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Thursday, January 31

Suay suay
Today is the most SUAY day for me...

What happened:

Got appointment with the post grad dentist (Dr Tang) at 8am...

So 7.30am went to take mrt.

As you all know on the escalator if you are just standing, you should stand on the left side.. so that ppl can walk on the right side of the escalator.

Got this stupid lady.. Everyone stand on the left she extra odd one out standing on the right blocking the way.. KNS.. some more not a slim lady ok..

I wanna dash up to catch the train if not gotta wait few more mins for the next one. Then that stupid lady just stand there.. Wah laoz eh.. Shit her lo..

Then went to take bus 95. Crowded with ppl.. and the bus gg like maybe 40km/hr. SLOW sia..

At this timing is abt 8am le.. So i quite kan chong lo.. once alight the bus.. i quickly walk cum a bit of running to the dentist blk.. Then then then...

ME FALL DOWN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


My left side slipper broke.. haiz haiz....... Suay~ness number 1 happen.

Went to the second floor.. Heng my dentist is kinda gentle lady..

She took photos of my teeth and my face.. Say wanna let me take a look at the before and after braces.. in case i forget how i look like.. (-_-") win liao.

She took study model for my teeth then sent me to take x-ray on lvl 1.

Wah pang eh.. with one slipper spoilt. i gotta walk up and down the building.

Suay-ness number 2 happen.. Stomache. After x-ray while waiting for the film.. me chiong to poop poop..

THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROSE AUNT APPEAR~~~~~~~~~~~~


Forget to bring pad somemore.. SUAY AH.... bo pian lo.. put tissue and pray hard later faster can chiong back home.

Went back to the x-ray room. The lady tell me got one film gotta retake. PUI. today suay god follow me is it. -_-"

Retake then quickly pass the film to the dentist. Happened to find out that they wrote my name WRONG!!!!!!!!!.. is LAY not LAI.. dotx...

After everything i quickly took a cab back home.. Of cos suay god haven let me off.. All the way got red light.. then that taxi lady drove behind one lorry.. SLOW SLOW SLOW... Reach home is abt $6.40 sia. Ex ex ex and EX~~~~~~~~~~

What i did wrong.. Why today suay god wanna follow me.. PLS LET ME OFF~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Today damage - $157.25 for my x-ray and study model. (they told me is below $150 lo.. becos of the retake x-ray then over the amt. KNS)
$6.40 for taxi
Unknown amt for the suay god to follow me.

Oh ya.. i was told that the $2.2k does not include: Extraction of the teeth, X ray charges, Plaster Models etc. Which mean more to come.. HAIZ...

ok la.. me gg to try fight to get rid of my suay~ness le.. Tata..

PS: LoVeS - your blog chat box, i cannot tag wor.. dunno what happen.. and my teeth really need to put.. cannot take photo with big smile. Will scare ppl sia.. hahaha..

~ { 1:47 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, January 24

Happy happy.. (^0^)v

What so happy abt??? cos cos i received a call from NUH dentist.. Saying that 31st jan i can go for my x-ray and moulding le..

According to her is that can let me go and have my braces earlier.. Which mean i don need to wait til Sept..

But.. where got so good deal rite.. The bad new is that i gotta fix on either every thursday or friday morning 8am for my appointment. Cos the mentor will only be there on these timing. Other timing all fully booked le. So haiz.. No choice lo.. Can jump queue why not.

If everything is ok.. After CNY, will arrange consultion 3 times within 3 weeks. Then will start the braces thingy le.. (^.^)v

My wish finally gg to come true. To think now is just the start of 2008. Wahhahaha.. Happy.

Later gg to meet yao yao for dinner.. Yummy.. now can eat faster eat wor.. Arbo wait got braces cannot eat good de liao..

Ciaoz.. gg to watch tv le...

Counting down to see hubby - 12 days to go.

~ { 3:51 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, January 21

Spring cleaning
Helloooooooooooooo its MONDAY...

Ya i know it is a painful day for those working.. Cos monday start to work liao.. haiz..

Anyway while my hubby is away, me all alone in sg.. I did went to do somethings la.. Lol.. (^-^)v
1st i went to one hair styling workshop.. Below are the photos...

Hair long so someone doing my hair

Done.. bt not nice de..

Then following by ytd i went to prawning with my fren.. Danice, serene and her bf raymond and finally me.. (^.^)v

Me concentrating to catch prawns

Oh ya.. Today i finally got my FeiLunHai 2nd Album CD le.. (^.^)/~

Ppl must support them ok.. hahaha.. Praying hard that they will come SG for autograph session.. Super looking forward for Dec to come come.. Then i can go to their concert le.. Yeah.....

HUmpz.. Ok la.. Me gg to clear my nose le.. Having running nose right now.. Today mom ask me to do spring cleaning. .So my nose oso start to do their spring cleaning now.. (-__-")v

Tata All..

Counting down to hubby come back : 15 days to go.

~ { 11:41 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, January 17

Sad ah
Feeling.. Bad, sad sad sad and sad..


Cos Hubby tml morning gg to fly to Thailand to work for the next 18 days.


This is the 1st time that he is going overseas to work since we are together.. So SO..... Of cos i will feel sad la..

Wanna give myself one box.. Cos just for 18 days i already feeling so down. What if he is being posted to US for 2 years.. Gosh..

