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Monday, June 30

Started working for one week le.. Well.. I make 3 new frens.. and today addition of 1 more new frens..

Actually i am abit disappointed with what i having now.. Cos i realise that being just a diploma holder really make a diff in some working area.. So i vow to complete my ACCA.. Maybe after which will go for one degree cert.. I don want to be looked down on.. Feel so inferior.. Will go and study hard to achieve my goal..

Starting sch this friday nite.. Quite excited but at the same time quite sad. Excited cos i can go and start my lvl 3 subjects le.. yeah.. Sad is due to different class timing with Crystal and Irene le.. Will miss them alot... Having lots of laughter and lame jokes with them during last sem.. Chop seats and gg toilets together.. Haiz.. Gg to loner again soon i guess.. sianz...

Dunno why i feeling quite loss and no confident in myself.. Hubby tried to cheer me up.. But we really have alot of things to settle and buy.. Now manage to get our fridge and washing machine and dryer in our house le.. (photos below) We oso got our mahjong table too.. All of the things mentions are gifts from our own family members.. Thank you all..

From this week starts, monday and friday nite i will be having lessons... Then alt sat morning i gotta work.. (sian rite) which mean this sat i gotta work.. pui.. sunday gg to attend baby kate 1 year old birthday.. Gosh cant wait to hug her.. muackz... Haven get present for her.. gg to shop for it these few days..

Hubby saying that we can try get a short getaway before he fly to US.. hmmmm.. dunno where should we go.. I only have very limited leave days.. So need to plan for my study and exams..
So guess only go for those over the weekend trip le.. Wonder where should we go.. any suggestion??? Thinking of gg to try spa.. hmmmm.. but dunno nice ma... haiz.. now headache sia.. though i just start work less than a mth.. but I NEED A BREAK!!!!!!!!

Freakly speaking my work is still so so la.. But is just the org rules that i hated the most.. haiz.. So now just trying my best to do and learn as much as i can.. Then wait for aug for my results to be out. Hopefully can pass all.. so i can officially a lvl 3 student.. *Pray pray* then faster clear my papers..

Wah i kinda pouring out whatever i have in mind.. Sorry for being so messy.. hahhaa.. ok la.. i don type le.. see photos ba..


Dryer on the left, washer on the right.

Both from Brandt

Photos for Fernvale Courts

Finally roof top is up...

This weekend gg to house again... so i will take photos again ok.. U all can see week by week photos le..

PS: LoVeS - will try to send email to you regarding the cost ok..

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Saturday, June 28

One word
Today post only got three words:




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Tuesday, June 24

Yeah yeah yeah.. I promise to upload photos ytd.. so ta da..

Took a completed renovation for my house..

Today abit tired le.. so enjoy the photos..

Fernvale courts fotos are up too..

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Monday, June 23

1st day of work
Din manage to post recently due to VERY BUSY AH!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday went round 1 to settle my starhub internet thingy.. Do until quite late.. so went back hubby house to slp. Played nite mj and i won quite a bit.. kekeke. bt last week i din manage to win even 1 round ok.. haiz..

Sat went to clean up the house.. then MIL came to our house and visit.. (^.^)v

Sunday morning went to Catz house to meet the curtain ppl.. I see until my eyes so blur.. nw then i know buying curtain need alot of knowledge sia.. haiz.. Then after which we went house hopping.. Yellowbie, hookwai, wendy then my house.. kekkeke..

After that waited for hubby family to arrive.. cos they want to see our completed house renovation.. Then BIL drove us ard to search for Mj table.. which in the end we buy one DIY side table from Ikea.. Drop everything in our house then straight back to IL house.. Rest awhile then straight went back to my parent house..

Nw i got 3 house to run ard.. Hahahaha..

Then start work today.. hmmmm.. Woke up 7am.. Gosh dunno since when i stop waking up so early le.. tsk tsk..

Took train to SK station then change to bus 156...

