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Tuesday, February 24

photo time3
Hello all.. Lazy ah jas is back le... Got miss me ma?? Lol.. Crazy liao.. What to do... now so boring in here...

Ok today try to blog longer...

Up to now, i am in USA for about 1 mth and 11 days. At the 1st two weeks, everything seems so fun to me. As we need to settle down, buy car, wait for our shipment to arrive.

Finally when all completed, that is when the boring timing arrive. Hahahahha... Boring in what sense???

I dont have driving license cannot go out. Winter season = weather very cold so hardly can go out walk walk. Not to mention going out to do any exercise. Haiz....

Only things to do are cooking and cleaning and wait for hubby to come back home.. OMG!!!

However like what hubby told me. Treat it as an experience. At least i know what is it like for winter timing. I know how US culture is like for driving, eating etc. I learnt how to cook a decent meal. I learnt how to bake a cake. Plus i got to know more friends.

Somemore i going to celebrate my bday over here for the 1st time in my life. Hahhahaha.. But only tot of going to a resturant to eat a meal. Hubby buying me a desktop pc plus a special request aka demand from me is a 24" monitor. Hahhahahah.. Nowing for waiting for rates to reach a suitable rate then we will go and buy it. Gosh cant wait to get my present then can do what so ever i want. Esp when janson arrive with hubby router. Woooooooo...

Ok la.. enuff of blogging. Photos time..

I am soooooooo late for my photos. Some were taken even way back to 6 Feb 09. Hhahahha.. Paisay paisay.

Starting of our journey to skidding.. on our way to the location. Beautiful scenery as usual.

We set off at ard 7 plus and we reach the location abt 10 plus.. and our training session start at 10am.. OMG!!!
This section is for tubbling.. (not sure of the spelling)

Me with all the poles...

Instructor with kids....

Group fotos of the session class ppl... US~~~~

On our way on the magic carpet.. this is for the beginner.

Hubby picked up sport very fast. He can skid well in our group. But i keep falling down and quite painful.. so i decide to laz ard.

He gg up too a higher part of the skidding ground.

The boy beside him is Chris's son..

Me with Sheba taking photo.

View from the higher part of the skid ground.

Oh this kid is super cute lo... I zoom in to take photos of him.. But he really very small... Seem like ard 2 years old ba... His daddy teaching him to skid.. Gosh.. Sheba and i finally ask his parent if we can take photos of him..

Ok end of our skidding trip.. Next is some other photos that we took.
Below is my 1st attempt in baking a cake. My partner is Sheba..
The mix is ready to put into oven.

Thats the package box.

We played Wii while waiting for the cake to be done. This is our finish product.

The cake is too big thus we spilt into 3 section. 1 for Sheba family, 1 for Deon family and 1 for mine. Luckily 3 of us living nearby each other. Thus sometimes we will visit each other while our partners are at work.
The cake taste not bad... Quite ok for beginner to try. I tried lemon flavour and i think i prefer lemon most. Yummy...
Next is our trip to Sun Valley. Another skidding location. Heard that some famous actress visit this location too.. woooo..

On our way to Sun Valley.

We are in the mid of mountains.

Reach the location but discovered some part are closed. So decided to change to go town for lunch.

So we went to town to find food. Tot of getting jap food. Cos i LOVE jap food but up to now i haven even eat any.. Missed it alot.. But no luck. The shop open for lunch only for weekdays. We went on Sat so it is closed. Sob sob...

So we settled down at Smokey mountain pizza which had a fireplace in the resturant. That day weather is terrible. Heavy snow plus wind blowing. So quite glad to find a resturant with fireplace to keep ourselves warm.

I standing in weird position. Cos it is freaking cold... Yet hubby say must take photos...

Thats the map for the town... on my hand la.. hahahhahaa..

Hubby like the building design. so must take photo.

We went into this shop and found this cute big DOG!! ok i scare of it. But hubby say go take photo with it. i tried to stand as close as i can le.. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i must admit that the dog really very cute.. and listen to its owner alot. Show us a couple of tricks that it learnt with a bit of the food help.. hahahhaha..

Outside famous chocolate location. In snow weather yet our two brave couple eating their ice-cream.. woooo.. But the shop sell delicous chocolate at expensive price though.

I bought this for myself. Super nice.. but cost ard SGD $9... for one apple.. -_-"

On our way back home..

Ending our lovely COLD day with the sunset...
Overall the trips are not bad.. We might be gg back in Summer to play...
Next trip that we wish to go is Salt lake city. Heard that there got alot of factory outlet.. Coach, Kate Spade, Polo etc... Shopping time for me.. YEAH!!!! will get some prezzie from there for my lovely friends...
Ok la.. End my this blog here.. Will be back again.. Soon hopefully...

~ { 5:46 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, February 20

Feeling quite sick..

Today wake up feeling whole ceiling is turning all ard... Ate my motion sickness medicine and really need to rest well.. Sian ah..

Wanna post photos or do household chores but don think can le..

~ { 4:25 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, February 10

I should be posting photos. However now feeling quite moody, think i got some kind of mood swing i guess.

Been here for 3 weeks still in the mid of winter timing. Haiz. Cannot really go out to play, buy things, go gym or what so ever.

Yesterday weather should be considered as good. The temperature should be around 7-10 degree. If in homeland, this weather should be very cold, at here, if we are in luck, that temperature should be considered as warm weather.