I cannot be so sad.. I must be strong strong.. (^-^)v

Hmmm... Went to accompany hubby for these two days.. Then just now he bring me and MIL to go eat Jack's Place.. Well he ordered mixed grill for MIL and half lobster with chicken for me to eat.. Ehh.. The lobster is not FRESH!!!!!! (-_-")

Bt we still eat finished all our food, except for me la.. keke..

Oh ya... Any idea where to buy those stuffs that we can burn for our beloved passed away people..

Cos i now finding the following items:
Game console set,
Soccer game set,

Well it is for my kor kor de.. Bt i have no idea where to buy the things to burn give him.. So can any kind soul tell me?? Really thankful abt this..

Ok la.. Me gg to rest le.. Just got home not long.. Tata..

Counting down to hubby come back from Thailand: 19 days

~ { 11:07 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, January 14

Yoz yoz.. As promise ytd.. I post some of the photos i took last weekend...

1st coming up is ----------------------------------------------

Dinner at Bugis.....
Billy bombers...

Wah.. We cleared this plate within few mins.. Haha..

Compare to this.. Seafood Platter for Two..

Engross in listen to Ah Von

Smile.. Del and Von

Yummy.. Finish within 10 mins

~ Finally Lin and Me ~


Saturday - Hubby company family day

The prizes for the night.. See got PSP and PS3!!!!!!

Mao mao..

Saw this Martell at one corner..


Yummy.. Prawns......

3 prawns - One for Mao mao, one for Hubby and one for me.

Race starts - know which hand belong to my hubby..

~hint~ see the finger WINNER goes to Mao mao..

Eh.. Where is my prawn... (-_-)

Now then peel for me. Humpz.

~ Meitong ~

Ice wine

Mao mao carrying Justine

Me and my hubby

Mao mao and me.

Toy that worth more than $1,000

Erm. This worth more than $100

Ready to take off

Landing soon
Getting ready for the highlight - Lucky draw

MC for the night - Gary Yeo

Yeah.. Hubby got one cert..

What is this??

Ans is Ice wine.

Yeah... Me and Justine

Yupz. (^.^)v above are the photos i took.. In matter of fact. I just find Justine tooo cute la. Gosh.. He melt my heart when he smile.. and and.. he smile nice.. I think all kids got one smell that is sweet.. (^-^)/~

Anyway that night hubby quite suay.. Cos he din manage to win any of the good price.. In fact.. He got the 2nd last prize.. haiz.. (-__-) Heng is that he managed to win the bonus gift.. One wine with 2 wine glasses...


Ok la.. Me gg to watch my anime le.. Kekek.. Tata..

~ { 6:59 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, January 13

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Very tired ah.............

Just came back not long from my long and tiring class... My eyes was like (-_-)zzz in class jus now lor.. Not that i don wanna listen.. Bt recently cant really slp well at night.. So afternoon i super tired lo.. Haiz.

Well i took quite a bit of photos during friday and saturday.. Bt bt.. My camera with hubby.. Which he later then bring down to me.. So gotta wait for him to give me so that i can upload the photos..

Guess by tml i can upload the photos le..... cos today super tired... Still got lots of homework to do..

Tml morning got lesson again.. ARGH!!!!!!!! is the same subject as today.. And yet gotta finish the homework given today.. Tml must tally ans.. Wah Pang sia........

Ok la.. Me go rest.. Later try to do the homework le..

Blog tml.. Ciaoz..

~ { 6:38 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, January 10

SIAN AH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This sat and sun i i i ..... i i... I GOT CLASS AH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Super boring... Siao and sux to core liao..

Then hor.. Following monday, wednesday and saturday got class to.. Haiz....

Hubby next friday flying off liao.. Yet these two week i got so many lessons... No time to accompany him le...............

SAD AH~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >.<

What to do.. I choose the 3 subjects myself.. Cannot blame others bt me liao..

However i still feel ok with the subjects.. Somehow kinda like the subjects wor.. (^.^)

Just that no time for hubby.. poor him.. nvm wait for him to come back in early feb.. Then got time together le.. kekekke.. (^.^)v

Cant wait for him to fly and then come back.. i will miss my ................... present.. hahahhaha... *evil grin*

Hubby just kidding ok.. i know you will feel like k-ing me.. jus kidding jus kidding..

Ok la.. me gg to do my stuffs le.. Tata..

PS: Oh ya.. LoVeS - me no asthma.. Just that my wind pipe no good.. So need asthma medicine to clear my wind pipe during cold day... Kekke.. No worries.. (^.^)v

~ { 1:47 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, January 6

Today went to hubby house to rest. Cos having bad cough and sore throat.. Haiz.. See doc liao and spend $100+. Due to i gotta buy my inhaler and medicine for my sinus. So ex sia. The cough med given super power. Once i drank, think within 10 min i will feel drowsy sia. POWER.

Back to my topic. I decided to take LRT to Fernvale to see can take any photo. Guess what.. My blk can be accessed. Which mean yesh finally i can go to my house floor liao.. Below are the fotos taken today.



Going up

Ding dong.. Anyone home??

Blk B

Silly me at the staircase



View from my floor

Me outside my unit

Yup.. Above got fernvale grove and fernvale courts in it. Well cos i gotta take fotos for my fren to see how is her flat progress le. Kekek..

Well recently my fren told me that FRH is coming to hold a concert in December this year.. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubby say i can go.. Which mean i can look super forward to the concert..

Hump.. Tml is starting of my F5 class le. Gotta go zzz soon le.. Nitey all.. Sweet dream..

~ { 10:26 PM }
reflections of you and me;