, kekek, can accompany hubby lunch and til he off for work. He drop me at Compasspoint cos i want to buy the Swenson mooncake. Me once reach home and very fast taste the mooncake le. Well my comment on the mooncake - (personnal view only) The ice-cream nice. But the outing as in the skin. Not nice. Me and my mom don like it. Oh ya. One thing that had been bothering my hubby for two days. I not sure if any of you got encounter la. Is that do you all realise that one can of Chrysanthemum tea drink can worth $1.60??? Jus a normal cold drink wor. Vol is jus 330ml wor.

Well he was waiting for me at redhill mrt station so he went to one numbered shop to buy drink. He tot that the price is wrong, but wen the cashier told him is $1.60. He freaking got a shock of his life. I told him that ok la. Now the drink really quite ex. Then last nite we went to cold storage, one 500ml drink cost us $0.90 only. Well of cos it trigger his anger again. Hahaha. He asking me whether can take foto of it and send to Stomp. hmmm..

I tell him that in future he want to buy drink, check the price 1st lo. What to do. This is not what we can control of. This post oso serve as a reminder to you guys.... Don be like my hubby, so heartache abt one can of drink. (-__-)/~

Hmmm.. later will be gg into maple to see see look look.. Hhaha.. got ppl feedback to my hubby that she very long no see me online. Miss me la. Hahhaha.. Cute Nutty.. Will go in tonite.. No worries..

~ { 6:42 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, September 23

Foul mood
Well well.. My cough got better.. In fact jus maybe once or twice now. So consider recover.. YEAH~~~~~~~~~

Ytd met hubby at Redhill MRT to go TBP. He wants to watch movie but the timing we go is like bu san bu si. So we gave up the movie. Anyway i din see any movie that really catch my interest. Hei hei. We went to food court to eat some food. Finally i got to drink cold drink. After one whole week of no cold drink. hei hei. (^.^)v

We proceed to go chinatown. Go there for nothing. Lol. cos we no place to go la. So anyhow take train then get off train. Well we discover there is one lady street at the pearl centre basement. Kinda cold in there. Maybe not many shops open thats why i feel cold la.. (-__-")

Then we went to see SA Tour got offer any good deal ma. In the end discovered that there is NO PRICE STATED.. Kaoz. (-_-)v Hubby did offer that he let me go Korea trip with Von and others. But i told him that we push to 2009 cos i need to complete my studies cum all of us need to save $$ to go there. kekekek..

Dinner we went to Vivo Earl's Swenson to eat.. Of cos i wont miss out their salad buffet bar la. Specially ordered one person salad buffet jus to eat the salad. Lol. Can imagine how much i love to eat veg. Lol. (^.^)v

After that went to meet the rest at Superdog. Cos we gg to meixian house. Yeah. Got a ride from Jiekun and Jenny. Thank you oh.. Giving us a ride. (^.^)/~

We played Wii sport. Well final conclusion : Not buying Wii le. Lol. Hhahahaa.. Cos the game abit errmm not my type la. lol. Anyway so think will settle for Camera cum DS lite.. Lol.. I am thinking whether to sell off my PSP. But this i am not that sure of it la. Still thinking. Hahaha.

Back to meixian house. Wah alot of ppl lo. Thank you Meixian and Henry for the host. Keke. They are good host wor. Having fun seeing ppl playing monopoly (dunno correct spelling ma) and mahjong. Quite excited to see the guys playing the games. hahhaa.

Today wake up with my right hand muscle ache. dotx to the extreme lo. Play Wii oso can have muscle ache. So weird of me sia. Too long no exercise liao la.

Hubby brought me to Ikea to eat my favourite chicken wings and we browse through Ikea to get idea for our flat. Need to see for renovation idea liao la.. No choice. After that we went to Ancherpoint to shop. Wah the basement kinda WAH~~~ feeling. After renovation seem quite nice. Though not much shop open yet. But can foresee the bright future of it la. Hhahahah. Hubby bought Cookie from subway for me to eat. Hahhaa. Within few hours i clear two of my craving. Ikea chicken wings and Subway Chocolate Chip. Yeah yeah.. Thank you Hubby.. Muackz..

Hmmm i gg to watch my tv liao.. Blog other time ok.. Tata.. Nitey to all..

