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Sunday, March 30


What i had done during the past few days.. Ok.. 1st as i had post recently that my internet cannot.. So i use LoVeS suggestion.. I went to change my modem.. Take hubby spare modem to use.. Which today didn't give me any problem up to now.. So it is still under monitor stage.. If still not ok.. Then i will cancel and switch to starhub.. Wait and see how now..

Okie.. Last wednesday I met up with my ex-colleagues.. Yao yao, Molly, Yen yen, Woei Nard, Huiping, Liwen and Edelyn.. I meet up with yao and WN 1st.. So we took some photos while waiting for the others to arrive..

Location: Bugis

Resturant: MOF

Date: 26 Mar 08

~Woeinard, Yao yao and me~

The menue

Seafood Potato Salad.. Yummy~~

Liwen and Molly

Edelyn and Woeinard

Organiser Yen yen

My meal : Cold soba with tempura

Yao and her dessert

Woeinard and her dessert

Huiping and her dessert..

Liwen and Huiping order same dessert

Up next.. Edelyn and her dessert.

Melting liao still pose.. Alamak Yen.. (oops)

Pls don puke.. Thats me and my dessert.. Super nice lo..

Girls photo time

Well for the above.. What i can comment.. The food not bad.. ranging from $12+ to $20+.. They offer set meal.. Which include coffee or tea.. Additional of $3 you can select dessert that is equal or below $6.50 from the dessert menue.
Had so much fun toking rubbish with them.. Too bad they got to work the next day.. so need to go off early.. Nvm.. Molly say will arrange BBQ at her house.. Looking forward to it..
Molly.. Must invite me oh~~~~

On friday i meet up with my secondary school friends.. Oh gosh.. We all graduated for about 9 years le.. and know each other for about 10 years plus lo.. Aiyo.. So long liao. But was glad that most of them able to make it for the gathering..
As usual i am the 1st one to arrive.. No work what.. Hahaha.. (^.^)v
Lucky Laihuat arrived shortly.. We walked around Vivo city while waiting for the rest..
Initially Jess told me that she got bring one friend as they got make arrangement for dinner appointment. Ask me mind or not.. Well of course don't mind.. When we finally see clearly who she bring is like a surprise to us.. Is Jiaying.. Gosh..
Juztine arrived about the same timing and we decided to proceed to Pastamania to book place..
Mickey and Yanti reached late.. Quite sad is that Shereen can only meet us for awhile, as she need to rush to meet her client.. Din't manage to get photos with her.. Hope next time we can take group photos together..
After the meal, we went to starbucks to chit chat and not to forget photo taking time..
Location: Harbourfront
Cafe: Starbucks
Date: 28 Mar 08

Danice and Jess

Group photo without Jess
(from the left: Juztine, Danice, Laihuat, Me, Yanti, Jiaying and Mickey)

Finally Jess in the photo too.

After the chat session, except for Jess, Laihuat and Yanti, we all went to Party world to chill out.. Glad that we had a driver that night.. Thanks Mickey..
At there we meet up with Serene and Guoguang.. I din't manage to see Guoguang since our graduation.. But he din have any big changes.. Same attitude, same chubby face.. Hahaha.. He seem quite shock to know that some of us get married, ROM etc.. (^.^)v

Only one sentence to tell him. "Time to move on to next stage of life boy"
Hahah.. Having alot of fun singing and suaning around that night. Like the way that we had during secondary school life, with no worries and pure enjoyment.. Hope we can have more of these gathering..
WAH!!!!!! now already 12.44am.. OMG.. i better get wash up and go zzz le.. Tml have morning lesson.. Gtg folks.. Tata.. Good night..

~ { 10:12 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, March 27

Ok i super angry with my idiot singnet le.. Always give me problem.. I dunno is it due to the old building estate that i am living right now. Or the modem fault.. But..


It keep blinking.. By right it should just stay light up and not blinking so as to indicate that it can connect to internet.. But for past few years i keep having the blink problem..

Oh well.. U guys might think go change la..

I paid two times fee to change my residential line point.. Which cost me $25 each...

I called up to service centre, only advice is to send ppl down to check the point.. (-_-)

I changed my modem once.. Bring them to their service centre.. But all no use..

The modem sui ka sui ka let me online.. Not happy with me don let me online.. U know the feeling of wanting to throw that modem onto the wall.. I pay so much every mth yet i need to see the mood of my modem.. WTF.

