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Friday, May 30


Last nite got a big quarrel with mummy.. Then hubby called and quite stunned to hear me crying.. (i always cry whenever i quarrel with my mom)

He did trying to "an wei" me.. haiz.. But still feel kinda hurt by my mom words..

Sometimes thinking that why am i studying and doing so much for.. If not for thinking of giving them more allowance. .Would i go further study??

I guess to those that know me well. Should know that i wont opt to go study if i can.. I am quite content in my own pace.. (kinda easily content ppl)

But haiz.. To her she think that i am not caring for them. bla bla bla.. Sian sia..

Recently under alot of stress liao.. Yet she want to add some more to me..

Hubby still called me to check what coach bag i want.. He buy give me.. But totally no mood to discuss on that.. Thanks darling..

Tml will be gg to hubby house to stay over for 1 week plus.. For my exams period..

Now quite mixture of feeling.. So much things to do. Yet seem quite little of time.. 1 person need to be like 10 ppl to work..

Anyway i am now going through a bit of depressing stage.. Everything looks so dark in front of me.. When will i see lights??? Have they forgotten about me?? Sometimes i even wonder if i am the one not here anymore instead of my brother.. What will life be for them? Shouldn't be so sad as compare to now.. I think it will be more easy for them to pick up their lives and move on ba.. Though from their mouth that they only have me now.. But i doesn't feel that.. I still feel so little and least prior in their lives.. Argh..

So sickening.. feeling so damn sucky now.. How i wish i am the one that is gone.. Don need to face so much problems.. Do so much yet no one appreciate.. I think i am always taken granted for ba..

*Edit - Tks for concern.. Just want to vent out my sadness.. Don worry..

~ { 4:05 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, May 29

Hi Fernvale courts ppl..

I know you all been trying to find out what is the letter that my BIL received..

I guess i will try to find out more from my hubby about this letter.. So try to relax can..

Cos seriously i just merely share my tots. So happened that i know some info then i write it down.. Now become something that i found out that sooo many ppl aruging about this matter..

Even this morning i received sms from my fren to tell me this matter.. So i can only say that i will try find out ok..

If there is anything wrong with my info.. I apologise for that..

haiz.. abit hao ren nan zuo feeling.. Anyway ya will try to find out for you all..

~ { 1:49 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, May 28

Sad feeling...

Hubby just inform me about his USA training date le..

Flying off on 5th Sep.. then 14th Nov then fly back..

Then in Jan 09 gg to USA all the way til Feb 2010 then come back...

He is leaving alone there, quite pity him gg there all alone.. I know some of his friends bringing their wife to be there.. But he only got his other single colleauges to be with him. Haiz.

Though we got discuss about the issue and sort of settle on, me staying in sg and he gg there alone.. Cos our plan is to get our customary done after he come back in feb 2010. His mission is to go there and save $$ for our customary.. My missions are to complete both my studies and braces and also take care of our love nest and our parents.

But but deep in my heart, how i wish i can follow him go there.. haiz.. ~>.<~

Will sure miss him alot de.. now though just know the date, i already feel so sad liao.. Cannot believe if he fly over there.. How am i gg to tahan.. Haiz.. feeling so sad sad sad..

I think you all think that i can go visit him once rite.. but no lo.. he don let me fly alone.. he scare of my safety and whether i will lost my way ma.. haiz..

Gosh.. now really in sad mood.. no mood to write liao..

~ { 6:30 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, May 26

Well is me again... Today post got mixture of three topics.. hahaha.. Cos these are the programs that i had today..

Firstly.. I gotta say..


I had an appointment with the dental department for my regular checkup. Come to think of it.. I got three dental to visit per year sia. (-_-")v

One is NUH dental for my braces
Next is Queenstown Polydental for my regular checkup
Last is Dental clinic at Bukit Merah Central. This is my last choice until i bo pian then go. Cos it is ex!!!
I blur blur went to the old location which is next to the Queenstown Library. Have a shock of my life when i saw that the building is EMPTY!!! Gan chiong sia.. So i quickly ask my friend and chiong to the Library to ask where the polyclinic disappeared to.. (-_-)

Heng ah.. the new location is just next to the Community Centre.. Which mean i just run there and be fast can le.. (i super long no exercise liao) So lucky that i reach by 3pm.. Cos hor. if you are late for the appointment, you cannot see the dentist liao. you need to book another appoinment then can.. Got such stupid rule.. Haiz.. What if we duno your new location.. So whos fault??