PS: Ya i wont change my blog link le.. though i really cannot remember my blog link la.. lol.. Blur me.. (>.<")

~ { 9:16 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, September 21

Should i or shouldnt i
Hey i need some advice..

Recently i been thinking hor.. Whether to change my blog link to something simple.

Cos hor. I cannot even remember my blog link.. Gosh i si bei blur one lo. Even i remember, i might not able to spell it at times. Yes i am saying the truth.

So do you think if i change to www.jasminan.blogspot.com better or remain the same?? Why jasminan = Jasmina Ng.. lol.. Lame i know..

Can any kind souls willingly to advice me on this. Thank you in advance oh..

~ { 10:42 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, September 19

Bike and Van Accident
These fotos by rite i should have posted it earlier on.. But by left.. I lazy la.. Been busy with my sicken-ing cough and battle with the ARGH phlegm. Tsk tsk.. Don mention that any more.. later then tok abt it.. Back to the FOTOS~~~~~~~~~

Actually this happen on 17 Sept.. Yes some more is during 5pm ++ .. Got caused a bit of traffic jams. Buses are not able to pass through.

Quite surprise when mummy told me got accident just behind our blk cos i din heard any crash sound. All these fotos i took from my hse.. 6 Storey. I zoomed in to take closer look.

Red bike and the white van
The injured motorist.. T.T
Waited quite long then came TWO Ambulances.
Jam jam jam and JAM
Finally got one person named TP arrived. Last to arrive.. (-__-)
Mummy saw me taking fotos and said i crazy.. Kapo daughter wahhahaha.. Aiya, i took foto cos i want to post let readers see wat.. Humps.

Anyway really quite happening surrounding my neighbourhood. One of my neighbour recently months had GONE CRAZY. I mean REAL CRAZY MAN. He would slam the door in the middle of the nite. Some more is keep slamming and scolding at thin air. Gone insane. (actually i suspect he is the one causing my kor to have not enuff slp that lead to my kor death. Feeling is getting stronger regarding this. Hope my kor go and haunt him.. *bad jas*) Think abt last mth, out of sudden he appear in front of my door with a HAMMER. Scared the hell out of my family. Got one uncle happened to be at my hse accompany my parent chatting. We all tried to calm him down. But he so worked up. Claiming that my dad borrowed money from him and refuse to pay. SHIT lo. WHEN ON EARTH my DAD go and BORROW money FROM YOU THIS STUPID IDIOT CRAZY MAN!!!! No choice, my mom gave him $40 (which he claim the amt tat my dad borrowed) and quickly lock the gate.

Actually i suspect he is not really crazy at this pt, cos he got the cheek to tell us that: "Go ahead to call police lo, even police wont able to deal with me. I can claim i am crazy, then they sure let me off. Go ahead and report lo." <-- Will a crazy man able to think so detail?? I doubt so.

Anyway after he left with the $40, i managed to find his older sister number. I instantly called and FCUK her up through the phone. Of cos la, her brother is a dangerous man ok. And i damn freaking angry with her attitude lo. She totally don wanna to get bother by the issue. Claiming if you all want to call the police, go call lo. I oso cannot do anything. Wah kaoz. KNS. PUI. This is your brother lo. How come got this type of sister. Tsk tsk. Anyway i told her off and expecting that she PAY BACK THE $40 BUCKS WHICH SHE DIN!!!! Si bei angry with her. I told her if anything happen to my family, she will have to watch out. I sure hold her for responsible.

Think is ytd, this crazy uncle got caught by police. Nope not we called the police. Though he did came to my hse early morning to scold my father. <-- of cos for no reason again. Is the Econ uncle who called the police. Cos Crazy man throw water bag down straight and directly hit the opps blk Econ shop. Pro sia. tsk tsk. Then Crazy run off. (Clever rite, throw liao then ran away. Dont seem crazy to me. ) In late evening, heard that Crazy went to Econ to scold Econ Uncle, and they FOUGHT. End up, Police came lo. And took the CRAZY away.

Finally Peace had arrived. Hope that he can be sent to Mental Hospital lo. Seriously he need medical treatment. Totally lost when he came threatening my family. Now my kor gone, no one to protect us. Though i got hubby, but he is so far away from us, by the time he reach, maybe we will be beaten?? There are times, we still helpless.. Haiz.. Sad case.