So i decided le.. I very upset with singnet.. So i changing to starhub in june.. Cos my singnet contract end in 5 Jun.. No more giving chance to them le.. So upset sia.. Been like 4 years i having this problem le.. I guess should be the residential line problem..

I heard max online use cable not telephone line.. So hope it wont give me problem..

ARGH.. cant wait to change my plan... Arbo i gg crazy soon.. Shit.. Even now oso having the same blinking problem.. Damn it sia...

~ { 11:02 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, March 26

Aiyo.. I should be getting my bum out of the pc chair and go pom pom de.. Cos gg to meet yao yao at 6++...

But.. I still yet to move... Lol.. Guess i am super lazy... Yesh. I am lazy.. Hahaha.. (^.^)v

Oh ya.. Anyone want MJ this saturday nite or Sunday??? Play small small de.. 10cent 20cents..

Hahaha.. Boring la.. Ok la.. Better get to bath room le.. Tata..

~ { 5:23 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, March 25


DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!


Si bei du lan sia..

Well initially my mood not bad de.. As in the sense of normal la..

That is for morning class.. Then after class all the fucking shit come... Pui.

Got these 3 fucking bitches.. From the start of the class which is 2pm chat all the way to 2.45pm non stop... None of my problems i know.. But the noise pollution create is unstopable.. Pay so much come in class to chit chat.. Want chat go cafe and la kopi la. Tok until you song la..

Well if you guess that after 2.45pm they stop.. u are wrong.. They on and off keep chatting.. U have any idea how much is the subject lesson cost... At least $400++ wor.. Spent so much come in tok cock.. Wah pang eh.. So Damn inconsiderate BITCHES.

Then next du lan thing happen during break time..

I went to buy coffee to drink. Then go wait for lift.. Got two idiot women walked in front of me then of cos the normal thing is to hold the lift if you know behind got ppl rite.. The two fucking bitches just walked in and i kana hit by the closing lift door..


Pain you know.. Kana my right arm.. KNN...


Dunno what suay day i had today.. So damn pissed off....

If you think the post is tooo rude.. ps lo.. u can choose skip this entry.. i just want to vent out my du lan feeling..


~ { 7:18 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Fed up and angry.. later then post what happen.. Now i go buy my dinner 1st..


~ { 6:22 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, March 23

Voice by: Jim Carrey

This is a story of two worlds. One LARGE and one very very small. It all begins with a little speck of dust. When a cataclysmic event causes this speck of dust to become displaced, it is sent floating through the air. Horton the elephant is enjoying life in the Jungle of Nool when he notices the speck and hears what sounds like a tiny voice calling for help. Horton tries to show his neighbours... but no one else can hear it, and they don't believe him. Horton is convinced that there's a world living on that piece of dust, and it needs his help. We quickly learn that Horton is right. Living on the speck is a population of 'Who's' who live in Whoville. When Horton connects with the Mayor, the Who's soon learn that their entire world is vulnerable to destruction, and Horton is their only hope. Together, the Mayor and Horton need to work together to save Whoville.

Official Website : http://www.hortonmovie.com/splash.html
Yup above is the show which i watched with Hubby this week.
Thursday hubby took leave as we was to meet two ID.. However one of them fall sick.. So we decided to eat our lunch at TBP then catch one show.. Happen that i wanna watch Horton.. Well i can say the show quite heart warming and fun in some scenes.. Most of all.. Not much people watching at that timing.. Cos we watch 2.50pm slot.. Hei hei.. (^.^)v
After show, we bought dinner for my parent before rush off to another ID appointment.. Erm.. Turn out quite good. Now waiting for the final quotation out.
Oh one bad news too all taking their key this year onwards.
Below are extract from http://www.straitstimes.com/Free/Story/STIStory_218951.html?vgnmr=1

Home makeovers hard hit by price hikes

Spike in building material prices, labour crunch pushing renovation costs up by 20% this year
By Jessica Cheam

PLANNING to renovate your home? If so, be prepared to pay 20 per cent more.

Construction costs - for both big projects and home renovations - have risen due to a rise in raw material prices and labour costs. And they are expected to increase even more this year.

Industry experts say overall construction costs are expected to rise by another 15 to 20 per cent this year - following a 40 per cent spike in the last two years.

A global spike in raw material prices, and a construction resources and manpower crunch here, are to blame for the relentless rise, say market players.

