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Tuesday, March 27

I sick again.. kao kao kao to the extreme..

Been soo sick these few day.. Xiao li wen even tot i sick from last week.. argh.. No lo.. i got recover lo.. jus tat i SICK AGAIN..


anyway update for last week...

Friday went to meet the MP.. wah lao.. Darling rush to my hse after work.. then after his bath we went to eat before getting our number.. haiz.. sit there still my bottom pain sia.. -___-""

Then sat darling gotta go back work.. so i very eng.. went for my last facial appt at 11am.. bt before that help Serene and Danice to book their Rebond appt at the salon i went quite often.. Meet ser in case she dunno where is the salon.. as the facial shop and the salon is jus opp each other.. so ok la.. the usual facial staff resign le.. so another staff help me.. ok la. her skill quite good too.. bt fall aslp as ususal.. hahahaha...

Then went to buy mahjong table.. Ser ask me to go for lunch of cos must wait for them to finish rebond lo.. wait til like 3++ wor.. aiyo..

Went to TBP for the so call lunch.. after which i set off to darling hse.. he said got present for me.. hahahah.. ask me go search.. in the end i FOUND IT.. I GOT MY OWN PSP... MUHAHAHHAHA... soo happy.. i was jus thinking whether to get one when i got my bonus next mth.. who knows.. he went to buy for me.. hahahha. sooo super happy lo..


The memory stick spoilt one.. gotta go back to the seller to exchange..

Sunday sms ppl for MJ session.. Asked Von, YC and Danice for MJ.. ok la.. the game.. except for the stupid table.. the screws dropping out lo.. sian.. gotta ask the ppl to come fix it.. stupid rite.. imagine you play halfway then the screws fall off.. kaoz.. heng the table no fall apart..
In the end consider no win no lose for the game..
Went to TBP for dinner with von, yc and darling.. ate Ramen and other stuffs... yummy.. quite nice la.. then went to comic connection to get my comics.. went to challenger to get one game cd.. so kinda enjoyed my weekend la.. hahahhaha....

Ytd busy with the FA closing. so OT til 10pm.. bt abt 3++ i fall sick le.. haiz.. all thanks to my stupid nose.. haiz.. flu.. Initially still thinking if wanna stay home today ma.. bt i still go to work la.. Yao yao prepare breakfast for me.. and specially make orange juices for me to drink.. so xin fu sia.. hahahhaha... bt really quite good wor.. after the food and drink, my throat getting better and so is my flu.. wah... so shen qi wor.. hahhaha..

Now my throat and my running nose kinda getting more and more better le.. hahahah.. sooo happy... anyway gg to play my game le.. TATA... (^.^)v

Word of the day: Orange Juice is a good cure for flu...

~ { 8:52 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, March 22

Today wake up with split headache.. maybe din slp well.. haiz.. kinda gg to get use to not slpin well ever since kor not area.. Maybe too miss him.. hahahha.. maybe too many things for me to stress on ba.. haiz..

Anyway today not gg to tok on these..

Me recently addicited to one HK drama.. When Rules Turns Loose.. Wooo.. the male lead handsome and sooo sweet to female lead.. hhahaah.. i think i like guys who is sweet to their gf.. or even at the process of wooing gal..

Actually how do you all wan your partner to be?? Rich?? Caring?? Sensitive to your feeling??
A lot of ppl wish their partner to be caring la.. love them more than they love their partner la.. better still rich person.. buy watever they wan...