Back to my sickness. Now even my mom buay tahan with my cough. She want me to go see doc again tml.. Humpz.. Think will guai guai go see ba.. Wat to do.. The cough is getting worse. But i feel that at least i can cough abit of the phlegm out.. Is that good news or bad news?? Not sure. Need to see the doc then can confirm. Gotta spend money again. Sian..

Oh well, jus now after my class, went to meet ah von for dinner. Went to bugis and ate at dunno wat the name of that resturant that sell pasta, locating near TCC shop. hahaha.. I ordered Prawny pasta. Which turn out to be SPICY ONE. Kaoz. My dear von some more ordered warm water for me. So SPICY + WARM WATER = BUAY TAHAN SIA.. But still manage to eat full la.. Hope the spicy feeling can kill the germs in my body.. Yeah.. After that we went to Starbucks to la kopi. Of cos i use free voucher.. hahahha.. save $$.. I played von von NDS.. hahaha.. find that i super stupid in the game.. lol.. Nvm. During the dec chalet, i can play play and play her game.. Whahahaha.. (^.^)v

Ok la.. I think i very low so.. Out of sudden, today write so long blog. But no summary oh.. Sibei lazy la.. Try to read your own ok.. Guai hor..

Poor Hubby still working at this hours.. Worked since today 11am til now still refuse to let him off.. Poor Hubby.. (T.T)

Tata all.. Me gg to surf other ppl blog le.. Nitey to all oh.. (^.^)/~

PS: Thanks alot to those that wish me to recover soon. I oso hope so too.. I will take good care to get my health back to good shape.. Thank you thank you.. *Hugz*

~ { 10:33 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, September 18

I hate it~~~~~~~ i want my cough to GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seem like the phlegm did not decrease as it SUPPOSE to be. Haiz. Now really gotta rely on the mediciation. But the medicine is getting lesser liao. gg to finish the dose that the doctor prescribe. Worse come to worse will need to see the doc again. (T.T)

~ { 7:59 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, September 16

Sunday wor
Ytd hubby came to bring me go see doctor.. Hmmm.. The doc suspect that is asthma. So ask me to continue to use my Accuhaler. In addition, he prescrible to me one cough syrup and one to clear my airway. Tsk tsk. (-__-")

Now got 3 "NO" in my life... Sian ah.. No Chicken, No Ice drinks, No Ice-cream. ~>.<~

Gotta stay away from them til my sickness recover.. Haiz...

Hubby today went collect our Citibank cards. Yup two more bai mei card in my wallet. hahahha.. for show only.. Not for use.. hahah.. (^.^)

He oso buy vitmins C pills for me to eat.. gosh.. everyday must eat at least one pill.. haiz.. Wat to do.. My body immune system too weak, so gotta use the pill liao lo..

Hopefully by next sat will be recovered.. Cos got gathering at Meixian House.. I want to play Wii.. hahaha..

Ok la.. next week is another busy week for me.. Got 4 days lesson again. hmmm.. Tml will be morning Law lesson.. (Y.Y) k la. me gg to watch Romantic Princess now le. Got my ah chun chun in it..

Tata.. Nitey to all.. Sweet dreams. (^.^)b

~ { 10:45 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, September 15

Still sick


So sian.. In fact it getting worse starting from wednesday to now. At this timing i should be praying hard for time to pass faster in my TAX class lo. But i really too sick to go class. Msg Crystal early in the morning to say i sick, cannot go. Sad case. Need to borrow the notes from her next week to copy le..

STUPID Cough!!!

Oh jus some updates wat happening in my life ytd.

Went to class for my audit from 2-5pm.. then went to meet my frens to go to Molly hse in tampanies for bbq.. Yeah.. hahahha.. Reach her hse abt 8pm.. Her maid already start helping us to bbq the food.. Yummy..

Molly's daughter made delicious Pasta and one dish using Top - Shell.. Wah super nice lo.. Hmmm.. Her maid made nice Mee siam.. Yen yen and i starting teasing saying that if we want to hire maid, should send to Molly hse for training.. (^.^)v

We had some photo taking too..