In particular, prices of reinforcing steel bars - used extensively in construction - have soared 64 per cent from $753 per tonne in January last year to $1,235 this January, according to data from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

Rising global demand for steel, fuelled by a building boom in developing countries such as China, India and Vietnam, is pushing prices up sharply.

The price of cement rose 30 per cent to $117 per tonne in the same period.

Consumers' pockets are hard hit by the price hikes. Contractors say home owners now have to fork out up to 20 per cent more for renovation works.

Renovating a 110 sq m five-room HDB flat, for example - which would have cost $80,000 at most at the start of last year - would now mean forking out $100,000, said contractor Steven Koh, 51, of Colorado Design.

But there is good news: the extra cost of building a new home is unlikely to be passed on to flat buyers.

Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore executive director Chia Hock Jin said developers cannot simply pass on the costs: 'It's the market that determines the prices.'
Given the recent cooling of the property market, price hikes for homes are also unlikely.
Local developer Frasers Centrepoint Homes said it has partly absorbed the rising costs and has also tried to mitigate them by adopting more efficient ways of building and securing raw material in bulk.

Construction costs typically make up 20 to 25 per cent of the total cost of a development, with the bulk coming from land cost, said Mr Seah Choo Meng, executive chairman of quantity surveying firm Davis Langdon & Seah Singapore.
Meanwhile, main contractors are starting to feel the pinch, with price rises eating into their profit margins. Wacon Construction & Trading, hired for a $5million spruce-up of MacRitchie Reservoir, was recently reported to have gone bust due to the hikes in raw material prices.

Mr Simon Lee, executive director of the Singapore Contractors Association Limited, said contractors had only a small margin in factoring such rises into building tenders.
One source of relief is the stabilising prices of sand, granite and concrete. BCA's latest data show prices of these materials are easing, after an artificial spike following Indonesia's abrupt ban of land sand exports last February. Still, compared to January last year, these prices have escalated and, in some cases such as sand, even doubled.
Mr Lee said there was concern that developers were slow in paying contractors, especially those affected by the sand ban, which might exacerbate contractors' cash-flow problems.

Mr Seah said he does not expect the construction crunch to abate, predicting that constructing demand will go up to $27 billion this year.
Up by 20% wor.. Not 5% or 10%... is 20%... so i can foresee quite a few of my friends going to hit hard on this.. So word of advice. Do what you need. Save for later to add on.. Don't do all at one shoot.
Ok back to main topic..
Thursday nite, stay over at hubby house.. Then friday afternoon mj with hubby, BIL and MIL.. Me is the biggest loser.. $3.. hahaha.. Cos we play small small la.. Just to kill time..
Then hubby came to my house to stay over... Finally.. So happy sia.. We walked ard to buy food and watch vcd... love lazing with hubby..
Sat, busy but fun.. Cos i gotta cook ceral prawns (yes again) for my neighbour cos she having her bday celebration.. Hubby love to cook together with me.. lol.. Mummy say how nice to have him helping out.. BUT... HIS AIM IS TO PLAY!!!
Ok la.. in the end let him fried the prawns.. While i do the finishing step..
After that we went to Redhill Mkt to eat our dinner... Night activities is Prawning.. Hahhaha.. Lost touch on catching prawns le.. So bad result.. But hubby and i have quite alot of fun la.. Cooked riceball for darling to eat before he went home..
Today planning to go town area... Yeah.. Later then meet hubby... Ok la.. Mummy nagging me to eat my lunch le.. Tata..

~ { 1:31 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, March 20

Hei hei.. me so blur blur...

Forget to upload some photos that i had taken for my bday celebration with my dearest poly gal grp..

These are what i ate before i had my braces on... At marina square Kbox.

As ususal von make me feel like i spy on her.. -_-"

My Cake~~~~ Yummy

Del and me

Von and lin

Yup.. My 1st branded bag from them.. Thank you.. (^.^)v

Well the above baby photo is who ley.. Is baby kate.. Wendy's baby.. Cute hor.. Love this phto alot.. That i decided to steal from her blog.. hei hei.. cannot resist her.. Mummy Wendy.. When you gg to give bb kate, little brother or little sister???


Oh well change to another topic before i kana k by mummy wendy.. hei hei..

