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Sunday, August 22

Woohooo.. last thursday got a slpless nite.. just simply couldnt fall aslp.. so stay awake til next morning then go to sch.. after that tot will be gg home to slp before gg out at nite to meet my frens..

But received call from ser asking me not to slp.. -_-" in the end played mj with them... Then went to raffles place meet ah von.. dan, ser, von and me went to food court to makan our dinner.. Walked to international building for our KTV session.. Fun fun fun.. hehehehhe...

Sat after went back home.. Darling so good.. did all the chores liao.. thanks darling.. watched some show with darling... then quickly took shower to go orchard meet our fren...

Went to buy some tea set for gift to Cindy.. Ate some Tako balls too.. yummy my favourite.. ^^

Walked to Cindy and Dave hse.. and sure enuff starting of our fun session.. Ate, drank and play... Super nice food that dave made.. nice drink that darling made for me.. funny games that all of us played.. heheheh..

Sunday stay at parent hse with darling.. cos mummy went out with her frens.. cooked dinner for daddy and hubby.. ^^

Tml result will be out.. hmmmm.. pray hard liao lo..

Sunday gg to be our food tasting cum darling bday.. Everything will be fine de.. ^^

~ { 10:14 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, August 15

Woohooo... Happy.. today went dating with hubby..

Darling came pick me after class, then we went to shopping abit... Darling bought one Aldo shoes for himself.. Of cos i keep asking him to buy it.. HAHAH..

Then we went to eat my favourite Jap food.. Super full after the meal.. Always got love, hate feeling on darling.. Love him for always bringing me to eat my favourite food.. Hate becos he always allow me to choose meal for him that i din manage to choose and share food with me..

Love the sashimi.. Yummy..

Then we went to taka to shop ard... Wanna buy one present for our fren.. But din manage to find one suitable for her.. hmmm..

After which we went to chinatown to continue our search for gift and TBP to have a drink...

Oh darling also bought one jumper for me.. Super loving it.. Been abit crazy over jumper for these few years.. HAHHAHA.. plus boots.. Nearly bought one today... but heng stop myself from buying it.. ^^

Now been busy writing report... hopefully can be successful in writing it..

7th mth arrive liao.. so better don go out too late.. must be good gal for this mth.. also stop all wedding preparation.. hehehe...

Ok la.. go watch my show le.. Tata..

~ { 12:30 AM }
reflections of you and me;