My new company is actually a charity company.. Which is located near the Institute of Mental Hospital.. Just next to it got a few HOMES.. My company located at one of the HOME..

Only few ladies including myself.. and i guess hubby and my parent quite worry about me working at there.. cos the resident in the home are ehh.. u know la..
But well as long as i don go walking ard alone so should be ok de.. Some more can eat at the canteen for free.. if not enuff money i can save on food le.. WAHAHHAHA..

Dad and mum asking me whether to go IL house to slp cos their house nearer.. They worried that i don have enuff slp.. Anyway see how ba.. if my own house can buy finish those neccessary things, then maybe hubby and i will stay at our own house le.. so nw need to slowly buy our stuff.. If really i am too tired to go back redhill, then i go to IL house to slp lo.. Thats what i told my parent..

Oh i do have photos to upload.. Tml need to go medicial checkup.. so will go off early.. can come back early to upload fotos le.. And can watch my Ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni ... haven see the latest one.. hmmmm...

*Yawn* very tired.. just nw went shopping for my shirt.. cos i can wear jeans go work everyday.. But need to wear polo t la.. so went to shop for some.. nw super tired le..

Blog tml.. nitey all..

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Friday, June 20

Good news...

Monday i starting my job le... Yeah yeah yeah... (^-^)v


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Thursday, June 19

"Xie Tu"

Today early morning went to pray for "xie tu".. Early in the morning went to get all the stuffs except Huat kueh.. Heng mum got help me in buying the things.. Took cab go sk cos morning train ALL FULL!!!!

Cost me $18+... dotx..

The things that i bought.. While waiting for hubby to reach to open the door.. i took some photos of fernvale courts..

After hubby reached, we quickly went to proceed to do our praying things.. cos gt timing de.. plus hubby need to work at 12++...

So while waiting for the joss sticks to burnt half way, i went round to check out the mirrors..

Mirror indeed make the toilet look abit bigger.. hahahah .. (^-^)v

Mirror is given by our ID.. hahahha.. free gift..

That box is specially done for me to keep makeup things.. My ID did that for me without i requesting...
For us to hang clothes.. forget which is whose liao.. hahahha...

Yup we took away our bar for hanging clothes de liao.. cos we want to buy washer and dryer.. nt enuff space..

Finally see so much have been done.. cos tml ID will have to hand over the house to us liao.. if any problem of cos we can still give a call to him and ask him to amend it..

Comment on the ID:

My ID is Kenneth Ng aka Mr K from Ideal House.. Hard to get him, but that time is really very lucky that we can get him.

Very positive attitude, willing to listen to customer comments and needs but he is very busy so abit be prepared for some time allowance for him.

Though he got alot of projects on hand, but he never neglect any house. He will try to make a trip down to the house to see the updates and will sms the owners.

As we are not in rush of time thus we give him a longer time allowance to complete our house than the expected completion time.

Sometimes will throw in some free gifts and will bring you go to buy some stuffs where by quite cheap too..

Tiling works for my house, hubby say is nt bad.. Carpentary really worth the wait.. Design wise managed to capture the feel that i want for my house.. Cosy feeling..

If you want to renovate your house, can try find him. Of cos this is a interior design company thus the pricing wise cannot compare with contractor.. So need your own judgement on what you need.

Do tag me if you want his contact.

Ok finish with my house renovation stuffs... Now show photos of fernvale courts..

The rate of painting is getting very fast.. Oh by the way, as i did not walk past the front of Blk 439A.. thus i only took photos from my house view... (^.^)v

I think in future i can take more frequent update photos.. cos need to start cleaning up the house..

Ok la.. me go play viwawa le.. tata..

PS: Jen still don update!!!!

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Tuesday, June 17

Ok i am slacking for these few days.. To recover from the tense examination stress.. aka panda eyes.

Right now like very eng eng ley.. not a gd sign.. Cos hubby sure find alot of things for me to do one..