Ya i discovered something gross on the toilet paper... eek~~~~~

Dunno what the heck is that.. So damn er xin ok.. Heng i never use it.. Arbo.. (-_-")

So i think better to careful on using the paper ok.. CHECK~~~~~

Oh well.. i gotta stop here.. Cos later got one batch of school kidz coming to my parent house for cleaning.. Ya those school charity event la.. Soooo gotta get myself out.. Anyway later going to meet 2 renovator to check on quotation.

Jen - One advice.. U and JK must go source a few renovator to compare on quotation oh..

~ { 11:51 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, March 17

Yoz yoz.. i promised ytd in my post that i will upload photos..

Below are what i taken last saturday.

Fernvale Court.

Got one hole.. See carefully..

Behind Blk 438A

Above are the photos for people living in Fernvale Courts.. Oh ya.. Blk 439A is already up to 21st floor... So just to tell you all. Get ready for year end to know if your key ready for collection.

Next is.. You all must be thinking hw i look with my braces on le.. Ta la..

Me and hubby at our master bedroom.

Ok la.. me gg to search for my dinner le.. Hungry ~~~~

~ { 6:23 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, March 16

I wanna cry~~~~~~~~~~~


Why?? Just now i was watching discovery channel.. They were airing one documentary of "Jonestown -Paradise Lost"

Some of you might be thinking "what is that??"

You can check out this webbie : http://www.crimelibrary.com/serial4/jonestown/

The man was insane.. Pardon me if any of his relative read this blog.. But how could he ask people to die with him?? What give him the bloody fucking right to do that? Who he think he was?? GOD? Please ok.. God won't ask people to commit suicide.


Have any idea how many people die or not? 900+.. Out of which 300+ children... YESH IS CHILDREN.

Me watch the show and was kinda of boiling hot within me. There are people who wish to LIVE. But they force and inject POISON in their body.

He made the children be the 1st to drink the poison which was mixed with drinks. There were quite a lot types of poison put into the drink. He ordered his follower that the children must not make noises as they were setting examples for the rest to see..



I hate watching those which were mass murder... ESPECIALLY COMMIT SUICIDE.

Do you have idea of how many dozens of people wish to live yet they have to die?? Die due to sickness, old, accidents???

I have my most closest blood related person who died in a motor accident last year.. I bet he also wished that he wasn't dead. But fate make him leave us so early. My cousin (whom gave me my name on my birth cert) passed away due to cancer. Do you know what is her last word that i heard from my other cousin? She said that " Wo hen pai. Wo bu xiang si." (translate: I am scared. I don't wish to die)

Can you just imagine how much impact it put to us?? Facing the death of our close one.. Making us so sad and also can just leave them in our memory and not hearing their voices anymore..

I really hope that people can cherise their life.. No matter how hard life is.. Don't take too lightly. Don't think that die can solve all problems...

Ok.. kinda feel down and moody.. i think i will end here for today.. no mood to continue..

PS: i got several photos to upload.. so hope by tml i will post it up..

~ { 10:59 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, March 11

Gosh i am toooooo tired!!!!!!!!!


I been having classes since last saturday and all the way til today.. Tomorrow still got Financial management class to attend.. Gonna faint soon.

Well ytd went to PSA to see all my friends.. So fun to chat with them.. But got bully by Helen.. haha. Yesh your big name is up here. (evil jas)

Ate dinner with Yen yen and Huiping.. Got a plate of pasta for myself.. Requested the uncle to cut the noodles for me.. (-__-) so that it is easy to swallow. Hei hei...
At least something different for me to eat..

I think i getting more adjust to the braces.. I attempt to bite on my bread.. But think still need some times more... Because it HURT!!!!!!!!!!!

I can eat faster now le. Compare to the 1st two day. Hahahah.. (^-^)v i think in no time i can chew my food le.

I WANT TO EAT VEGATABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough of my complain.. Gotta go eat my dinner le.. Ciaoz.

~ { 6:33 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, March 9

Well just some short updates...

1st i waiting for my dearest friend, del, to send me the photos taken last wed..

2nd yes i on braces.. Damn freaking aching.

For those who are thinking of getting braces. I would like to say. Really must think many times before you go do braces.

There are soooo many inconveniences that you need to overcome before you can see the beautiful set of teeth.....

As for what i encountered for the past 3 days.

1st day - nothing much initially.. Just feeling very weird that i got metals on my teeth.
Then after which trying to eat my lunch.. HARD TO EAT!!!!!!! So dinner end up with whipped potato. Yes imagine my dinner just one large whipped potato from KFC.

