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Wednesday, October 31

Last day of lesson..
Hump.. Today is last day of my Audit lesson le.. Which mean gg to have EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok i admit at 1st i still don feel the pressure.. But now.. Gosh.. Really need to start my revision liao, arbo wait hubby come after me.. Haiz...

Ok la.. Gtg prepare for afternoon lesson le.. Tata..

PS: My visitor counter is getting lower and lower.. Pls come back.. ~>_<~

~ { 12:09 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, October 30

Today blog is for NatNat.. Hahaha.. As promised i got the fotos of the idols that you like.. Kekeke..
Arron Yan

Next is Danson... Whahaha...

Danson Tang

Ok la.. Today post up all these.. Will try find more to post.. (^.^)v

~ { 9:21 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, October 28

These few days quite suay..

1st my hp is gg crazy.. out of sudden is white screen.. then i cannot see anything liao.. Plan to go repair it next week..

2nd went to see FRH at changi airport ytd.. Yesh they walk jus right beside me.. And my stupid hp isnt working well.. So not able to take good pics.. ARGH...
Calvin, Jiro, Arron and Chun wor.. Sob sob...

3rd quarrel with my mom today.. Haiz.. for some matter la.. so sad..

Hubby bring me go buy DS lite.. Got one pink one.. cos other color cannot make it.. then the light blue the person say need extra $$.. don wan to pay extra.. But the person no tell us how to use.. So in the end i kana scolded by my hubby.. SIAN.. In the end still manage to fix the problem.. *Phew*

Anyway wait til von von send me the photos taken during our celebration of adele bday... (^.^)v
Oso need to wait for Rendy to send me the video that she took at the Changi airport..

I will blog again ok.. Tata..

~ { 9:53 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, October 26

Yeah i fall Sick again.. Bt heng today recover le.. but no energy now.. Later at nite gotta go celebrate Adele bday..

So i try update my blog again ok.. Tata..

~ { 11:46 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, October 24

Received an email from one of my cousin.. Quite touching and it is true too..




























~ { 11:13 PM }
reflections of you and me;

some of the show photos
Found some of the fotos online.. So tot share with you guys.. Ps la.. I love to watch taiwan drama.. So see nice one must share with you guys.. Plus all got my idols.. FRH in it.. Whahaha.. (^.^)v

The X-family
Wonder what Arron is laughing abt.. Humpz...

Yesh the only person dare to eat Xiong Ge food in the show..

Guess the spin too strong for Jiro to take??

Poor Jiro.. Vomiting... ~>.<~

Anyway... After the x-family.. I waiting for my most looking forward show for this year... It started with the kiss 2 aka Naughty Kisses 2.......

It Started With The Kiss 2

Main Leads for the show.. Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin

Telling media that they are gg to start filming...

On their way to Honeymoon...

Love is so great that can motivate her to study nursing..

Yup... Above are all my favourites.. hhahahaha.. Pray hard that It started can film finish faster... Then i can watch it le.. Hhahaha.. (^.^)v

HUmpz.. Gotta go prepare for sch le.. Tata...

~ { 11:44 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, October 23

Last Esp le
Last Esp liao.. For my x-family.. So sad.. (Y.Y)
Will miss the show.. Hope the vcd come out fast fast.. Then i can buy.. Or any good-heart ppl can give me as gift.. Lol.. (^.^) *thick skin*
Anyway i show you some of the main characters:
The Xia Jia
Ah Gong - Xia Liu

Xiao Mei - Xia Mei

Xiao Ge - Xia Tian

Da Ge - Xia Yu

Lao mu darling - Xia Xiong aka Xiong Ge

Jiu Wu, Xia Tian and Lan Ling Wang at Final fight with Huo Yan Zhi Zhe

Huo Yan Zhi Zhe

Yup... Above got my favourites idols.. So i been glueing my eyes on tv every night 9pm since starting of the show.. So fast 60 esp finish liao.. Wow.. (-_-)

Next show that i will keep my eyes wide open for is Naughty Kisses 2... (^-^)v

~ { 9:26 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, October 22

Thanks for all reading my blog.. But don mind can also help me to click on my advertisement.. Yes they are all at the right hand side..

