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Friday, February 29

Feeling down....


I need to go do filling for 6 teeths before i put on my braces. Need to get it done before next friday. Just now after seeing Dr Tang, immediately i called up the public dential clinic to book my appointment.

Initially i called and booked today slot at 3.30pm. However due to the usual dentist that attend me is not in clinic this week, therefore the kind-hearted assistant help me to make appointment next thursday 3.30pm slot. I think gotta spend another lump sum of money. Gosh at this rate i got to go work part time to earn money. If not.. Hei hei, i need to eat biscuits and drink water to survive. (ok la, not to that extreme)

Just made my 1st payment for the braces. Well cost me $770 <-- including two x-ray film that i took this morning. Now my teeth got separators in it. 4 in total. Strange enough. That time i saw my friend put separators like quite uncomfortable. Whereas today i put it, i don't really feel any uncomfortable. Geee.. Guess is my teeth toooooo horrible to feel it. (-_-")

I think it is true that we must take good care of our teeth since young. If not, it will be like me. Having to spend so much on trying to get my teeth back to good health. Gosh. Why i didn't take good care of it when i am young. So angry with myself. Haiz. No matter how much i regret, i cannot turn back time. The only thing is to take extra care of my teeth.

Imagine $770 i can buy alot of things.
Novels - 1 book that cost $5, i can buy 154 books.
- 4 books for $10, i can buy 308 books.
Comics - i can buy those full set about 5 - 8 sets.
Furniture - I can buy one cheaper sofa, table etc
Accessories - Bag -i can even buy one coach bag or one LV wallet lo..

Gosh.. See i can buy so much things using that $$ that i paid this morning. Regrets ah...

So to those kids that likes to eat sweets. Remember to brush and floss your teeth after every meal oh. Don't be like me. Wasting so much money when i can save it if i carefully take good care of them.

~ { 12:18 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, February 28

Cute Pucca
Gosh... Though just one more day to go i am going to be 25 year old. However i still love to watch anime aka cartoon.

Recently i love to watch Pucca. You can go to youtube to watch the show. Definitely got a good laugh.

Introduce the two main character:
Age 12 as of The Cursed Tie. Born December 2nd, Garu is a skilled and somewhat serious-natured ninja, and the object of Pucca's affections. To Pucca's frustration, however, he only rarely returns her affection and usually frantically tries to escape when Pucca attempts to kiss him. Despite the fact that he usually desperately tries to avoid her advances, Garu's true feelings for Pucca are a mystery. In the original Flash cartoons, it was suggested that they were officially a couple, and on many occasions in the TV series it has been hinted that he truly does care about her (i.e. getting very defensive when someone insults her). Like Pucca, Garu is capable of superhuman athletics and endurance (such as running around the entire world without tiring), yet she still manages to get the best of him somehow. Also like Pucca, he does not talk at all in the TV series, continuing to only use the sounds from the Flash cartoons. It's explained in the TV series that he's taken a vow of silence (in the episode Romancing the Clone however, the clone speaks throughout the episode, but only because the clone was a representation of what Garu would become if he stopped caring about his honor and training). He will immediately accept a quest if told it will bring him "great honor". The reason for this, although not revealed in the TV series to date, most likely stems from one of Garu's ancestors bringing dishonor upon his family (as was revealed in the original Flash cartoons). Three female characters have been in love with him: Pucca, Ring Ring, and a Swiss girl named Heidi (but Heidi has only appeared once in the television series), so it is suggested that he is attractive. In addition to being a skilled fighter, Garu has also demonstrated the ability to play the