Blur fotos.. hahaha.. cos using my N80 to take..

Me and yen.. I look so sian.. hahaha

Yao yao and Huiping.. kekeke..

Me and Ping~~~~

Shulin, Ping, Yao, Me and Yen.. (^.^)v

While others were busy with eating or bbq-ing. We all so busy with photo session.. Got some more in Yao's camera. Will need to get from her.. Hmmm.. This make me wanna get one camera.. sob sob..

~ { 12:24 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, September 13

This week got 4 day classes. So quite tired la. Total lessons for this week: 5 lessons. Tsk tsk. Brain juice gg to use finish soon. (T.T)

Yes according to my mood pix, i am sick AGAIN!!!!

But this time round is cough. Abit belonging to asthma type if i not wrong. Happened to talk to Juztine AKA Yongxiang, on the phone ytd, i mention to him abt my condition. He say might be asthma. So advise me to bring my Accuhaler with me everytime. Haiz. Dunno wats wrong with my body. Hope it faster recover.. *Pray pray*

I been watching Taiwan Channel rather than SG channel for quite a long time liao. No choice wat. Cos SG variety show not so exciting like Taiwan variety show wat. Cum my idols shows is now showing in taiwan so of cos the more i will watch rite. Lol. (^.^) *ah chun chun and jiro*

Happened that got this news from the taiwan side. Gosh i watch liao oso feel very pissed off by the news. If you got read Wan bao last nite, there is this small article that wrote abt one father force his son to committe sucide with him. I watched the news last nite at SCV channel 52. Wah that father hor. OMG. He want to die should not bring his son along wat. His son is jus merely 13 years old this year wor. According to his form teacher, he was a cheerful guy and loves to play sports. Even represent his sch for quite a number of sports events. Everywhere or anywhere they see the boy, he always have bright smile on his face. Gosh!!! How can a father be so evil!!!!!

The boy is so innocent lo. He don't wish to die yet being forced by his father. He did escape once from death, as his father did ask him to committe sucide with him before. Yet this time round he is so unlucky, unable to escape the hand of his devil father. That devil father ruined his own marriage by having mistress outside. Yet being conned by that mistress, he want to have his wife back. Due to his wife refuse (of cos even i am the one i will REFUSE TOO!!) he use many ways to threaten his wife. One of them is sucide (which he did it and bring along his son). The mother cannot believe that her youngest son is dead. Can you imagine how a mother will feel. haiz. Feel so sorry for that mother. ~(>.<)~

Sometime really very puzzled with lives. How come there are parents killing their own children?? There are oso quite a number of cases of single mom's bf are the one killing that child too. Why they take lives so lightly?? Some ppl don't wish to die, yet due to sickness or road accident (like my brother), they had to leave behind their beloved ones. How they wish they can live longer.. Some ppl want to live longer, yet some ppl want to end their lives. Ppl are so funny.

I love the quote from some animal show : "Snakes, tigers or lions are not the one dangerous, the most dangerous animals on earth are humans."

Don't you all agree with it??

Well guess my this post is kinda full of unhappiness. Most of all i will like to say. No matter how hard is your live is, do think of the bright side. Though its hard, but there will be ppl surrounding you to offer their kind hand to you. Dont treat live so lightly, there are ppl wanting to live, yet they cant. So pls. Do treasure your live and ppl surrounding you.

~ { 12:02 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, September 11

Hey friends out there, I have come across this webbie: http://www.advertlets.com/

Actually I have already visited this website twice, oh well; it may sounds like a scam to lots of people out there.

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~ { 8:57 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tired day
Sorry. This week might be not blogging that much. Cos this week sch schedule abit pack. So wont be having times for blogging. Will try to blog when i not that tired. (0_0)

Tip: Dont eat fruits after the sun set. Cos our body will retain water in our body causing our body to look FAT!!!

~ { 6:37 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, September 9

Sunday le
Ytd went to orchard walk walk. 1st stop for us is always PS. Cos i got direct bus, Hubby took NEL so direct reach there too. Good rite.. Lol.

We walk ard PS and there is this competition gg on. Wah super noisy lo. Sian. But Hubby and me went to Espirit shop to see got any clothes to buy. Cos Hubby intend to buy clothes for me. None of them interest me. In the end Hubby bought two tees for himself. (^_^) After that my feet got pain. I wear new shoes go out (the heels i bought with Yilin and Von). Heng i got bring Plasters go out. Paste a few on my feet. haiz.

