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Wednesday, December 31

Happy new year
Dear friends,

In about a few few few hours time, 2009 will be coming.. Well lets recapped what i did in 2008.

I managed to put on braces.
Have my FG home.
Renovate my home.
Got a new Ipod Touch.
2 Coach bag.
1 Gucci wallet.
Watch FRH concert.

Then in 2009, the following will be gg on.

09 Jan will remove my braces.. Yeah!!
12 Jan will be leaving for States.

My goal for 2009.

Stay healthy and strong.
Exercise more and have a better body.
Slim down - target to shed 5kg.
Cut down number of quarrels with hubby and family.
Learn to cook more.
Have a group of wedding photo taken in States.
Then looking forward to come back SG to see family and friends.

Yup above are all my goals for 2009.

But i dream to work in Taiwan ley.. Hubby say i crazy.. Ask me to dream on can liao..

Well i admit i am a dreamer.. Who can live without a dream.. Some dream of having handsome prince but in reality thats not what we usually get.. -_-" Some dream of winning 4D but often kana tio jiat. Some dream of having a high raise pay, but often realised bad econ coming.. Some dream of owning a condo, but often realistic is more cruel. But what can we do.. So just dream lo.. hahahhaha..

Anyway hope by the time of 2010 i come home, we can settle our customary. Then can go for our Europe honeymoon.. Kekkeke.. Hubby agree to bring me go there.. Yesh yesh... Thanks hubby... Hopefully can go find friends to go Taiwan and Korea.. Yao remember to include me in your taiwan trip oh.. Oh ya.. and most impt.. Must complete my ACCA in 2010.. Pray hard sia.. *pray pray* Get a dream job.. Leave hubby in SG and i go Taiwan work.. hahahha.. Just dreaming nia..

Hope all my friends can be happy too in 2009.. I know quite a few of you gg to get married in 2009. Sorry that i cannot attend.. But i hereby advance wish all that gg to get married, a blissful wedding and must stay happy always..

Ok la.. i feeling super drowsy.. Cos down with flu and cough = Cold.. Just went to see doc and ate the med.. Later need to go meet my dearest friends, Yvonne, Adele and Yilin for lunchie.. Maybe need to go find light food to eat..

Ciaoz.. See you all in 2009..

Happy New Year 2009 To all..

Stay happy always.. Cheers..

~ { 11:11 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, December 28

Thanks darling.. Today hubby came to help me reformat my pc.. Finally feel the PC running quite smoothly.. Though it is quite an old desktop but still able to use it.. (^.^)v

Hubby also helped me moved two boxes of my items to FG home.. Tks tks.. Now left abt 3-4 boxes to go.. Kinda like i kana chased out of house sia.. -_-"

Now gg to fix gathering before i leaving for States. If not will need to wait for 1 year plus then i can meet up my friends.. Haiz.. So friends if wanna have gathering must msg me oh...

Humpz.. Now i quite hooked up with my Ipod Touch.. Bought one fishing game and i finally know how to convert my movie and put into my Itouch le.. Yesh yesh.. Of cos the 1st show that i put in is my Hua Yang show.. Ya i know is quite old show. But i love to watch it.. Esp got Chun and Ella.. Yuppie...

Well now left about 2 weeks to go.. I will be suffering 20+ hrs long journey flight then i will reach Idaho.. Wooo hooo...

Ok la.. me go surf abit of net and to try configure something.. Tata.. Cheers..

~ { 11:00 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, December 26

Hello... I am back..


Xmas Eve went to Bbq session at Farmway 2.. Kinda like a big chalet style and we got shelter for our bbq pit.. HAHAHAH.. cos raining whole day..

Alot of ppl went to the bbq and have quite alot of fun.. I join in the MJ session.. we played from 11pm til 4am.. Pro rite.. Cos we dont dare to slp.. Why??

Cos quite alot of them drunk.. And one of them actually took off his shoes and socks and put it near ppl nose to let them smell.. Mostly the victims are those drunk and fallen deep slp ppl.. HAHAHA.. you all say la.. who dare to slp.. Arbo all kana sia.. -__-" But damn funny when he did that to others.. HAHAHHAHAH.. baddie jas..

Hubby got a MP3 for his gift exchange.. Now we have 3 MP3 le.. -_-"

Reach home abt 6am and i spent 30+ on cab fee wor.. haiz.. heart ache..

Slpt all the way til 2.30pm and decided to rot for the day.. Oops. Then i went to buy pizza for dinner..