Me ley.. i used to think i wan a man who is romantic, caring, if can rich lo.. hahahh.. Bt i found a man who is of the list of ROMANTIC. (roll eyes) Caring (at times la), sensitive (omg.. dunno can use this ma).... Hahhaha.. ok la.. he not that bad as wat i say la.. he still care and give watever i want.. at times i like to bully him.. hahahha.. and he jus get angry bt very fast cool off.. whenever i lied, he actually know.. bt sometimes jus keep quiet let me get away with it.. hahahah.. Whenever i tired, he will just hang up the phone and let me slp.. Bt if he is the one tired.. hahhaha.. fat hope i putting down the phone.. muhahahah.. (devil)

I know he is also stress abt his work.. bt still gotta hear all my nagging.. I used to take for granted.. bt ever since so huge changes in my life recently.. i really appreciate wat he did.. at least i got the one i love by my side.. To those that lost their beloved in tis world.. they can never hear the voice they missed most.. All left is only memories..

I read one of the blog of my fren.. Her blog so full of sadness.. Her sadness come from someone that she closed with passed away.. Wanna console her bt i think i am someone with only craps bt no good words.. hmmm.. so better don.. jus to let her know that.. she will never be alone.. there will always be frens standing behind her.. waiting for her to look back and find she not alone.. I know she might not be finding me to chat with.. Bt just to let her know that i will always be ready to lend my ear.. just don nag me can le.. hahahha.. me so crappy.. hahahha.. =p

Word of the day: In life work is always stressful.. It is all depending on how you handle it.. Be strong and be positive.. You will win stress..

~ { 8:25 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, March 18

Well.. let see.. ytd i went to flower arrangement class.. hmmmm... to be frank at 1st i tot the class will be super duper xtreme boring.. cos the teacher very de lo soh... kaoz... keep telling us his experience la.. haiz.. we all know he very li hai la.. bt he waste 1 hr of our time.. said to be 2pm start class.. in the end actual learning time start from 3pm.. argh.. by the time we finish already 5.30pm.. and we all meeting woei nard at 5 wor.. at vivo.. so no choice lo.. late lo.. haiz.. stupid teacher..

Then after class chiong to meet her lo.. me so blur.. din bring paper bag.. so gotta hold the flowers.. heng manage to put one of them to yen yen paper bag.. the other one no choice.. gotta take myself.. Rating to myself: flower no 1: out of 10 (7). flower no 2: out of 10 (4) so result is totally cannot make it..

Then at ard 7+ went home give mummy flower.. then chiong to darling hse.. took cab go.. cost me $17 buck.. (claim from darling)

Then gotta know that he got to go back work on sunday.. kaoz.. kns.. then initially wanna jio kaki play mj one.. only me and yve.. cannot play..

Today went ktv with von.. go ruin the ktv la.. dunno why my voice sound soooo bad.. haiz.. no talent in singing la..

after that went home to eat dinner.. hmmmm.. maybe is hot weather today.. feeling very vexed.. haiz.. then darling ard 8+++ come accompany me.. bt got bully by me.. poor him..

Anyway nw he went home le.. me oso gotta prepare to go zzzz... nite to all.. (-__-)v

Word of the day: Remember to drink more water when the weather is warm or hot oh...

~ { 10:59 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, March 16

Dream of kor
Hmmm.. last nite i dreamt of kor again.. bt this time round abit make me worry..

i dream tat he went into our most close cousin body.. and he hug my mom and keep saying that he miss her.. he miss all of us.. he is so sorry that he left us so fast.. (at this part think i crying ba) then the scene sudden turn to he toking to me.. he keep asking me to do it do it.. bt do wat?? i dunno wat he want me to do.. wen i tried to ask.. i waked up liao.. -____-""

ok.. wat worry me is tat ... is it he really got some unfulfill wishes that he hope i can do it?? if not he wont be coming to my dream and ask me to do it do it.. Bt wat is that it?? do wat??

Gosh i hope there is an ans to this.. i don wanna my kor to die with unfulfill wishes..

nw gotta wait for god to advise us.. to see actually if he got anything wanna tell us..

haiz.. seem long that he had left us.. now getting more used to he not ard le.. bt when it come to weekend.. the feeling of missing him will be greater.. cos in the past when i came home late.. he will always be at the living room lying on his mattress waiting for me to reach home.. he will watch tv til i reach home then he will switch off to go slp.. so i always have this coming home with someone i know will still wait for me to reach home.. now no more le.. haiz..