Then we went to OG and Centrepoint walk. Actually din walk much in there. Nothing to buy sia. (-___-)

I tot of buying some mask for mummy. She been asking me to help her get it wenever i got go shopping. So went to Wistma buy. After which we went to Fish and Co to have our dinner. As usual, Hubby order Sambal Fish. I got Grilled salmon. Oh ya i fall in love with the fried calamari. Gosh super nice lo. Yummy.

After dinner tot of gg home, then got one call from Barui. He say go his hse for mj. We took bus down straight. But due to some problem happening in between. We din manage to play Mj. Went home to change my clothes and shoes. Finally feel so relieve. hahah.. (^.^)v

Took cab with Hubby to his hse. Play MJ with MIL, BIL and his gf. Gosh play til abt 2am. Lost $6. hahha. cos we play small small one wat. Then have small chat with Hubby before slp.

Today morning, woke up discover i am the 2nd earliest, (FIL went to work so he is 1st la) so tot went back for some more slp lo. Woke up abt 11++ then went for my wash up. Watch Xiao Ding Tang. Yesh i still love to watch Anime. Then 2nd round of MJ. This time round lost $1. Lol. Din have luck for this week. Hmmm.. Try again other time.

Went to Tian tian steamboat for dinner. Din really like it. Cos the taste is not the same then what i had in the past. SO disappointed.

I find that some resturant tend to have this problem. When they just start their biz, the food taste great. But as times grows, the taste getting worse. Dunno why. Is it they din make effort in their food?? Haiz. Not jus advertisement will pull in customers, but to have others to recommend thats the best way. Don think ppl have this same concepts as mine la. hmmm..

Ok la.. gg to go surf other ppl blog le. Help them to have higher visitor counts. Kekek. Today my counter is LOW.. sian sian sian...

~ { 10:43 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, September 8

Sat liao
Yeah finally sat had arrived.. hahha. But hor, my hubby is still slping!!!! Gosh i am suspecting he is born in the year of pig rather than in year of rat sia. He more pig then me lo. Hmmm.

Anyway so happy that he promise to bring me to orchard walk walk. Well maybe some of you may think: "siao ah, you study at orchard area now go orchard walk walk so happy for wat. Buay sian mey. Crazy gal. (-___-") " <-- actually you may think how will i know what my fren is thinking abt, but hey, i know some of my fren quite well one wor. Their thinking can figure out easily. Lol..

I am happy cos, got hubby accompany me wat. Hahaha, xin fu xin fu. But all these gotta wait for him to wake up then confirm timing with me. Scare he slp til 2pm sia. Then meet up sure super damn late one. haiz. He oso say may bring me to bowling. Dunno true or not ley. Pray hard its true!!! (^_^)

Well better end my blog here for today. Will blog abt wats happening soon.. Take care and enjoy your weekend ok.. Cheers to all of my frens and readers.

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Friday, September 7

Terrible weather
Gosh i am melting le. Yes melting rite inside my hse. Today weather is super duper hot lo. Wondering if i put a pan out in the sun with an egg in it, will it be cooked?? High chance yes ba.

Well today is friday liao. Time flies. Next week start and i have lesson during weekend. Omg. Fainting liao sia.

Hmmm later MX gg for her braces le.. Hope she will not be soo in pain after that. Cos i think putting braces should be painful at the first few weeks. So Jia you ok..

Actually i oso want and wish to put on braces. Cos i hate my teeth. Soo ugly. Haiz. But currently i still studying so unable to afford such expensive things. Need to wait til i work and save up ba. Or if possible, got strike 4D big big then able to put. *pray hard let me strike 4D ba*

Before gg to put on braces, i decided to extract off my final two wisdom tooth. That one will sure cost me quite alot. Haiz. Cos those two are the bottom wisdom tooth. sian liao lo. Extract sure is abt few hundred each liao.. All things in this world need money. Yet i cannot afford them. Si bei sian.

