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Sunday, October 29

Oct last Sunday
1st thing before i write abt my boring life.. Gotta say..

"Happy Birthday Adele"

Although you are at aussie having your boy boy at your side celebrating bday for you.. Bt we still remember your bdae one ok.. kekkeke.. so hope you enjoyed yourself tonite.. Must Must come back to sg for hoilday ok.. *hugz*

For ytd and today.. been playing mj sia.. total winning is $17... Kinda feel lucky.. dunno is it due to i gg to ROM?? hmmmm...

Now a bit starting to feel the tense on my upcoming big major event of my life.. bt got one very stupid thing is that my company D&D is on the day before my ROM.. Due to i am in the committee so gotta go back even though i on leave that day.. -____-""
bt heng la.. my leader and grp understanding.. i am in Prize grp.. so jus to fu zhe buying of prizes and wrapping it up.. den on that day itself i can go in late.. cos my turn will be the drawing times.. this year theme at bit the hmmmm... i gotta dress like china gal.. hahahaha.. yeah.. this year should be "Shanghai Nite" for the D&D... Hope can end on time for me to go home slp.. hahahhaha... no more chionging sia..

ok la.. me thinking of playing abit of maple before gg zzz... Good nite to you all.. bb..

~ { 11:02 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, October 23

Holiday!!! hahhaha.. yesh yesh yesh.. tml is holiday.. had ask von and her bf to come my hse for MJ.. hahahah...

Let see for last week..
Friday meet darling at vivo city... went to eat at one sucky resturant.. is actually a jap resturant.. the renovation seem not finish sia.. den queue quite long.. tot is becos good food.. so join in lo.. den finally got two seats for us.. order total of 5 item and 2 coke.. OMG.. nightmare sia..

Coke - DIn server until two time of reminder from darling
1st item - waksami taco.. cannot make it..
waited for few more mins (abt 10 min)
2nd item - one grill pork.
Super duper small pot lo.. kaoz.. $2.20 some more.. --____--
3rd item - fried chicken cultlet.
initally they serve wrong order.. den waited for abt 20mins for this..
den 4th item - cold noodles
5th item - one very small rice ball..

All of the above took us abt 1 hr den can eat finihs.. cos the service sucks.. haiz.. and hor quite ex some more.. so don really recommend you all go..

Sat - Went to book our genting tour.. gg with von and yc and darling.. kekekke.. 3D2N in Dec.. so looking real forward sia.. den after which we went to quite alot of places to get my dress.. finally heng manage to get a new piece from daniel yam.. ate our dinner at wistma.. den went to lucky plaza for three match of pool game.. too long no play.. cannot make it sia.. oh ya.. gotta mention this helpful security guard.. lend me twenty cents to go toilet.. thank you uncle..

Sun - went darling hse.. down with flu and cough.. bt still managed to play two round of MJ.. initially losing.. bt at the final last round manage to win back.. and in the end won 3 buck... hahahha.. body cannot take it le.. so lay straight at darling bed... heng darling help me to massage my back and head to make me feel better... kekeke.. at 10 ++ took cab home alone..

today - work and work and work.. haiz..

heng tml don need.. yeah.. must enjoy oh...

~ { 9:28 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, October 17

RIng fotos
Today jus brought my WB to take foto shoot.. hahhaha.. ppl always take human fotos shoot.. bt me took WB one.. hahhaha.. find that the fotos are well taken.. thanks so much to my colleague aka photograher for my ROM.. kekeke.. put one foto let you all see...

~ { 8:58 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, October 16

jus some memories
Today took last min leave to stay at home.. my eyes been getting affect by that stupid haze.. den at times it get quite pain that i cant see really clearly.. esp to my rite eye.. today wake up feel my rite eye not ok.. so msg yao yao and nt to say not gg in office.. haiz.. waste my leave..

why must they create so much of haze.. come on la.. been feeling quite pissed of becos of this.. the govt jus appologise to neighbourhood country.. bt if sorry got use then we don need to keep seeing doc liao lo.. now docs is like earning big bucks lo.. my dad health oso kana affected.. shit sia.. say sorry.. we don earn much yet gotta go see doc jus bcos of some stupid idiots go burnt forest.. PSI always up and downs.. like stock market sia.. at times cannot even see my opp block.. kaoz.. so angry.. return our money back la...

ok back to my blog.. hmmm.. oh ya.. today trying to find one game cd.. den saw my little foto book.. kekke.. its my hk trip with von von.. bring back quite a few funny memories.. so fast been one year liao.. i jus now remembered that i lost weight after i come back from hk.. hahahaha... been eatting lesser and lesser everyday in hk.. cause von to get panick and go buy food to tempt me to eat.. hahhaha.. sorry von.. that time made you worried liao.. hahahaha.. den oso the vcd shop in hk.. all those RA vcd put very openly for ppl to purchase.. den those decent show put sooo far back inside the shop.. 1st time in my life see such a thing.. hahahha.. so for those 1st time go hk.. must go in their vcd shop oh.. hahahah... den wat else.. hmmm.. oh ya.. at the women 's mkt there.. bargain for somethings.. tot i win sia.. in the end convert into SGD. -___-"" cannot make it sia.. i buy it at a super high price.. kaoz.. kana cheated.. so next time if i go there.. i must slash the price until very very low... hahahahah..

my target now is to go taiwan.. bt that is for next year plan.. maybe will be gg with darling's brother and his gf... they jus came back from taiwan last sat.. brought quite a lot of goodies back.. i oso got share too.. kekkekeke.. they bought one pair of couple T-shirt for us.. will be wearing it during our ROM nite.. so you all can see it le.. kekeke.. den they oso bought one necklace for me.. heard from his brother, it cost them $100++ SGD wor.. omg.. so exp.. and very pretty too.. it got a star in it.. yeah.. thank you...

hmm.. gotta stop le.. arbo my dad gg to kill me liao.. tata... good nite to all..

~ { 11:04 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, October 11

Oct le
Been very lazy recently.. lazy to blog la.. hahahha...

let see.. been working.. life isnt gg any better yet.. been having lots of problem..
work la.. family la.. haiz.. headache sia.. very envy my brother sia.. can jus hack care so many things.. always wen quarrel happen he always not at home.. den i suay lo.. haiz..

den wat else.. oh ya.. din manage to get that fernvale vista lo.. wait for a better chance ba..

stress been piling up on mi.. recently having mood swing.. poor darling always kana.. haiz..

i am not from any well to do family.. in fact my family is consider poor.. cos only me and my brother is working.. my dad isnt in good health.. my mom injuried her hand.. so all not working.. with my so low pay so cant contribute much to family.. haiz..

Now i having two options:

One is to go back study.. so can get a higher pay...
the other is to find a higher pay job..

bt somehow i think i go get new job lo.. cos my family really cannot tahan on only one to support family.. haiz..

kinda feel sucky now.. T.T

think i better go play my maple to relax..

~ { 8:26 PM }
reflections of you and me;