I need to earn $40+++++ more than i can draw out $$.. So plss help me... Me very broke liao..

Study = no income = money go out = bank bal dropping... ~>.<~

Humpz.. Ytd went to hubby house.. Played mj with his family.. Win $7 (my allowance for this week)... Then went to my new flat area makan.. So angry with the shop sia.. ARGH..

We all reach abt 7+ abit.. Then MIL initially wanna order stingray but the person told us need to wait for 30 mins.. So we decide to order other food la.. Total 5 dishes and 6 rice.. In the end we waited for more than 30 mins for our food.. Kaoz.. should have order the stingray rite..

1st dish is ceral prawn.. Ok.. Got prawn no rice.. HOW TO EAT.. we asked the waiter to serve us rice.. At the 1st place they already place forks and spoons on our table. so rice is of cos serve in plate rite. But that gu gu waiter serve us in bowl..

Very obvious that the gu gu waiter no OPEN HIS EYES TO SEE.. As per normal, my FIL go niao him abit.. hahhaha.. (^.^)

Then come yam ring.. Food is cold one.. Dotx.. (-_-")

Fried egg... Chao da one.. (-_-"")

At this point most of our rice is cleared.. (too hungry liao)

Then come the meat.. NEVER CUT ONE.. super big piece lo.. We all see liao wanna faint sia..

Finally arrived is our claypot veg.. Wah kaoz.. They like anyhow dump in whatever veg or things that they can find.. Aiyo.. Sad case sia..

Total Damage for the meal. $68.. Gosh..

So ex and the serving so slow.. next time move in liao wont go there eat le.. Though thats the only food court that we had at the moment.. Will go buy other food instead..

Anyway hubby is planning to order those cooked food deliver to our house daily one.. But provided that i dare to stay alone at house la.. Cos wen he do night shift.. Wah scary sia.. (T.T) nvm.. give me time to learn.. i will manage to get use one..

ok la.. gtg chiong maple le.. Tata..

PS: Do click on my ads oh.. Ty ty.. (^.^)v

~ { 10:28 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, October 19

Hi ppl, sorry for late post.. Cos these few days under moody mood. (T.T) So i totally din have mood to come into my blog to reply and post. Sorry.. Dunno what is wrong with me. haiz..

Hope my mood can be better after seeing hubby today.. *pray hard*

Oh ya.. Today gg to show my wedding band.. hahahha (^.^) ... *finally after ytd and today attempt. Finally got the pics up*

Foto taken by Kwok Kwee
Taken during lunch time..

He got me to sprinkle some water on the leave.

On the wedding band pillow

This is taken during my ROM day..

Creation done by Yongxiang, Jialin and me.. (me got help a bit la..)

Yup above is my wedding band and notice board fotos.. hahaha.. Notice board one i like it alot.. Cos is from my 2 dear fren helping me to do it. We all are from Arts class. Yeah.. Unbelievable rite.. I am from Arts class... Wahahaah..

Below are two recent fotos taken by me.. hahaha (^.^)v

Me bo liao go draw Crystal Hand.. And got her to draw on mine.. (^.^)/~

Argh.. My ugly nail polish.. (-__-)

Hmmm.. The nuffnang ad is gg to due today.. So tml start will be a new one.. Hope you all can click on the advertisement k.. Thank you oh..

Enjoy your weekend.. (^.^)v Cheers.

~ { 8:22 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, October 17


Super angry...

One F--king 500ml drink cost me $2.30!!!!

Daylight Robbery ah....

Yesh some should have guessed correctly. The only NUMBER shop.. Your pricing for the drinks are getting way out of hand..

Govt say increase GST by 2%... In the end the drinks in your shop increase by xx % sia.. One can of drink can cost us $1.60... Can ask this is how many %. Totally is like 100% increase in price.. 1 bottle of 500ml drink need $2.30 ma??