Nvm.. i gotta be strong.. Yeah.. although i still having slight fever on off.. sian..

Tml got flower arrangement class.. so must wake up early.. hope i don mess up can le..

got to go rest rest liao.. bb.. Nitez to all..

Word of the day: If you have wishes that you want to fulfill.. must go do it.. don leave regrets in your life..

~ { 11:13 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, March 15

Sick again
Today down with slight fever plus whole body aching.. sian.. last nite ache until i din manage to slp.. quite uncomfy.. argh.. then morning went to office.. actually to be frank is drag myself to work.. then really cannot tahan.. went to see company doc.. initially din give me mc one.. bt after i go back office.. i seriously feel i cannot tahan le.. so i went back to doc there to get mc... then went home straight to rest..

Reach home not long, yao yao msg me that she oso went to see doc.. so she on mc oso.. today no FA staff sia.. two all sick liao..

OH ya.. regarding the reach home not long.. at the same timing.. my hse nearby got car accident.. one taxi and car.. the taxi driver seem injuried.. we can sort of see the whole event.. cos my hse angle directly facing the road.. We din see the taxi driver come out from the taxi.. so we guess he injuried.. plus ambulance took quite long to arrive.. he was being sent to hospital liao lo..

Guess my hse area road oso very jialat sia.. keep having accident ever since govt do some road change.. aiyo.. so dangerous..

TOday whole day i lay on bed and keep forcing myself to slp.. argh.. finally ard 4++ i manage to fall aslp.. then jus nw 6++ then wake up...

Later gotta eat the slping pill.. cos really din have good slp ever since kor death.. so hope the pill will help.

Ok la.. my stomach calling for food le.. gtg.. bb

Word of the day: If you really sick.. don force yourself to go work.. remember to go see doc and get mc oh..

~ { 7:40 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, March 12

Today is my kor 1st mth death anniversary
1 mth ago at this date. My kor left us to another world which he went alone.. A world whereby he will never be back to our side.. No matter wat.. Even should he be reborn.. he will be with other family and not ours..

Actually at this period of time.. i really glad that i have alot of great frens and my kor buddys to be with me.. They are there at all times whenever i need help..

Bt this oso let me see the true fact of the term Best Frens or Sister.. To me is like all these while so this big unhappy event happened in my life.. Yet not even a single sms or call to ask how am i.. To think that i treat you all as my best fren and my sisters.. But yet the so call care or concern i did not seem to have.. Whats the problem i dont know.. All i know is everyone is so fake.. so disappointed.. I remembered all your bday.. i will oso try to at least make some connect with you all.. bt in the end.. when i so helpless.. when i so sad.. where are you all.. I don expect you all to come to the funeral wake.. I don expect you all to be with me.. Bt just a call, sms or even email will cause alot of problem to you all?? Totally the three of you really break my heart..

And to someone who play billard with my kor before.. Once you return to SG.. you oso din bother to sms me or call up to check hw am i..

Like wat i say.. True frens is when you are in troubles and they will always stand by you no matter wat.. And not those who don even shed any crocs tears.. I had really seen and think through of the word frenship and sisters.. If you don treasure me.. no worries.. i wont treasure you too.. From now on.. i will treat you all as my hi bye frens.. No more regarding you all as my close frens.. You all totally disappoint me..

I am touched that i really find true frens lo.. Like von.. who heard the news from me.. she show me alot of concern.. SHe even worried abt me.. How am i coping.. She know hw i am.. and sure enuff that she even took time off to come accompany me.. She been so busy with her work yet she make a effort to do tat.. She oso help me to buy some stuffs with just a call from me.. Really thanks buddha that i make such a great frens.. Thanks Yvonne for the care and concern you gave to me.. (^.^)v

For those who attended the wake, sms me, call me and email me.. Thank you all.. Thanks for all the concern.. I will always remember in my heart.. Thank you..