Age 11 as of Slam Bam Birthday Bash. Born July 7th, Pucca is the series' titular character. She is hopelessly in love with Garu, and is constantly trying to kiss him. Rather than speaking, Pucca communicates with giggling, kissing, and growling sounds (it is mentioned by Ching, however, that she has a pretty singing voice). Pucca lives with her guardians, the three Master Chefs at the Goh-Rong restaurant, where she works as a delivery girl, driving around town on her scooter. She has a pink cat named Yani who is in love with Garu's cat, Mio. Although she isn't a ninja, she has demonstrated some unique abilities of her own that make up for what she lacks in training, such as immense speed and strength and a rock-hard head. Though she is typically sweet-natured, Pucca can be very aggressive and temperamental when she does not get her way. Pucca has very long black hair, but usually wears it in an
odango style. Pucca is also a talented musician, as evidenced in And the Band Played Rong, Sooga Size Me, and a few other episodes. Most likely out of a desire to protect him, Pucca often takes over where Garu (unwillingly) leaves off when it comes to saving the day, and manages to trump her opponents simply by sheer wit and resourcefulness

Finally as i surf the photos, i saw one that caught my eyes. Real life Pucca.

Actually now you can also watch the cartoon on kidz channel. Every weekday 4.30pm. Have a good laugh oh~~~
Above pictures are from Yahoo website. Introduction are from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_characters_in_Pucca

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reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, February 26

I am a bad tempered person. Just that sometimes i don't like to show it out. especially towards my friends.

Well in the past like in primary school timing, i could easily get blown up. My mood changing in nearly split seconds. I think faster than flipping one page. I used to torture myself with putting a lot of chillies on my bowl of noodles and ate it. (well i guess that is why now i can't take spicy stuff)

However when i went into secondary school, i discovered that i can no longer have such bad temper. As they ain't going to be liked my buddies (peiting, weiqiang etc) in primary school whom always give in to me. Therefore i slowly change myself. From one hot-tempered person to one who merely flare up at people.

The change in me was so great that even my PS friends also don't really believe it. (^.^)v Something that i am proud of.

Following by going in Poly. I guess my friends hardly see i flare up. Normally i am the one saying sorry even though i am not in wrong. Well i guess i have those "peace lovers" blood flowing inside. However i am not a push over too. I can be quite firm at times. Well more towards guys i guess. Von often say that i give in to girls more than guys.

Well to me girls are meant to be doted. Don't you all agree???

But i guess now, all my hard work of controlling my volcano isn't getting so good. Nowadays i tend to find hubby to quarrel. I always feel like i cannot control my mood swing. Well it kinda freak me out.

Haiz. Is it as we grow older, we tend to unable to control our temper?? or is it just me alone?

Now one moment i can feel very super angry, next moment i can feel super sad. Why of all no happiness in it. Maybe i got a lot of things i don't know how to express out. I feel pointless even saying it out. Nobody bothers. Everyone care for themselves. Be realistic. Who you think you are in this world. Answer is NOBODY. Merely just one person breathing in this world. Living and sharing and fighting spaces with another human being.

I guess you all must be thinking what the heck is she writing. lol. Seriously even myself also don't know what am i writing about. Just got the thoughts in my mind. I guess i going crazy soon.

PS: Well i having a bad mood swing now. Super sad mode. So don't bother about me. Just read and forget. Thanks.

~ { 11:41 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, February 25

Recently i am hooked up with one game. It consist of 6 different kind of games.

Got MJ, Sushido, Match it, Da lao er, chess and stwack.

I more into sushido now. Just like playing yahoo game. but this is playing against other players. So much more fun rather than playing alone.

The webbie is www.viwawa.com

All u need is to register using your email. Yes just email will do. No more long register form required.

After which they will send you one activation code. By clicking on the link provided by the email, you just need to key in your desired user id and password. Straight you can proceed to play your games le.

Easy and fun to play. Can just click on the link and try. Welcome all readers to join in the game. As like what other say, the more the merrier.

with love, Jas

~ { 7:36 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, February 18

Back from MIA

I am back.. Sorry sorry.. So late then update. Quite busy cum lazy these few days la..

Anyway just now as i was patiently waiting for all the photos to get uploaded. I saw one sad news.


"HONG KONG: Veteran Hong Kong entertainer Lydia Sum died Tuesday aged 60 after a battle with liver cancer, her employer and local media said."