In other shop one 500ml drink cost $1-$1.50 at most.. How could you sell so ex... You are opening so many shops in sg yet your pricing is so high..

I saw the pricing for the drink that i took is $1.30.. In the end the cashier there charge me $2.30..


Though this is an invitation to treat..


Wah.. Si bei angry over this..

Can anyone advise me where can i go for complain.. Cos the NUMBERED SHOP really too much in their pricing.. Cheers, NTUC, Cold Storage and Gaint, their pricing is still reasonable..


~ { 6:30 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, October 16

Hmm.. Today feeling quite sian during lesson so explore my hp, saw these chinese wording and feel like sharing to everyone.. In the past i love to go library to read novel, i can spend more than 4 hours in the library waiting for novels to be pushed out by the librarian.. So staring at the sky outside the window is a normal thing i love to do.. So these wordings just come into my mind.. (Pardon if you don think its nice)







(^.^)v Nice ma?? Can give comments? Thank you oh...

PS: LoVeS - I tried to upload fotos but dunno why my pc refuse to let me upload.. Sian.. Tried to upload it other times oh.. (^.^)v

~ { 7:11 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, October 15

The Shopping Tag

Jenny tagged me on this shopping tips tag...

~Start copy ~

It’s very simple. When you receive this tag, copy the whole list and add your own shopping tip to the bottom and pass it on.

Wear comfy clothing when you’re shopping. You don’t wanna fuss with too many laces and buttons when you’re trying clothes on.

Choose stores offering some kind of reward program, e.g. purchase points, rebates or store coupons. Knowing how the program works and when to use them will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Always ask for a discount or bargain, especially when you pay cash for big purchase like furniture and electrical items, you will be surprised how much lesser you have to pay.

Buy in bulk or from the hypermarket. Hypermarket like Giant and Tesco has greater offer than places like Jusco or Parkson. (I’m referring to household stuffs)

For food stuff, always check the expiry dates, get items with later expiry dates so that you can store them longer.

warehouse discount, off-season handbags products sale, factory outlet stores are great places to find super-ultra-fabulous bargains. -and again, don't say i didn't tell you this :p

If you're heading to a sale where you anticipate that there'll be a long queue for the dressing room (eg. Mango sale) then wear a spaghetti strap top or a tube with shorts so that you can just pull on most of the clothing without having to queue for the dressing room all the time. You can also bring along measurements of your favourite top and bottom and a measuring tape to save time. :)

Always shop with your gal friends.. They're able and willing to give u more opinions than your bf / hubby. No Cash?? Its ok but REMEMBER to bring along ALL your credit cards. Save the trouble of keeping the change esp when there's a big crowd!! Furthermore, u get to earn points while spending $$$.. =)

List down what you need to buy before you go to Shopping. At least you will not miss out what you want at the 1st place. Possible meet your BF/HUBBY after your shopping trip.. Cos you will need help to carry the things home.. (^.^)v

~End copy ~

For this... I would like to tag...

Kar Mern

Shop shop shop!

~ { 2:54 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, October 14

One week gone
Sunday liao.. Should be very sian for quite alot of ppl..

For working ppl : Sian ah.. monday blues ah..

For study ppl : Aiyo.. Sch again.. Homework again..

For chionging for O lvl ppl : Wah not enuff time ah.. Exam coming liao..

