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Sunday, September 28

Dotx... Just now i am updating my blog.. Wrote so much.. YET IT IS NOT SAVED!!!!!!

All gone liao.. kaoz..

Put in quite alot of feeling to write de wor.. but all GONE!!!!!!!

Angry.. hahahhaha..

But really no more mood to write le.. -_-"

Cos need to faster go wash up and slp.. Tml got class wor..

Oh ya.. Wed PH liao.. Then tuesday ah von gg to stay over at my SK house.. Yeah.. At least someone accompany me.. FINALLY..

Ok la.. really need to go slp le.. Tata.. Good nite all..

Will blog some updates soon...

PS: Hubby ah... Really hope you like that pressie oh..

~ { 11:50 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, September 26

Did anyone ever wonder the people surrounding you, who are real and who are fake.. Who are the one treat you good, and who are the one treat you shit?

I can say i will try. But i did mention the difficulties.. If choose not to believe, it is all up to you. I am no one to tell you.

I not sure if i am sentitive or what. But do hope you know that i do surf net.

~ { 7:20 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, September 23

Two day mc
I on two day mc le..

~ { 1:46 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, September 22

Pissed off
Pardon me for this post.. Kindly can jus don read the follow..

Super duper dulan with one person.. I guess only few ppl know who i refer to. If i don tell you.. Which mean i don wish to say out the name. So pls don need to ask me who.

CCB.. NB you fucking cannot see the situation ah.... Where the fuck is your SA!!!! KNN.. You bloody hell go learn your EQ ok. Learn how to get along with people and learn about situation awareness la.. FUCKING CHEEBYE KIA.

I still feel damn happy in the morning de.. Cos hubby sponser me for the ticket to FRH..

But during that situation you totally RUINED my MOOD you this fucking CB.

I am not a quiet or gentle type of gal.. I can be friendly to you and joking to you.. But you better don step on me ok.. If not i sure have all my vagularity on you.. I wont be that generous.. How you treat me, i will sure treat the same back to you.. FUCKER!

Damn you ruined all my mood.. Fucking hell. You better get off my back these few days. If not don blame me for being rude to you.. Cos you don FUCKING deserve me treating you good..

PS: Even if you read this blog and you know who you are.. YOU DESERVE THIS ok. IDIOT.

~ { 10:54 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, September 21

Time to update..
Hello everyone... I am back to blog le..

Happy happy.. Know why..

Cos .......................................


Yesh yesh yesh.. Rendy help me buy ticket le.. Tks tks... So happy cant wait for Dec 19 to come.. Yeah yeah yeah..

I can go see Chun they all le.. Gosh so happy lo.. Though we buy the most exp ticket.. and this is first time in my life i buy my 1st concert ticket using my own money..

Lallalalaa.. i guess i can go on be so happy for few days..

If any of you wanna go catch the concert.. remember buy the ticket faster oh.. if not cannot get any good seat oh..

Better get hold of myself.. arbo ah von wanna roll her eyes again.. Hor..

Friday met up Lian Lee.. from my ex co... Kinda fun and i shown my auntie side to her.. hahahha.. I saw cushion got sales, one time straight i bought 3 of them.. Hahahhaha.. I now like very auntie lo.. Humpz...

After which at home me and ah von tried web cam each other.. So funny sia.. Hahahhaha.. and we still can play sushido while webcamming lo.. Dotx..

Sat went back to work due to asset verification exercise.. Went to all parts of the school and explored places that i din have a chance to go to.. Hahaha.. Some more got life drawing.. You know those got nude ppl being a model.. Hey the money damn good to earn lo... Hei hei.. But we all are not allow to go in la..

