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Wednesday, January 31

My Idol

Above fotos are provided by my fren.. Rendy.. Thanks sia.. hahahah.. she went to all of their event.. so got alot of fotos.. most of it got Chun's fotos.. so cool.. hahaha.. he is my new favourite idol.. like the show he and ella act in.. the show will be showing on Channel U on 15 Feb.. yeah yeah.. you all must watch oh.. super nice.. and confirm you all that the show is good.. (^.^)v

~ { 7:53 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, January 29

Hello... today 29 liao hor..

hmmm.. been having mixed feeling.. ups and downs..

let say the down one..

On 28th Jan 2007. One of the female taiwan artist, Xu Wei Lun, had passed away. Age: 28. She had been starring in quite a few of taiwan drama. She met with car accident on 26 Jan 2007. She was in critial stage. She had bleeding in her brain and oso suffered from internal injury. On 28 Jan 2007 at 5.17pm, her heart stopped. After two hours, she was being pronouced dead.

Feel tat she was so young.. yet this type of thing happened to her.. she was very talented.. Knew hw to play harp, piano, speak in french etc..

Now you all can go to taiwan yahoo to see the latest update of her wake..


Ok back to something happy..

Feilunhai came to sg for promotion cum being SHE concert guest.. Shuai Shuai Shuai Shuai.. Went to queue up for their autograph session on sunday.. heng managed to get into priority queue. so can really see wu zun clearly.. super handsome lo.. hahahhaha.. bt hor tat day suay la.. handphone no batt.. camera low batt.. dot... don need to take foto liao lo... nvm.. got their autograph cum handshake.. hahahha.. (^.^)v

Today went to TM for Ella and Wu Zun autograph on HYSNSN OST.. saw Ella face got pimples.. maybe overstress ba.. then wu zun wore hazel color contact lens.. hahahah.. so handsome.. cute cute too..

Got to know 5 frens there.. xiao ting, sze wei, yen xi, jinmay and ivy.. cool sia.. hahahha.. hope we can still contact ok.. (^.^)

Ok la.. end here 1st.. doing something at the moment.. bb...

PS: Yvonne.. i got update liao lo.. lol..

~ { 10:45 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, January 15

Mid Jan
Hello All,

Been two weeks since i update my blog.. Hei hei.. been so busy la.. with wat ah.. With... Hua Yang lo.. lol.. ;P

Ah von and my hubby so poor things.. both kana fan by me.. hahahha.. with all my Wu Zun, Feilunhai, Ella, Da Dong, Hua Yang and many more.. -____-""

Anyway ok la.. gotta update my boring life..

Let me see....... ehhhhh... hmmmmm...

Last week work lo... then buy some cds.. and go out with Peiyun on friday.. Went to Hereem to eat dinner.. have a good chat with her.. love being with her.. cos will feel so relax.. and everything we can chat on.. rubbish la.. love la.. gossip la.. lol..

Then Sat went hubby hse to accompany him.. rot til abt 6 then wait for mao mao to fetch us go eat steamboat at marina south.. split into 3 tables.. i sat with those engine man/ 1 woman.. jus eat lo.. and having fun chat with jingyi.. found tat she like to prawning too.. good.. next time i know who can ask le.. Then after which me, hubby, mao mao, ah liang and tony went out.. initially wanna go mind cafe.. bt full hse.. so in the end we went to mr bean there sit while waiting for KC to arrive la.. discover tat mao mao super funny.. hahahha.. have super good laugh... heard that they will arrange chalet.. looking forward to it.. hope it wont crash with my taiwan trip oh...

Oh ya.. me and von plan to go overseas.. this time is taiwan.. taipei.. actually should have adele be gg with us.. bt think due to some personally reason.. we kana dump by her.. -____-""
So left the two of us.. (anyone wanna join us ma.. can leave msg la.. bt limit to gals only)

Now the two of us need to plan for our trip.. still trying to find tat stupid huang jun long.. kaoz..dunno where he is nw.. -____-"" cos wanna find he be our tour guide at there.. bt he cannot be found.. kaoz..

Then sunday play mj with hubby family.. no win no lose.. lol.. then me and hubby got left alone at hse. cos we don wan to go outside eat our dinner.. so in the end i cook noodles for hubby to eat.. (^.^)v then watch youtube til abt 11pm.. then took cab home..

Today finally saw yao yao for the 1st time of this year.. cos either i mc or she on leave.. so we din manage to see each other except for today.. yeah.. kinda update each other on wats gg on.. yeah.. oh ya.. btw my tat accountant quit le.. hmmmm.. kinda shock and happy?? dunno ley.. cannot describle my feeling.. -___-"" anyway still hope tat she can find good career outside..

ok la.. been writing alot le.. gotta go watch my hua yang esp 9 le.. tata... (^.^)/~

~ { 9:20 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, January 1

Happy New Year
Hello... me long time no blog.. paisay.. buzy with sickness and watching Youtube.. i found my new "love".. of my darling approve one.. hahahahha... Is the new show which starring ella and some handsome chaps.. woooo... i love the main two lead.. woooo.. the show is hua yang shao nian shao niu.. waiting for the vcd to come out.. i wish to have it.. woooo.. ok la.. me nw gg to go watch in youtube le.. bb all..

Happy New Year to you..

~ { 11:18 PM }
reflections of you and me;