Word of the day: The most hurting thing is tat whom you believe to be your close frens, turn out to be someone who never show you any care or concern..

~ { 8:53 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, March 8

Friday coming
Hello all..

Today went for my eye checkup... Got my eyes diluted.. In the end cant really see well.. so paisay.. wanna sms ppl oso need to be like old ppl.. pull my glass down a bit to my nose then i can see.. gosh soooo ah ma sia.. -___-""

Then also i very stupid lo.. go arrange to redeem my DVD player.. then tat guy ask me fill up one form.. i told him that i cant see clearly.. so he helped me.. soooo ma lu... me can see far far.. bt cannot see near thing.. kinda freaking weird feeling..

Reach home test my DVD player.. (bought the HYSNSN part 3).. ok la.. screen small lo.. 7" wat..
Bt soon i fall aslp.. cos my eye really not feeling very comfy.. cos when you got your eye diluted.. abt 4-6 hrs your vision will be blur.. and you cannot glaze at bright light.. so the sunlight is killing me.. (hmmm.. why i sound like nite owl) so best way to rest my eye is through slping..

Ok la.. wake up find that my vision back to normal le.. bt jus remember that my next appt is on darling bday.. so it will be 29 aug.. lol..

Now downloading maple patch.. kaoz.. jus nw spend 3 hrs plus to download one of them.. bt fail to patch.. so nw gotta download one new patch.. soo stupid.. sometimes really feel that when you downloading patch, you are gambling.. cos it got 50-50 chances of failure and success.. argh...

Now even as i am writing this blog.. the download yet to even reach 40%.. omg.. faint sia..

tats why i decide to come in and update my this full of my craps blog.. lol..

ok la.. me go try play some games.. really boring sia..

WOrd of the day: Ppl keep saying that love never run smoothly.. bt i say luck oso the same.. so when you got the luck.. go buy 4D or TOTO.. who knows if you will strike like the two lucky person..

~ { 9:59 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, March 5

Red Eye
Today morning wake up.. discover that my rite eye sooo red lo... all the blood veins can see sooo clearly.. and PAIN LO.. (>.<) argh.. wat happen?? its been sooo long tat my eye got sooo red and pain le.. gosh.. This wed i still need to go SNEC for my eye checkup lo.. tot it will be ok one.. now... HAIZ......

Anyway i not gg to see doc.. cos waste of $$ la.. so might as well clear my time off la... there goes my 9 hr time off.. shit..

Today gotta be good gal and stay at home rest my eyes.. think nw even my left eye oso affected liao..

Once my colleague tease me.. she say tat my eye is haze detector.. cos once haze appear.. my eyes will get affect.. bt kinda true la.. (me face the fact le)

Ok la.. gg to rest my eye le.. bb...

PS: My eye ok le.. keep putting lots of eye drop.. no more red eye le.. jus slight slight pain only.. bt tml will be ok for work le.. (^.^)v

Word for the day: By only living in the past will not get you anywhere.. Bt if you live with the past and present.. you will find happiness..

~ { 11:21 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, March 4

Watching my hua yang nw
Hmmm.. now watching hua yang final esp online.. oh my gosh.. see my idol sooo handsome.. and ella sooo cute.. oh my.. wanna faint liao..

Feeling sad nw.. cos last ESP liao.. argh... tat mean no more chun and ella.. sad sad..

my fren rendy say tat she feel tat now the esp ending is good liao... although she oso hope to have part 2..

see her write this msg to me.. i already know it liao.. haiz.. so sad.. bt seriously.. hope chun can have more show out.. Jia you..

ok la.. gg to watch the show nw..

oh ya.. btw went to buy my brother tablet le.. confirm at bright hill temple le..

PS: forget to put the word of the day

Word of the day: Gone but will never be forgotten.. Times can heal the pain, bt it will never take away the memory of the loved ones..