One extract from the link above. You can click to see it for more further updates. If you want to read the chinese version. Pls click the following:


Actually kind of sad to see this news. Though i think most of the people are mentally prepared. However when it arrives, it never fail to make people sad. Often in times we will be wondering life is so short, why must we keep going on with such a fast pace in life? Why cant we take a break in the mid of our busy schedule? Haiz. Sad to say, in this world, time do not wait for people.

I hope that her daughter will be strong. Quite a number of people went to her blog to support her. --> http://blog.sina.com.cn/zhengxinyi


I personally oso got one sad new.........
I FAIL ONE OF MY PAPER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tui. Kns. So sad sia. Though i oso expected the result to be fail la. But see liao still upset de lo. Sorry hubby.....
Ok back to my life. CNY busy collecting ang paos. Though getting lesser liao la. Humpz...

Below are photos that rot in my pc.. hahhaha.. (^.^)v

Donuts given by Polly..... Yummy... I love the chocolate de.

Miss Cai Bday celebration in advance.

My Dish.. Chicken stuff with ham and cheese.

Ah Von dish. Rice cooked with butter

Adele dish - Roast chicken leg

Miss Cai dish - fish stuff with cheese

At Shanghai Jazz

Group photo - Me, Ah von, Miss Cai and Adele

Woooo.. Caught unware with Miss Cai

Fernvale Court - 18 Feb 08

The only bus stop in front of fernvale

Fernvale Point

Fernvale Vista

Fernvale Grove Blk A - D

Yeah i got my key for my flat le. Went in Ytd and took some photos.

View from my living room

Common toilet

Master Room Toilet

Place i gg to hang my clothes to dry

Yeah... Above are the photos that took me ytd night and today to upload. Yup yup.. I got update my blog le. Don say i lazy liao ok..

Now i gotta go find renovation for my house le.. Hopefully by mid year can complete the renovation. (^-^)v

Ok la.. Gotta go eat dinner le.. Cheers.

~ { 10:41 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, February 5

CNY coming
Yeah.. Tml CNY eve le.. Gosh.. This year really flew fast for me sia. So fast my kor left us 1 year liao. This year is the 2nd year without him with us.

hmmm.. Eh.. Me no longer sad le. Cos we know he is now in a better place, well at least no worries rite. Hahaha.. (^.^)v

Finally me can hug my hubby le. He is back from thailand le.. Though is one blackie back la.


Today he came my house to accompany me. But but.. He made me walked alot. Kaoz.

Walk from my house to Henderson to do his specs, then walked to Tiong bahru plaza to eat. Then walked back from TBP to redhill market buy things then finally home.

Kns. Tui. Walked so much and my legs aching now. (T.T)

But still glad to have him back. Wahahaha. Muack.

Oh ya.. Some more on that suay day.. Lol. u thinking if the suay god got spare me so easy mey. No lor.. Worse thing arrived last. My right arm kana "la jin". Cannot even lift up my hand ok. Super pain. Friday still gotta pray my kor kor. In the end gotta ask Polly to help me burn the joss stick. Haiz. (-_-")

Friday nite quite happening at home. Got Peter, Hazel, Polly, Shawn, Weehock, Andy, Ah Peh and Jianda (name dunno how to spell..) they all come my house to eat dinner. (some din eat la. cos come so late.)

Cooked the cereal prawn give them eat. (tester) In the end not enuff to eat. I cooked 2 plates liao wor.. hahaha.. Next time gotta use more prawns le..

All thanks to Jenny to teach on her blog on how to cook cereal prawns. (^-^)v

Hmmm.. Gotta go help my mom le.. Tml still got to pray my kor again. Now every festival i gotta go pray him le. Cannot help it. He was my mom's favourites. So all is priority towards him. tsk tsk.

At here me gg wish all of you.


For those not attached: this coming find a good partner
For those attached not married: Get more ang baos ok
For those married: Happy giving ang baos oh (where is my ang bao?? hahhaa)
For those studying: Good grades ahead
For those working: Get promoted oh and get good pay.

Gong xi gong xi. (^.^)/~

~ { 10:27 PM }
reflections of you and me;