Any lobang for work ma?? Part time one. Seriously no income very jialat wor. Hubby got his own load to be fan with. Then how can i ask him for things that is way for my own lesure. This is a NO NO. We two have agreement that for braces, i will be paying myself. Cos the cost is way out of topic and we need to save for our new house and wedding. Now i am not able to contribute to our new house already very bad le. If still ask him for money on these, i will be very very bad.

Maybe this nov i gg to tell my dental to refer me to SGH dental for queuing. hmmm..

Ok la.. Weather too hot for my brain to work. Gg to surf net le.. Tata..

PS: Anyone can share how they got ad through Nuffnang ma??


Back for some more blog. Wah i think confirm there is something wrong with me. Jus now hubby say tml bring me go orchard walk walk. Maybe go for bowling too. Cos i told him i sibei sian and moody too. He understand me so say bringing me out tml la. Hopefully i can cheer up abit. I keep feeling a heavy load in my heart. Or should i say inside me. I siao liao ba. Haiz..

Sian ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, September 6

Mooncake festival is coming soon. So guess quite a few family gg to order or thinking what to had. Well personally i don really like those traditional mooncake. Due to the filling sometime tend to be too sweet, after maybe one or two bite i will not want to continue eating.

When i working in PSA, i remember having alot of mooncake ard me. Omg. Faint. Though got ppl giving us to eat, but i really dunno how to appreciate mooncake. But i forgotten who intro to me. Goodwood Park Hotel, D24 durian mooncake. Quite costly abt $40++ for 4 pieces. However the taste is good and real D24 durian is being used. The meat is tasty. Worth the price.

This year not working liao. Thus cannot buy so ex mooncake liao la. (T.T) *bye bye D24 mooncake*

So another choice for me will be ice-cream mooncake. kekekek.. I found out that Swensen got intro new ice-cream mooncake. So while i browsing the webbie, http://www.swensens.com.sg , got three attact my eyes. hahahah..

Sticky Chewy Chocolate
Chocoholics, satisfy all cocoa cravings, be it dark or white, with our all time favorite Sticky Chewy Chocolate flavor and sensational white chocolate shavings!
Durian Connoisseurs of the legendary spiky fruit will surely appreciate the distinctive taste and aroma of durians.

Peachy Mango Vanilla

Enjoy the complementary blend of Vanilla and refreshing Mango flavors with bites of peach chunks

Hmm.. Thinking should i go and buy?? Looks quite nice to me. This year swensen have disney character mooncake too. Mickey and Minni, Winnie the Pooh.

Prices is as followed: Disney mooncake, $15.90 for a box of 2. Pastry Skin Ice Cream Mooncakes: $21.90 for a box of 4 with any 2 flavors. Chocolate coated ice cream mooncakes: $28.90 for a box of 4 with choice of any flavor.

HSBCCreadit card holders will enjoy 15% off. 10% or 15%* off with OCBC and DBS/POSB credit cards. (*min purchase of 3 boxes and above)

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Wednesday, September 5

Server down??
Tot today Nuffnang server down but now ok liao. Keke.

Well i had some changes in my blog skin if any of you got notice. i ask hubby best buddy, Junhan, to help me on this. IT expert la. Me so noob in this type of things. Still got alot for me learn. (^.^)v

Thank you Han.. (^.^)/~

Must ask hubby to learn how to make blog skin. Then ask him to custom make one for me. Hmmm. *evil jas*

Ok la need to go make my things le. Today got audit class. Pray hard i don fall aslp in class. Cos audit very very dry one wor. haiz.

Tata. Blog update later.

I am back for more le.. hahaha.. Got take some fotos jus now. Better upload now before i forget.

Hmm.. When can i have my dinner.. Dear buddha, let the time goes faster. Thank you.

My dinner.. Chicken foldover meal cost me $6.10.. Mac getting so ex le.. (-__-)

Yen yen meal. Cost her $7+ .. Ex wor.

Hai eat so little thing. Belong to our dearest Liwen. (GL accountant)

Yao yao meal.. Mac Spicy..

Yeah me and yen yen.. Take before the MRT move..

Yao yao and me~~~ smile (^.^)

Hey my head not heavy ok.. hahhaa..