~ { 9:33 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, March 3

i change my blog skin
Hello.. i change my blog skin to my idol one.. yeah yeah.. hahahhaha...

Btw at my pal list.. there is alot of ppl.. (for those wanna me to add on can write in the chat box) bt due to the design of the blog.. some of the name cannot be seen.. so need to put for your mouse ard it to see whos on my list ok..

hmmm.. think some will go killing me cos me put wu zun as my blog skin.. hahhaha.. think 1st of the list will be garrick.. lol.. =P

2nd on the list.. hmmm.. ah von?? (gosh hope she no read this blog)

anyway nw things start to pick up le.. so some hw gotta get on with my life..

today gg to meet garrick at vivo at ard 6.. a place where he hate to go.. lol.. cos he find there very crowded..
jus gg there for window shopping ba.. then eat our dinner there.. gotta crack my head of what to eat liao.. maybe later ask him to decide.. lol..

ok la.. jus to inform you all i change to my idol blog skin.. bb all.. happy weekend..

Word of the day: Do believe in there is there will always be hope even in the most despair stituation.. must jia you..

~ { 4:23 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, March 2

Hello All,

Today nothing much to say.. except for.. Wah the fish.. can nurses or those that draw blood for check up one.. Pls kindly brush up your skill in trying to draw my blood.. dotz.. poke me two times.. and one at each arm.. fish sia.. two arm all can see the blood spot.. argh... hate it alot.. haiz....

ok i finish my stupid blog for the day..

Word of the day: Needles are not scarely, the most scaring thing is that the nurse is no skill type..

~ { 8:12 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, March 1

Happy birthday to me
Today is my bday.. kinda really wanna thanks to those sending me bday greeting and also thanks for all the present.. Esp thanks for the surprise.. Love the cake alot.. yummy.. cannot blame la.. me love to eat cake.. esp chocolate cakes.. my favourite...

Today got 2 cakes for me and yao yao.. cos our bday very de near... (^.^)v
She gave me an adidas bag.. actually i love tat brand alot.. dunno why... esp the feeling come to me very strongly since 2006..
Recieved one sunflower from my colleague.. and she very cute.. place it at the recept there.. then pretend tat some one delivery to me.. lol.. cute helen.. Thank you..
Then Yao yao suddenly disappear and reappear with one cake... she say from yvonne.. Thank you..

THen during lunch time, molly gave me red packet for my bday..

Went up to 38 floor for some training.. then wen i reach my desk.. omg.. another cake.. thats from Yen yen and her hubby.. for me and yao one..

Got cut the two cakes.. and took alot of fotos too.. must upload once i figure out how.. hmmmm..

Wen i reach home.. i saw another surprise.. Flower in basket from Polly.. Gosh.. the bear is soo cute.. This is the 1st time in my life i receive quite alot of surprise.. actually to be frank.. Really touch by all these move.. cos nw tats wat i need is care from frens..

Been so down during this whole period.. Every nite i had tears on my face before i fall aslp.. i have oso no idea why they wanna roll down my cheek.. maybe due to i have to be strong in front of my parents, hubby and frens.. i don wan them to worry abt me.. i jus keep it until when all is slping then my tears will come..

Sudden feel tat responsibility had increased in the speed of light.. out of sudden i had changed from the youngest and bo chap gal in the family to now.. The only child in the family to support parents... haiz.. sometimes really feel tat dunno what i did wrong.. Now i totally din have times for myself.. everyday is work, parent and money.. i cant go out to shop with my fren.. i cant go drink or dance with my frens.. i cant go ktv with my frens.. i need to accompany my parent.. although at times they went to find their own fren to chat with, leaving me alone in the hse.. bt nw i will like them to know when they come back, they can see me..

Hai.. my mom nw thinking of the past.. talking abt the past.. haiz...

oh ya.. i cannot eat nw le.. dotz.. tml i gotta go for company checkup.. hope that i got all the test pass.. *praying hard*

~ { 10:25 PM }
reflections of you and me;