Anyway got a bad and good news from the dentist.. Bad news is i got two teeth need to do the root canal thing.. Which mean it will cost me about $2000+.. ~(>.<)~ (any idea if can pay by medisave if i go govt area to do??) Well the good news is, i dont need to have cleaning for my teeth.. she say i did quite a good brushing of my teeth.. Wooo great.. No payment today cos no service needed..

New Queenstown Polyclinic building. Pix from Polyclinic website.

As hubby had worked during the weekend.. So today he got off day.. kekeke.. He came to pick me up to go our home (so good. can call it our home)... We went to check out the lights together.. Cos that time i went up.. just snap snap photos then go off liao.. No do any checking..

Of cos i took photos of Fernvale courts too..

Heard from hubby that Brother in law (yesh he is staying next blk to us.. hahaha) received letter to say should be ready by Feb 09.. Gosh.. I think hor.. It will be much more earlier lo.. cos that time we oso received letter for dunno what date.. Yet the completion date is much more earlier.. So guys.. Do your saving now and spend on renovation...

Yeah.. Went in and saw that the flooring can be seen.. yeah yeah yeah..

View from living room window

The "river" that separate the two "country"

eh.. got something in the living room..

Hmmm... go check it out...

Ohh. is our laminate flooring.. from Supreme..

wahahhaha.. So which mean by this weekend we are able to see laminated flooring too.. Yeah.. happy..

After checking out and telling our ID of the problem areas, we went to Jalan Kayu eat our early dinner.. Cos the timing we went was ard 4.45pm.. Hubby haven't ate any food since he woke up.. So he brought me to Jerry's Barbecue & Grill. The restaurant got featured in I Weekly and online got ppl comments that the food is good..

Went in and discovered that the place super cosy and relaxing.. Abit of amercian pub feeling.. or is it the word call lounge??
Dint order their most famous Buffalo Wings and Deep Fried Mushroom.. Instead we ordered two set dinner.. One barbecue pork - Pulled Pork and one Spicy Pork Sausage..

Got mushroom soup and main dish and Tiramisu...

Pulled pork.. Nice lo.. Yummy~~

My Spicy Pork.. Abit too spicy for me but it is nice.

last is tiramisu. LOVE IT!!

Hubby comment that the food is better than some famous places that we known.. But the cost wise can consider abit ermmmm as two set meal cost us $51. However we think the food quite worth the money.. So ppl living in fernvale.. can go try oh.. Oh ya.. may need to book for seats.. cos the seats are limited.. (small shop la)

Oh well.. Need to get back to my law study liao.. Tata..

~ { 10:36 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, May 25

Home reno

Hmmm.. As mention last post.. I wanna post up my reno progress de.. but no time. SO now present to you.. My lastest update of my house renovation.. (^.^)v

The painting are up!!! Lightings too..

Brown colour for my master bedroom

Blue for 2nd bedroom

Green wall for my 3rd bedroom

Dunno what color is that for my TV feature wall

As you all can see.. My rooms doesn't paint all the same colour for the whole room. But want to add abit of touch in the room.. Thus we choose a few walls to paint..

Bedroom lights - same for 3 bedrooms

Toilet milo tin lights

Ceiling light for outside master bathroom

Foyer lights

Kitchen Light

Milo tin again~~~

The ke lian bomb shelter light

Ta da~~~ Lights up

No idea why. But i love this picture

Toilet lights like quite dim

Two lights on~~

kekeke.. our bedroom light effect~~Love it alot (^.^)v

Yeah.. Love my living room lights alot.. I love those cosy feeling... Hubby say as long as i like it can le.. But the only thing that i don't like is the bathroom light abit too dim.. haiz.. I don really like darkness.. Unless i in moody mood la.. kkekeke..

Ok la.. me gg to read my law le.. tata.. (^.^)v

Tml can meet hubby le.. Yesh.. 6 days haven seen hubby le.. Kekkeke.. Miss him oh...

~ { 5:44 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, May 24

Fernvale Courts
Actually i wanna post my house renovation progress too.. But discover i don have much time.. So i just upload Fernvale courts photos that i took today..

Well today took from different side of the location.. Cos i alight different from my usual fernvale station..

While i taking photos, saw those bangala ppl looking at me.. maybe they thinking why this siao zha bo taking camera and take photos.. lol... but i don care... Wahahhahaha..

Ok la.. enjoy the pic.. i gg to eat my dinner and start revising my law le.. Tata..

Oh.. Last two photos are fernvale vista..

~ { 6:13 PM }
reflections of you and me;