Though i still in the mid of looking for jobs.. But seem like i quite picky wor.. I want my location to near mrt, better near north east line.. Then pay wise must be reasonable too la.. And most most most impt.. The annual leave must be more than 14 days.. ok i admit i abit too much la.. Bo pian ley.. Next year i will be gg USA to visit hubby ma.. So of cos fly there need 2 weeks leave rite.. Then follow by Korea trip with the 3 darling gals that we arrange dunno since which year sia.. So my leave need to alot...

Actually i considering taking up part time job.. or maybe those few mth contracts.. so that i can have more times for studies and all my stuffs rite.. If i successfully can pass all 4 subject this sem (which i thinking quite hard but still hoping) then i left 5 subjects.. Which i target to clear it by jun 09. Then after which i will fly to US to visit hubby then oct or nov will have our korea trip thingy..

Need to get something planned so that i wont feel that there is nothing for me to look forward for.. Esp quite a few of my frens know that i scare of lonely.. ok la.. not to the extreme of everyday must find frens la.. But at least once a wk or so ba.. arbo i think i will either bored to death or think too much..

Hmmmm... so whats my plan now i oso quite uncertain.. really need to get my house renovation complete plus all those praying rituals for the house to be done too..

We need to buy those electricial stuffs too.. esp fridge and washing machine and dryer.. gosh so much haven buy yet.. Not to mention tv sia.. faint..

Then after hubby come back for the 3 mth course, we need to arrange for our house warming.. WT!!! Need to prepare guest list, need to prepare the house to be clean and neat, need to arrange for catering..


Kinda tight schedule sia.. This sat our sofa and mattress gg to be delivered to our house.. Then then seem still got alot not done.. This friday is our house renovation handing over, evening need to rush to Tampinese mall Starhub to exchange for some service that we signed up wrongly..

hmmm.. really is busy busy busy only for weekend.. hahahha.. ok la.. gg to surf net to search for some information liao.. tata..

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Sunday, June 15

Updates again on home renovation!!!!!!!!!

1stly i will like to ask if anyone got ppl to recommend for curtain ma.. Can msg me?? Tks tks.. looking for curtain now..

Next will be my house renovation photos.. well this one i took on Saturday nite.. Cos parent in laws want to see our renovation.. So we bring them up.. Quite surprise that got some changes done during the friday nite and saturday day time.. We managed to see somethings done.. kekekke..

The electricial point shifted..

Our kitchen basin

Closer look

Our hidden dish rack

Pardon that hand..

Our feature wall got lights too.. hahaha..

Yesh yesh yesh.. My favourite bowl and tap up liao.. so happy (^.^)v

Caught wasting water..

Then is all the bathroom accessories upz..

Our water heater..

Then after that we went to eat dinner at the fernvale point.. Well i guess quite alot few of us don like the food there.. But i tried out the chicken rice.. Not bad la.. better than other stall.. Just that when i tot why got one "xin wei" ... 1st tot is food spoilt.. but NO!!!!!!!!! is one construction worker took off his shoes and shake leg.. just the table beside us.. Faint.. power smell sia..

Went back hubby home to play mj.. Wah lost all the way.. hard win any matches throughout the 3 round.. dotx..

Then this afternoon play again.. lol.. this time round no win no lose for me.. sian.. cannot win back what i lost last nite.. No worries i will try again.. WHAHAHHAHH..

After which went to ta pao food to go home eat.. cos today Fathers' day la.. But when we about to go home. We saw those chinese god celebration.. Hubby ask which god bday.. Erm.. not very sure too.. ;P

Kekekek.. dunno can take photos or not.. but i daring sia.. just took 2 photos.. kekkeke..

Hmmm.. oh ya.. our house warming will be delayed.. so until further notice ok.. cos hubby flying off in sept la.. so don wanna rush.. (aug is lunar 7th mth.. so cannot do house warming too)

Ehh.. what should i write now.. ermmm.. i think nothin much for now.. hahahha.. me go surf net le la.. Tata..

Blog again..

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