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Tuesday, January 25

Our Pressies

Recently been buying pressies.. Either from me or from hb.. hehehhe..
As my bday is earlier part of the year.. and cum so near VDay.. Hb jus bought my pressie... hahhahaha.. OTO Cruncher.. Hope it really works well for my super big tummy.. >.<>

Really need to thank my dearest hb for the pressies... Hug hug..
I also got get one VDay pressie for him.. I am treating him to watch JJ Lin Concert... Hei hei.. Got Cat 2 tickets for us... Hei hei hei... Waiting for March to come.. Wooooooo...

~ { 10:32 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, January 11

Started my temp job le... Well kinda ok la feeling.. But i like most is the working hrs.. Lol.. at least before 6 i am out of office and on my way home..
However still hope i can sharpen up my skill before finding perm..

Last weekend hb requested me to do my crochet for our pc.. hmmm... maybe will go find good yarn to start doing it for cny ba... Plus gotta do one more for our printer..

Anyway CNY is jus abt less than 1 mth timing.. But i haven even buy any clothing.. hmmm.. Maybe this coming weekend should go out buy some.. If not is online shopping again for me...

What else.. Hmmmm...

Like nothing much to update le..

When theres more to update then i will be back.. Ciaoz..

~ { 10:46 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, January 3

Happy New Year To ALL!!!
Happy New Year To All..

Well spend my countdown with my relatives at KL.. Hahhaha.. Fun.. HAHAHHA.. All i know is eatting and sitting on the coach to our location...

But very suay cos on the first day of the brand new year i kana food poisoning.. -_-" Luckily through my past experience.. I kinda know how to cure myself.. HAHHAHHA.. and true enuff.. day time i vomit and LS.. But by nite time i recovered when we reach Genting.. hahhaha. Just in time to eat the Ah Yit Bao Yu meal... HEI HEI HEI..

Play jackpot and very obvious is losing money.. hahahah.. But only my blur mummy jus discover that she mistaken her ezlink card with the KL hotel card.. -_-" now i know where my blur blur come from le.. hahahah...oops...

Today set off to Malacca for lunch and then Yong Ping for dinner.. Then is HSH...

Din see my hb for one week plus le.. Miss him alot.. hahaha.. Hope to spend time with him soon..

Gosh feeling tired now.. Gtg slp le.. nitey.. BB..

~ { 1:08 AM }
reflections of you and me;