Well today went to office to meet the gals.. tok to Huiping while waiting.. But this make her delay in doing her work. tsk tsk. Me so bad.. (>.<)

But heard that she got read my blog.. Thank you so much.. Muack~~

Went to Harbourfront Mac to eat dinner. With liwen, yen yen and yao yao.. Eh surprise to see why no liwen foto rite. Cos she din take the same transport with us.. During our gossip timing, heard she got one hamster. Xiao hei. hahha. no la.. she gave a very pro and chim name. But don ask me wat. cos i only rem is jap language for carrot. (-__-) Poor hamster.

Anyway we talk for quite long til abt 9++ then go off. Reach home, on my pc to check my nuffnang count and my cbox. kekke. i very prompt one ok. will try to reply ppl asap.

Been trying to upload fotos since 10pm. sian. now already 11.47pm and i finally got the fotos up. tsk tsk..

Ok la.. don blog le.. need to get ready to watch my x-family. Tata.. Nitey to all.. (^.^)v

Summary: Today go audit, then go meet liwen, yen yen and yao yao for dinner. Ate Mac for dinner, took mrt with yao yao and yen yen. Reach home and start upload fotos.

~0The end0~

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Tuesday, September 4

Blog updates
Seriously i will like to take this chance to say to those taking TP, or driving on road ppl. Pls pls, there is a thing call zebra crossing. This road safety thingy is for us, who is using bus 11 (our legs). We do not have metal to protect us like you as a driver had.

Gosh i cannot understand lo. Why ppl after taking their TP got license liao then forget all the lesson they took in sch??

Freaking pissed off by these type of ppl ok. Esp those who know me well, know that i freaking hate cars that din follow rules. Maybe due to my body had 13 scars ard my body to remind me of the idiot car accident i had in Poly year 2.

Jus now coming home got one idiot car (SGS 7467 H) jus din bother to see me waiting to cross the zebra crossing and jus zoom off.. WTF. So wat having a new car. So in hurry to make baby is it. KNS. PUI!!!!!!!

Mood a bit ruin by this. Haiz.. Anyway i am too tired liao la. So very easy get angry with such things. tsk tsk.
Today morning chiong to sch sia.. dotx.. cos i got stomache last min in the morning before i leave home. Heng today mom help put my breakfast in my bag and i chiong out once i got ready. Haiz. By the time reach the class, suay, the lecturer start liao.. And she even comment abt late comers.. ARGH!!! 1st time late then got this. Kns. But as usual her class is sooo boring. That we got this feeling that 1 min = 1 hour, thus we been in the class for like 180 hrs~~~ hahaha.. the three of us boring la. So tried to take fotos in class. But who knows. Only my N80 take foto got sound one.. Who can help me in this. How to make it silent mode?? I tried putting my profile in silent mode le.. still cannot. Anyone can help me?? hahha so i can take foto in class without being caught. This is my teacher.. in orange clothes.. kkekee..

Crystal and me.. hahaha.. This is in tax class la.. hahaha.. She is my 1st fren in ACCA oh.. Thanks buddha that i having same law and tax class with her.. Cos she very cute and fun to be with. hahaha.. Serious student oh.. Don play play..

Kekke.. Me too hungry during the class, so once got break, drag crystal with me to 7 - 11 to buy food.. But this foto is taken accidently. Cos i play ard with my phone to explore the silent mode for camera.

well well.. this is the two foto i found in my hp.. forget to take out to post. hahah.. My Long Long Best Buddy - Peiting.. Know each other for 17 years liao.. Sometime think back really quite unbelievable. Time flies.. But still like to talk to her. hahha.. cos since primary sch we been sticking to each other like glue.. hahaha.. But since gg to sec sch, we are drifted apart with each other.. So now manage to connect back. Best feeling. hahaha..

Hmmm... Think i been talking alot.. Omg.. ok ok.. better stop now..

hahhaa.. tata..

Summary: Today got one stupid car driver din let me cross zebra crossing. Then had law and tax lesson. Trying find ways to get my HP camera into silent mode wen taking fotos. Next is talking abt my long long best buddy Peiting. Yup. Thats the end of my blog. Tata oh.

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Monday, September 3


As promised, fotos uploaded.. This is where we eat our dinner, 11 members : From the left front clockwise, Weide, Mingsen, Peiting, Meixia, Junming, Zhengyu, Meirun, Meixian, Me, Dexiang and Weiqiang.