For me?? Sian ah.. Tml is Monday Blues cum Sch again. ~>.<~

Ytd went out with hubby.. Initially cant figure out where to go, so decide to meet at cityhall.. Can choose between Raffles City, Marina Square and Suntec City.. Dunno why i got the idea of wearing skirt go out.. Yesh i din wear skirt for like maybe 1 year liao.. Really this can be confirmed by my hubby. So he quite surprise to see me in skirt.. (^.^)v

Grab one drink from 7-11 then went to suntec city walk walk.. Humpz. Think everytime i go there, i find something new in there.. Want to buy OP shorts.. But din managed to find any nice one ley.. Sad case.. >.<

Discuss with hubby that i want to get a new set of mahjong set.. Cos my house one very old liao.. Cum we can use it in our new house.. Thinking of getting the below design.. Silver back.. Will get a bigger tile.. Cos more fun ok.. Hope get it liao then can ask frens come play.. kekeke.. (^.^)/~

Oh ya.. We went to Funan challenger to ask for the below olympus camera Mju 820 pricing.. Currently the pricing is $499 however seem just having normal package.. So we decide to wait til IT fair then see got better free gift ma.. Kekeke..

Front view of the camera

Back view of the camera.

Today just purely rotting at home.. No meet hubby.. Cos he got wedding dinner to attend, plus he got to rush his project out.. So whole day jus playing wedding dash.. which i manage to complete it liao.. haiz.. Then slpt for 3 hours in the afternoon.. Getting more like a pig sia.. (-__-)

Ok la.. Me gg to maple see see le.. tata.. (^.^)v

~ { 8:30 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, October 12

Yesh yesh yesh.. Finally it arrived... I waited so long sia.. (not i got pregnant ok.. some of my fren praying hard for me to have bb soon.. dotx)

I gt two nuffnang ads on the way..


An advertiser has chosen to advertise on piscesgals.blogspot.com/.

The advertisement details are as follows:Campaign: STB Project Postcards CampaignWeek(s): 1. 14 Oct 2007 to 20 Oct 2007


An advertiser has chosen to advertise on piscesgals.blogspot.com/.

The advertisement details are as follows:Campaign: Nike JDI2Week(s): 1. 21 Oct 2007 to 27 Oct 2007

Keke.. Been very envy with my frens who have ads in their blogs.. Now finally is my turn to have it..

Hope you all do come in to support my blog oh.. (^.^)v

~ { 6:04 PM }
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Wednesday, October 10

Happy gathering
Well this blog is foto post sia.. Cos it will be full of fotos taken during the gathering.. Got Helen, Huiping, Woeinard, Yao yao, Yen yen and me... (^.^)v

Location: Tiong Bahru Plaza Lvl 2 Resturant.

My Fried Chicken Ramen.. 6 of us ordered the same ramen..

Table filled with 6 chicken ramen.. ^.^

Our organiser... Yen yen (candid shot)

Surprise~~~ Durian birthday cake

Closer look @.@

Lighted the candle by waitress..

Birthday gals looking at who???

Yesh.. our Yen yen..

Finally they looking at me.. Woeinard (14 oct) and Huiping (12 oct)


My dearest Yao yao and Helen... (Paisay a bit blur)

The two photographer for the night.. Yen and me~~~

Cheers~ (^.^)v

Huiping: "1st must take out the candle"

Woeinard: "Orh.. Let you do it.. Pls be careful" (Jas OS)

Huiping: " Dear we must cut the cake together wor"

Woeinard: "Scary~~ Eh! The knife not sharp ley.. Dotx.."

~ Helen and Yao yao ~

Hello.. is cut the cake not make the cake fly...

Ok ok.. Return you all the cake..

Problem slicing your cake?? No worries, got our pro cake-slicer.. Yao yao..

Hahaha.. Above some comments is my OS ok.. So no offends ok.. kekek.. After eating the delicious durian cake, we all set off ~home sweet home~

Oh ya.. today i bought one hair band.. Act cute wor.. Hahah.. Cos i din go dye my hair, so quite dull with long black hair.. Decide to get one silver then got pattern shinning hair band..

Yen yen help me take the foto.. This is what i will be wearing to Yen yen wedding next mth..

Reach home took another foto again.. hahah.. ~Qiao~

Ok la.. Gtg slp le.. Been waiting for the photos to be uploaded since 11pm.. Now already 1.10am liao.. Finally i finished uploading.. Can go slp le.. Tired..


~ { 10:51 PM }
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