2nd day - got morning class.. Bought two slices of pandan cake to eat. SUPER REGRETS!!!!!! As normal days i need at least two or more slices of pandan cake then i will be full.. But but.. i took nearly 35 mins just to eat finish 1 slice.. Aiyo.. so hard to eat. So i don't even bother to eat the 2nd slice.
After lesson went to meet one of the contractor to see the quotation. In the end settle our lunch at 3+++ pm.. Managed to find porridge to eat. Went to von house to play 1 round of Mj. (^.^)v
Dinner settled with KFC two medium whipped potatos (they sold out the large one).

Two day dinner all whipped potato... (-___-)

3rd day - lesson again... this time round i just drink milo for my breakfast.. Clever liao.. hahaha.. (^-^)v then lunch MIL bought fish porridge for me. Dinner is mee suan.... super easy to swallow.. kekek..

So as you all can see.. I cannot chew on any food yet... Like old lady without teeth sia.

Super aching and pain feeling cum cannot chew on my food cum need to take longer time to brush my teeth, floss it and clean the braces. Most of all.. I paying money for all the suffering.. Haiz...

Advice is to think before you act..

~ { 10:06 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, March 7

Brace on..
Yup.. Finally i am officially had my braces on my teeth le..

Guess everyone will be asking pain or not.

Ermmmmm.. At 1st morning won't feel the pain.. Now can slightly feel it.

I don't have to extract any tooth. Thus no pain from that area. (^.^)v

I choose light purple for the rubber. hahaha...

Ok la.. update later.. I gg to prepare to meet Peiting for dinner later. Ciaoz..

~ { 4:53 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, March 4

Post i found
Just now i surfing around to see got anything interesting, the below article caught my eyes..

I got it from Taiwan Yahoo Website.


守財奴虧待老婆 被判買12萬朵玫瑰送太太

更新日期:2008/03/04 15:30







For those not sure of what is it writing about in Chinese, in summary:

Iran Court had ordered one stingy man to purchase 120,000 roses to give to his wife. During 10 years of marriage, the husband had never even treat a cup of coffee for the wife to drink. Therefore the wife request for court order to let her have her Downy back. Thus now the court had retained one house belonging to the husband, upon finish giving the roses, then the court will release back the house to him.

The stingy husband refuse to acknowledge that he had ill-treat his wife. He protested that all the fault should goes to his wife's friends. They had input wrong idea to his wife and for his current state, he can only afford to buy 5 roses.


Aiyo... How can the husband be sooooo stingy?? *faint*

Heng hubby is not like this.

Thanks God.

~ { 6:50 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, March 2

Birthday celebration
Yoz yoz. Is me again updating my blog.

Well as i said that in my previous blog, i want to post some photos that i took with Yao Yao on friday night. Finally i can upload it.. YEAH~~~~~

Date: 29 Feb 2008
Location: Fish & Co at bugis
Dinner with Yao yao.

Two birthday girl. Her birthday is on 5th Mar.

Fried Calamari - Yummy (took me quite some time to chew)

Seafood Platter for two. Well it took us 2 hours to finish it.

My 1st present - Yao yao gave me

Lovely duckie. Good for hugging

Oops caught kissing the floor.

Me with the Duckie.

Me and my mom (mum in blur stage)

Above is for my 1st celebration on 29th Feb 2008.

Below are taken on 1st Mar 2008. (My bday)

Actually 1st stop i went is my new house. To check if all defects are racified. Took some photos of Fernvale Courts too. Let those staying there can know what is the most latestly update of their flat now.

Fernvale Courts

One of the window are up. I guess for people to have an idea of what their window is liked.
Next stop: Hubby House
My birthday cake. Swensons Ice-cream cake. yummy.

One candle will do. Lol.

Cheers. Me and my cake.

Erm.. How to cut it?? so hard.

Yuppie.. thats how i celebrated my birthday this year. Hubby said that next year start i can celebrate at our house le. Well i guess more likely for his birthday this year, we can celebrate at there. (^.^)v

Currently we are busy looking for ID for our flat. Met up with two ID. Now gotta wait for their quotation on the works before we can decide which to choose. Guess more will be up next.

Geez.. I gotta to go rest. Just reach home not long after my morning F5 class. Blog later... (^-^)/~

~ { 11:30 PM }
reflections of you and me;