Worked all the way til 5.30pm.. Walked the whole day and my legs wobbling sia..
(-_-") too long no exercise liao.. Heheheh..
Went to IL house to stay overnight.. Chatted with hubby for awhile cos he got meet his colleagues to go sit rollar coaster.. Damn shiok rite..
Anyway i oso not bad la.. Got play mj at nite.. hahhaha.. of cos with my MIL, BIL and Da sao.. Tot i lost one.. cos i really din managed to win sia.. But in the last two round, i zi mo 4 and 5 tais.. Hahahha.. In the end i win $8.. For fun only la..

MIL worried abt i slping alone, as i never does it before and i really scare la.. hahahha.. In the end i pop my medicine that will dose me off.. and place all the pillows and boasters on the bed.. At least wont feel that scary~~~

About 10+ woke up and played game.. hahahha.. MIL bought food for me to eat.. Yummy.. Super full lo.. which i keep falling aslp in my P1 class today.. Humpz.. Still got one more sunday for this mth to go.. Next sunday got full day study.. due to i don want to attend class on 30th la.. so i need to attend Sunday slot class lo..

So fast left 56 days to go for hubby to come back.. Looking forward for him to come back sia..

Nov need to attend Denise wedding, then Dec got my BIL ROM (still planning stage though) and oso Janson and Derline wedding.. Feel so happy for them.. Can find their love partner and proceed to other stage of life.. Congrates.. (^-^)v

Ok la.. me gg to rest le.. Tired from class.. Tata.. Blog again..

~ { 5:58 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, September 15

Oh well.. What to update... Every day seem so busy with works, studies, home, house..... What else..

Sat nite went to Peiyun wedding.. All i can say is nice.. Except for some minor things happening la..

Did really enjoy the food except for some of them really quite salty.. >.<

Did enjoy the fun throughout whole wedding.. And 1st time in my life seeing so many tables for 1 wedding.. HUmpz..

After which took a ride home from Weimay hubby.. Tks tks..

I suppose alot of us now growing up le.. Change from what we used to know.

They are all my secondary school frens.. But now all are getting married.. I guess the next time we see all ppl is for our house warming or baby celebration le ba..

Time flew so fast.. But how do we make full use of it??

Anyway hope for the following to come true:
Hubby enjoy his course trip.
Buy lotsa gift for me.
Teeth can straighten faster.
Parent health be more stronger.
My best buddy ah von be more happy.
Play more mj with my frens.
Earn more money.
My working partner father can get well soon.
My dearest yao yao stay cheerful always.

Heehehe.. Greedy ppl rite.. so many wishes to come true.. But thats what i think of now.. Short term goal la..

Ok la.. Me just reach home from my night class.. Super tired le.. need to go find something to relax myself.. Tata.. Blog again..

PS: i know i getting more lazy recently.. Becos i busy for this whole mth.. next mth will write more.. (^-^)v

~ { 10:25 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, September 10

Hey now then i discover that 1st Oct is PH wor..

Only after Yao yao told me then i know wor.. (-_-)v

But the eve i still got class la.. So whats the use.. Maybe for me to slp late...

Still trying my best to shed away those fats on my tummy.. Super hated them..


I must admit that i am now very stress up.. Need to find ways to vent my stress out.. If not soon i will fall sick sia..

But think of hubby at Cincinnati, away from home to earn money for our future.. So i must buck up too..

Dunno if hubby will read this post ma..

But still wanna tell him.. Must take good care of yourself.. Still got 60++ days to go then you will be coming back home.. So bear with it ok.. Will continue to count down for your return..

Oh ya.. Just now told ah von about this.. Today i took one empty box (with cover on it) home.. SO i carry it lo.. Alot of people looking at me sia.. (-__-) I still thinking what are they looking at.. Then suddenly got one picture come to my mind..

I think i look like those kinda fired by my boss, given one box to contain my stuffs. Sadly carrying the things and go home..

DOTX rite.. I just merely want the box to put my novels and comics in wor.. I want to bring to FG home during this period.. What kinda of look is that.. Me will still be working til end of Dec lo.. Although the company closed for holiday on 24th Dec all the way til Jan 09 la.. hei hei..