We went to the celebration of the 1st month baby after which we went back home to change our clothes to causal wear. As we need to go to ivy house for gathering, brought some food over and also return the pot and pan that we borrowed.

All of us in luck that we managed to drink delicious kopi at her house. Totally homeland feeling. Woooooooo...........

We had quite alot of fun chatting. Deon, Sheba, Jerry and me had Mahjong. All thanks to Deon bringing their mahjong table to here. Had lotsa fun on the table. We joked with the tiles and giving them names~~~~~
Chatted til about 11pm then all of us went back to our own home.

This week the location of gathering will be at our home. Yesh and i have to cook some dishes for them to eat. Not sure how many people are coming however i still hope that i don't make diaster in the food. Pray hard ................

Blog again soon.. Ciaoz...

~ { 7:27 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, February 6

Yesh my stuffs all arrived le. Yuppie, got my novels cum bed and most important, my booster.. Lol..

Had a good night sleep last night. Yesh.

Tml we gg to skidding le. Rented all our gears and clothing. Hope can master it fast.

But got to wake up very early in the morning, need to wake up early to do breakfast.

Just now i went to try use oven for the 1st time. Bought some cookie dough and tried. Hahahhaha....

Later going to ask hubby to taste it. If ok, then i will do some more and bring it to the mountain area to eat. Hahahhahah..

Gosh ever since i arrived here, i din't really touch my book. Haiz. There isn't any school around. Only up to high school for the children. Even the nearest uni also need to travel about 1 hour plus of driving then can reach. Cannot take any short term lesson here.

But pray hard that i can focus on the notes that i brought over.

Oh ya, today on i will be having an entertainment. Hahhahah.. Kelvin brought his Wii and put at our home le. Later tonight he will come and fix it up for us. Yesh..

Time now is 4.45pm thursday.

Gotta go prepare dinner le. Ciaoz.

Miss my frens and KTV~~~~~

~ { 7:35 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, February 3

Twin fall
Hello i am back.. Ok due to hubby last night complain that i din't update my blog cum upload photos for people to see, so i am back. Lol.

Gosh i am so tired. I started my uploading of photos from afternoon 2+ now already nearly 6pm and i just starting of my texting. wah kaoz.

There are still lotsa photos i have yet to upload.

Anyway last sat the PC gang went to Twin Falls. But early in the morning we need to set off. We all meet up at 9am then off we were on our journey to Twin Falls.

1st stop we went to one place called 1000 spring fall area.. Wah really nice.. But we drove about 1 hrs plus to 2 hrs... poor hubby need to drive so long, anyway recently i got hooked into knitting so while hubby busy driving, i was busy knitting. Though just basic knitting that i learnt myself, but hope that can finish a large piece to put on our sofa.

Humpz what else, oh i got the news that our boxes will arrive on Wednesday.. Yeah... I got my entertainment coming le.. Yuppie... Plus Kelvin say that he going to put his Wii at our home for me to play for weekdays.. Yesh yesh yesh.. Glad that all my effort of cooking din't go down the drain.. Hahahha.. Just kidding.

This friday we all going to skidding as it is SKIDDING DAY.. I think so only la. But quite looking forward to that, need to borrow waterproof clothes and the gears. Hope i got lots of fun. Hahahhaha...

Ok ok back to my photos.

This is at Shoshone Falls. I can tell you, if you at the viewing or the carpark area, the scenary that you are seeing. Gosh. Feel like you are looking at a painting. The beauty of the area look so unreal. Maybe a few pinch on the cheek might confirm what you are looking at. I got the urge to bring paper and pencil to stetch it. Real worth the timing for us to drive and view it.

Ok me in the photo, cause it is so nice. Must keep memories that i been there. For sure i will go again.

Maybe this will be part of the photo shown in our customary dinner.

With Sheba, of cause cannot forget to take with other wives.

Nice hor. Yao faster tell Wan and start packing...

Mini waterfall.. Lol..

Ok can don't need to bother about the guy in this photo. Oops. ;p

While walking down to have closer feel about the area.

Abit like penguin walking. -_-" thats what hubby thinks about me. Super cold.

Excuse me, Penguin taking photo time.

Walking down and not up.

Frozen water fall. Super cool and nice.

Part of the group taking group photos. Still got some more but inside others camera. Need to ge it from them.

Frozen lake. But we saw footprints on it. Must be some kind of animal walking on it.

Don't you puke ok.. Hhahahha.. Trying to get some sweet photo too ma. Couple what. hahaha...

He walked nearer into the area but super slippery, as the ice is melting..

Another waterfall. But small ones too. We got capture some big ones, yet to post it.


Tiny me at the big frozen lake.

I dare to climb up, hard for me to get down. Hahhahah..

Beautiful???? got better ones...

Getting closer.

Not me pretty la.. -_-"

Erm i not wearing sunglasses. Just my usual spects.

Beautiful right. Luckily we manage to see rainbows.......

Omg i don't think that we can ever see that in our home country. Gosh.


Yeah those are what we took during our trip at Twin fall. Real nice and worth the ride. If any of you coming here, sure need to visit Twin falls.
Anyway in about 1 mth timing, some of you coming over, if possible, we might bring you guys around.
Hubby will be guiding the some newbies that arrive here, so hopefully is someone that i know. Lol. you know who you are.
Ok la.. gotta go think of what to cook for dinner le. Tata.. Post photos again next time. Ciaoz...

~ { 6:01 AM }
reflections of you and me;