Today hubby early morning went to FG home.. As the shipment personnal came to take our boxes and furniture away.. YEAH!!! super looking forward to States Trip..

Oh ya.. Need to inform all friends..

I have decided to keep my own HP number.. However during the period i am in USA, the line will not be in use.. As i will SUSPEND it.. When i came back from USA, i will resume the line back.. So do not erase the number okie.. Thanks thanks..

Now i need to pack all my stuffs at my parent home to get ready for bringing it to FG home soon.. As there are upgrades gg on at my parent house.. Every day kana nagging for not packing or bringing the stuffs aways..

Haiz.. i really need to learn how to one ear in and one ear out.. Haiz...

Need to go for my flu injection soon le.. Then buy my inhaler again.. Think next week gg to see doctor le.. Ok la.. need to go continue my packing.. Still got abt 2 shelves to go.. Jia you..

~ { 1:52 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, December 23

Updates again..

Been busy busy busy since last week.. Well what i did for these few day ley... Humpz... Sat morning chiong back to FG house.. Cos need to clean up before yao yao, yen yen, woeinard and edelyn coming up to visit.. Meet them at Compasspoint to ta pao our lunchie..

Hubby joined us quite late.. But still have lotsa fun chatting and suaning... Thanks to Yao yao.. she helped me to wrap xmas present.. (^-^)v

After which hubby and i went to parkway parade to eat our dinner.. Then meet up with In laws.. As BIL rent a chalet at ECP for his ROM and we need to go help decorate the room..

Sunday morning went to pray my kor kor.. Caught some nap before gg down to chalet.. But before gg into the room.. Hubby sent me go FG home to get my camera and buy some drinks.. Kinda lost our way abit.. HAHHAHA.. hubby very long no drive in SG.. oops..

Reach chalet abit late.. Missed their signing session.. But managed to get in time for SIL birthday celebration... Finally i have an official Sister In law le.. Hahahaha..

Rent two bicycles and hubby and me ride all the way til quite far wor.. -_-" Ride until my butt feel pain sia.. Haiz.. Reach chalet and i ate 2nd round.. Watch soccer with hubby whole family.. SG vs VIE... But SG lost.. so sad.. >.<

After that we all have our MJ session.. HAHAH.. MIL busy frying food for us to eat.. heheheh.. no wonder i grow FAT!!!

Stay overnight but had bad dream.. Hubby you know what dream right..

Next day morning after return the bikes, we all set off to go home.. Hubby goes to bed straight as he din slp in chalet.. Me went out with MIL, BIL and SIL to eat our branch.. Not to forget we also collect our clothes that we sent for washing.. Need to bring the clothes there for our wedding photo shoot.. Hhahaha.. yup i arranging to take some of our wedding photos in Idaho.. Hehehehe.. Hopefully everything goes smoothly..

Took a nap and we have 2nd session of mj.. But had a tiff with hubby.. -_-"
Still we ok after a while la.. hehehhehe..

Today went to FG home to seal up our boxes.. FINALLY.. We cleared most of our stuffs to ship over le.. HAHHAHAHAHA... Next will be meeting of our friends and packing our luggage le....

Tml night gg to meet up with Andy they all for xmas bbq.. Hopefully can get something good for the gift exchange.. heihei..


Update again.. ciaoz..

~ { 10:06 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, December 20

ah woooo
I cannot describe what i feeling now.. I know i am crazy..



Just came back not long from the concert.. Well done for their 1st concert.. Must jia you oh.. Improve more and i will wait for your next concert...

Later i will upload photos in facebook.. so can go take a look oh...

Tonite sure have good dream~~~~~~~~

Tml they taking 6am flight home.. Wish you all smooth journey~~~

~ { 12:15 AM }
reflections of you and me;

Friday, December 19

Counting down
Counting down now... Later gg to bath then gg to meet Rendy le.. EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRH wait for me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ { 4:19 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, December 18

Yoz yoz yoz... Its me updating my blog le.. I finally charged my camera batt.. gosh discover quite alot of long due photos.. but no gucci this time round.. HAHAHHA..

but 1st i need to resize the photos.. -_-" ma fan sia.. But i don want to spend on buying the space memory for my photos ley.. Quite cosy.. Esp my blog not that high reader count de.. Sob sob. Mei ren qi..
These few days after exams are super busy lo.. (hubby i am not complaining ok.. really.. *cross finger at the back*)

Busy packing stuffs from my parent home to FG home.. and oso busy buying items to be brought over to States.. Woooo.. finally we managed to pack some of the stuffs le.. Bought our bed frame, dinning table and chairs, sofa etc...