Gosh.. My eyes gg to close shop le.. Ok la.. Better don type le.. Go slp before i transform to Panda..

Bye bye.. Nitey to all .. (oh afternoon to hubby)
Update again.. (^.^)v

~ { 9:51 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, September 7


Hmm.. Hubby had safely reached US le.. Now all i need to do is to count down.. Hhahahha..

So now left 72 days to go..

Just have our 1st overseas webcam chatting.. So glad that he is doing ok though he complain bored la.. Bear with it ok darling.. Will try to update as much as i can so that you can read in my blog oh. (^.^)v

Well least to my expectation is that for the whole of Sept, i having classes in all sunday for this mth.. Gosh.. Cannot really enjoy sia.. Then next Sat need to go for Yun Jie wedding.. Following sat need to go back office to work as it is stock take day.. Faint.. All my weekend burnt..

Need to arrange timing to go up to FG house to clean up.. If not all cobwebs will be ard my house le.. (Hb will kill me if the house too dusty)

Humpz.. Let see.. Just finish class, then went to tbp buy 15 novels.. Wahahhhahaa.. Will sure finish soon. And i need to find boxes le.. Cos wanna bring some of my stuffs up to FG house. As my parent house gg to undergo upgrading work. Arbo my mom will sure NAG at me again..

Oh well need to go bath le.. Tata.. Cos i wanna go read comics soon.. (^-^)v

~ { 7:14 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, September 2

Ok i need to say one thing out..

I don like people giving my number to insurance agent without telling me. I know you got no choice but to give some numbers, but i will greatly appreciate if you can tell me.. Even just a sms telling me that you gave my no to who..

Today received one call from an insurance agent from start with P insurance company. (i guess all know which company rite) and telling me that my friend gave my number to him..

Gosh for you information. I Really DON LIKE it when i dunno who give my number to him. Esp when he state that it is from my fren who tell him my number.. My last straw is when that agent refuse to tell me who is the so call my fren..

Please if you are the one giving the number.. Can kindly please give me a SMS. Thank hor. Cos i really hate it when i have no ideas who gave my number away.

I might be ok ok fren who can forgive and forget or so call friendly people.

However i still got things that i dislike, maybe some of you might be thinking why kicking such a big fuss over the issue.. To me is please respect me by informing earlier. Like my buddy ah von.. She at least will send us a sms telling that she told her insurance agent our number. So i still fine with it. At least i am being INFORMED!

So Please don do this again in future.. I know some of you don like to listen to those insurance company people calling you, thats why i hardly give any of my fren out.. (except for those show interest in buying) Argh.. some more that guy called me when i am WORKING. still wanna continue to ask for timing to meet me.. I totally have no interest in this. If i want to buy insurance, i got lotsa ppl to approach. So don need to introduce new one to me. Okie.

If you thinking i have only 1 company that i can approach, you are wrong. So many fren of mine into insurance lines, so which mean they are in different companies.. Thus i don need any more ok.

Gosh.. Please don do it again. At least send me a sms okie.

Haiz. Next thing i wanna say is ..... FINALLY MY WORKING PARTNER COMING BACK.. Phew. Finally i waited so long.. Hahahha at least someone to share work load le and also clear the stuffs i dunno how to do..

However tml we are considered not working in the office.. Cos is our company having convocation day (aka graduation day) so all staff need to go Suntec to help out. Somemore we need to have early lunch.. As our transport is 11.45am to pick us up to go Suntec.. Then will stay there all the way til 6pm..

After that i going to meet hubby to shop for his stuffs.. He is going to fly on friday le.. Hope he will do smoothly at USA for the two month of training.. Will miss him lots.. ~>.<~

Ok la.. don say sad things le.. i better go find my favourite idol show to watch.. Yeah yeah yeah..

Tata.. good nite to all.. Sweet dreams..

~ { 10:52 PM }
reflections of you and me;