Candid shot by our dearest Weiqiang. Hahaha.. Naughty as before.

Foto taken at Villa Bali, Cosy as it can be seen. In here can see missing Peiting but additional of Huixiong (guy in green tee) and Jiekun (standing behind Huixiong and Zhengyu). Great to see all of the frens. Happy ^^

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Sunday, September 2

Long blog
Today will be long blog again.. lol.. But will try write summary for today ok.. For the sake of the two zha bo..

Well well.. Ytd went to hubby hse in the afternoon with goodies.. Want to feed him fat fat, but in the end i am the one eating most.. Hmmm.. Not a good sign.
Then abt 6pm we set off to Marine Parade to eat hubby bday dinner.. Went to eat Jap buffet. Omg i see liao i sian.. Cos friday nite jus ate with Von and Lin. Not jus me sian la, hubby oso sian. Hahaha. But still ate quite a bit la, cos FIL pay $$ liao, can don eat mey. (-__-)

Me choose all the ex ex one to eat, but din really eat alot. Really cannot fill into my stomach. Then after dinner, all of us went to Parkway Parade walk. Funny thing is all three couples (Parent in laws, Brother in law and Gf, me and hubby) walk separate ways. Hahha. Hubby and i went to Gaints to buy some stuffs, after which he bring me to Giordano to see anything to get ma. Well initially thinking of getting one white clothes, but din have my size, so jus bought two normal printed tees to wear. Thanks hubby.

Today i went out with my BMPS frens, kinda feel delighted to see them. Cos some of them not so often can be seen la.. Hhahhaa.. like to MIA alot. Even though we got some msn contacts, but we oso hardly chat with each other. I guess frens are like this, we don talk or see so often, but we still care for each others. Thats wat frens are for.

We went to harbourfront eat Spizza. Yummy, the pizza taste great. But poor Mx not manage to enjoy her food. Due to the separator. Poor gal. We ordered 4 large pizza, and 1 large dessert pizza. For total 12 of us. Cool rite.. hahahha.. After dinner we went to meet up with another two guys, then we went to villa bali. Quite cosy, can recommend you all go. It is opp HP building at alexandra road. The former Ka soh there. i will give it 4 stars for environment. Food not tasted so cannot comments. kekekke..

Jer need to pick his mom up, thus i tag along to ask him give me a ride home. kekkeke.. thanks jer. Think they should be still enjoying themselves ba.. kekkeke.. too bad i really not very well le. Maybe due to drink the liquor stuff ba. Hmmm.. Nvm then.. Well we also took quite a few fotos, so wen i got from Mx, will post it online.

Need to go rest le.. tata.. Will update again. Nitez

Summary specially for my dearest frens:
Sat, eat very full with my In-Laws. Bought some stuffs at Gaints and Two printed tees at Giordano.
Sun, went out with long time frens from BMPS. Ate pizza for dinner and went for some drinks at cosy location. Reach home at 10pm while others still ard enjoying.
Will upload fotos once i got it.
00End of the blog. Thank you.00

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Saturday, September 1

Sep le
Hei hei. Is me again. Well today, erm past 12am liao, ytd (31 Aug) went out to celebrate our dearest Yvonne Bday together with Yilin. Kekek. Happy Birthday to you.

Got feedback from both zha bo that i too free, write too much for my blog le. (Y.Y)

Kana say by them. sob sob.. So need to write short one today.. (today only. wahahha :p)

3 of us went to Marina square Kbox to have dinner cum singing together. Cos we dunno wat we want to eat. So decided to go in Kbox. kekke. Din really sing alot of songs, cos most of the time we all trying to be kaisu singaporean. Whaha. Eat as much as we can.
After KTV, as waiting for me to draw money to pay Yilin back, i saw the shoes shop, Tinkerbell, got sell 3 shoes for $53.90. So 3 of us decide to choose 1 shoes each. hei hei. Clever rite. We agreed to wear the shoes on our next outing. Show it to Adele who went to eat buffet with her frens til abt 10pm lo. *evil jas*

hmm time to slp le.. arbo later hubby call to k me again. Tata.. Nitez, erm, Morning to all.. hahaha.. Blog again.

PS: Short blog le rite. hahah..

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