Busy quarrelling with hubby.. cos our characters really different la.. so quite easily rub sparks of anger.. But i still love him la.. hehehhehe..

Yesh tml gg to watch FRH concert le.. My long waiting program for this year.. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant wait to meet Rendy tml for dinner then off we go for the concert.. Wu Zun~~~~ AHHHH~~~~~
Ok finally upload finish photos..
1st few are those i taken on my last day in my previous company..
Yao and me
Ok you all will sure see this cap when i in states.. ^^
Kim and me

Ivy and me

Landice and me

Chin chin and me

BN and me

With marketing team: Crispy and me

Chio bu.. not me la.

Gal that sing well in KTV..

Elise and me

Quite happy to know them.. Too bad Daniel and Debbie not in.. Arbo sure take photos with them.. ^^ must stay cheerful wor..

Below are photos that we took on 30 Nov.. Meixian Wedding..

Hubby and me..

Beautiful bride and handsome groom

Wah... This are all my primary school friends lo.. Some even know since P1... -_-"

Age catching up le.. Now our main topic are wedding.. Gosh.. Fast lo.. We know each other for more than 10 years liao lo.. -_-"


Will update again..

~ { 7:02 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, December 14

Erm.. Feeling quite sad today..

Cos recieved a msg from mummy wendy that Yuki (my favourite dog) had passed away le..

SAD~~~~~ >.<

Love Yuki alot.. Cos she was the only dog that dont bark at me..

May you rest in peace Yuki. Will always miss you..

~ { 9:22 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, December 9

Yesh i finally finish my 2 paper le.. YEAH~~~~~~~~

Hopefully can pass all this time.. Pass pass pass...

Oh ya.. Regarding the photos hor.. Need to wait again..

Cos i haven clear finish my space.. and my camera batt charger not at redhill.. so i cannot charge my battery..

Ok la.. Will blog soon.. Tata..

~ { 9:24 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, December 3

I just bought myself my very 1st branded stuffs.. Not burberry item la..

Just now afternoon went to taka with Mummy Wendy.. MUAHAHHAHAA...

Today got Gucci Sales and that is our target.. Quite long queue.. But worth it la.. Bought myself one wallet.. HAHAHAHAH.. and one small pouch bag for my mummy..

Like my wallet alot.. HAHAHAHHAA.. Happy.. Mummy is very happy...

Yesh.. Made my loved one happy...

Cos i got bought hubby 1 LV wallet, mummy gucci pouch bag and myself 1 gucci wallet.. All using my own salary saving.. (^.^)v but hubby one still the most ex..

Though will be abit broke but see them happy makes me happy too...

Went to buy 4D... Pray pray will strike.. Then can recover back some money back.. oops..
*chanting - strike 4D, strike 4D*

Alot of sales going on this mth. Just now saw alot of branded shops having Sales sign.. Hei hei.. mostly 20% - 30% sales.. Gals if you want can go to see and maybe try get any good deals ba...

Gg to go back for my studies le..

Today is F8 Audit paper day.. Hopefully Crystal, Irene, Janice can pass their paper.. Good luck..

~ { 4:36 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, December 2

Thanks to all that sms or leave a msg to me...

Just feeling some down turn in my life.. But will get over soon.. No worries..

~ { 8:46 PM }
reflections of you and me;

Monday, December 1

Lotsa things in my mind.. Lotsa feeling hidding within..

Sometimes jus wish that my kor is still ard.. At least he was still the favourite child at home.. I am just like someone accidentially came into the "happy" family. Whatever i do, she never seem to be happy. All she pick is those faults that she don like. I cannot live my life as what i want to live.. I must follow what she arrange?? But i am who i am..

At times i still thinking, if i am the one gone, will she be so sad? Or maybe will be glad..

Haiz.. I cannot choose as i am fated to be part of the family.. But does i deserve all the treatment?? Envy ppl with family that concerned abt them. Giving them freedom and support to do whatever they choose to do..

People knowing me thinking that i am bubbly or cheerful.. But like all other ppl, behind every smile, you never know what is hiding behind it.. Saddness only hubby saw.. Tears only hubby wipe off for me..

This blog is the only channel for me to vent off my emotions....

I write what i want to write, so i don really care of what others say abt my blog.. Read it or leave it.. up to you to choose..

Gg crazy soon cos exams coming.. Haiz.. So pardon me abt the "untidy" in this post.. Maybe after exams will be more better.. Hopefully.

~ { 10:24 PM }
reflections of you and me;