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Sunday, August 27

OMG i so lazy... last blog is 5 th aug.. -____-V

hahhaha... hmmmm.. let me see wats gg on this week..

noting much except some bad experience on my way to darling hse... --__--

wat happen:

Time: 2.30pm
Date: 26 Aug 06
Place: Outram Mrt NEL
Weather: Extreme hot

Me board on the train to Sengkang Mrt... den finally found a seat, which i damn regret later on lo...
got two mother with two boy and two gal kid la.
one gal dress like dunno hw to describe.... got belly pierce too.. --__--
den one younger boy like a monkey lo... dunno why the mother fucking not doing anything lo.. come on la.. you don worry abt your boy safety.. can you fucking mind your kids too. train got other ppl in it lo... not you own the train... letting your boy like running loose... wat do you think... you pay the fare only ah... fuck lo... dunno why some parent can be like this. letting their kid run ard like a crazy boy that should be lock in IMH lo.. damn so pissed off.. somemore creating so much noise... argh...
den follow by one old lady sitting beside me.. read newspaper.. ok nvm.. bt wat pissed me off too is the way she flick the pages.. knn... keep hitting my hand lo... open all the way to my seat... cant you jus flick nicely.. your home ah... kaoz.. den got some small paper cut on my finger... argh... why i so suay... kns...

hope today should be ok...

~ { 12:55 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, August 5

Aug le
So de fast... nw already aug... wah.. no wonder in the past.. adult all say... time flies very fast esp after 21 year old.. in the past dunno why they say like this. bt now i think i got the idea of why le...

Jul busy mth for me.. dunno why.. den aug kinda bad start...

at work kana accuse of something.. knn... really damn piss off by that event...

den overspend my $$ again... sian... den gotta tighten my wallet again..

wan buy N80 bt dunno ley. see hw la... cos darling paying half for me...

haiz... having super mood swing today.. sian... better go play my maple ba... tata

~ { 10:25 PM }
reflections of you and me;